Breathing by Lifehouse

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Hi there. Just wanted to let you know i appreciate your time and kindness.. I will not forget those nights you stayed online that kept me awake while we were in the hospital. And I know how concerned you are of me. Please dont worry i will not do anything stupid. Thank you!

And just like you, Im also not going away :D

This one is for you, your favorite song.


I'm finding my way back to sanity again
Though I don't really know what
I'm going to do when I get there
Take a breath and hold on tight
Spin around one more time
And gracefully fall back to the arms of Grace

I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit
Outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

I'm looking past the shadows
Of my mind into the truth and
I'm trying to identify
The voices in my head
God, which one's you?
Let me feel one more time
What it feels like to feel
And break these calluses off of me
One more time

'Cause I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit
Outside your door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

I don't want a thing from you
Bet you're tired of me waiting
For the straps to fall
Off of your table to the ground
I just want to be here now

'Cause I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit
Outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit
Outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be...

Condo Transfer

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This is a work of fiction and  any resemblance to real situation is coincidental :)

Dick has long been waiting for this day. A full moon today and a lucky day to transfer home. He promised his friend Claire that he will be helping out do the transfer. Claire is moving to a new place all by herself.

Dick checked his stuff, extra shirts, rubber gloves, his toolbox just to make sure. He wore a plain colored shirt, walking shorts to be comfortable and comfortable sneakers. He folded the seats of his Innova to make space for the boxes that Claire told him they will bring. On Claire’s description of the sizes of the boxes and luggages, he felt there is no need to bring extra help.

He went to Claire’s parent’s house and at the front gate there are just two boxes and two luggage. Apparently, Claire has asked professional movers to bring the bigger stuff in advanced and what left are her personal stuff. After loading the boxes and bidding goodbyes to the family members, off they went.

At the new condo, Dick asked for a baggage trolley and was able to place all the boxes and luggage on it and proceeded directly to the room. When they opened the door, all the big stuff and boxes are already in but still in unfixed condition. The first thing they did is to position all the furniture, there is three-seater red sofa to be fixed at the wall near the window, a glass side table with a delicate lamp shade, a glass small round table for the dining place, and the queen sized bed at the bedroom which need to pushed at the center of the room. Claire loves to lie down on a big comfy bed even is she is just alone. Too bad the aircon unit has not been installed yet and only two sets of electric fan are working.

With just the two of them, doing all the work, both of them have sweated profusely. Claire is wearing a white plain shirt and blue shorts, with all the sweat on her body, Dick on his side glances can see the shirt sticking to her wet body and. Bakat na bakat ang kurba ng malulusog nitong dibdib and everytime Claire bends down to get something, Dick can’t help but look at that rounded behind.

Dick is trying very hard to put off that thought although he can feel the stiffness on his crotch area. Since the time na nasilip nya sa pawis ni Claire and yaman ng suso nito, sikip na sikip na ang harapan ng shorts nya. Good thing his shirt can cover that stiffness.

“I think this is okay for the meantime” sabi ni Claire “Labas muna tayo for merienda”

“Lalabas? Ano ka? Ang baho ko na kaya.. mamaya maglabasan mga tao “ Dick answered back. “Di gaya mo kahit pawis, parang sa pawis pa lang bangong bango na ako… hahahaha”

“Hihihi… you are really my number one fan noh?” smiled Claire

“Anong number 1? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… to the millions… hehehe “ sabay wink kay Claire

Claire pinched Dick by the side and he instinctively grabbed her hand and while playfully tickling Claire, nadulas sila and napaupo si Claire sa sofa and nahila nya sa Dick papatong sa kanya. Dick’s face right in front of Claire’s face, Dick’s crotch area, napadikit sa crotch area ni Claire, her breast nakatusok sa dibdib ni Dick.

Dick felt Claire’s breathing becoming heavy… Claire can smell the mushy scent of a man from Dick, a sweaty but clean smell arousing some heat inside her.

Claire feeling the bulges becoming hard … Dick’s crotch area becoming stiffed… pressing it harder now sa katawan ni Claire

Dick’s hand started to move sa side ni Claire, lifting her shirt… rubbing… caressing the side of her body.. reaching the side of her boobs.

More heavy breathing from Claire.. “Hmmmm, your hand is so warm…” Her body arching upward, when Dick’s fingers started to reach for her ni...

Totally Fucked up (Jeff)

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It was not an ordinary day for me because I was about to travel somewhere that day. May lakad dapat ako na matagal nang naka plano. Nakabihis na din ako that time, ready to leave. Suddenly, biglang nagtext yung pupuntahan ko suppostedly, tang ina hindi na daw tuloy! I said okay lang pero super disappointed talaga ako. Grabe, antagal pinlano nung lakad na yun tapos hindi pala tuloy? Naka bihis na ko, as in palabas na ng bahay. Tapos hindi tuloy? Shet. Nag online ako sa sobrang badtrip ko, then nakita kong online pala si Jeff. He’s my ex now, but this happened nung time na hindi pa kami.
He’s some guy na nakilala ko sa isang site. He’s . . well naughty. Haha! Siguro kaya kami nagka jive, ako kasi naughty din, pero ayoko ng basta malibog lang. Gusto ko yung may sense of humor, yung kayang sakyan yung ugali ko, yung topak ko.. yung nakaka usap ko about anything under the sun and not just about sex. He’s one of those few people na nakakausap ko about other topics like family, friends, love life, work, at kung anu anu pa. Honestly ilang beses na din kaming nag cam to cum, lagi kasi yung naka hubad, haha! Madalas naman kasi gabi hanggang madaling araw kami magka chat sa skype, at naka hubad daw talaga siya matulog. So yung dapat eh matinong usapan lang naming dalawa, madalas napupunta na sa pagpaparaos pag nag open na siya ng cam. Hehe
So mag message sya sakin bigla sa skype, sabi nya. .

Jeff: “Moaning, haha!”
Me: “hahaha moaning too”
Jeff: “Kamusta naman umaga mo?”
Me: “Susot, hndi tuloy lakad ko :(“
Jeff: “Bakit naman?”
Me: “May biglaang family reunion ung kasama q dapat gumala ehh. .
my work ka now?”
Jeff: “Wala naman..”
Me: “Tara? hahaha!”
Jeff: “Baka san kita dalhin.. haha”
Me: “Hahaha gusto ko gumala ehh, nkapag paalam na kong aalis ako,
magtataka si mommy pag di natuloy. Huhu”
Jeff: “Pumunta ka kaya sa mall today?”
Me: “Auko, sawa na ko sa mall”
Jeff: “Saan ka gagala?”
Me: “Di ko alam.. kung pede ka, tara na, hahaha, kahit tambay.
batong bato na ko sa bahay, auko dito.”
Jeff: “Saan nga tatambay?”
Me: “Kahit saan, kung san pede, basta gusto ko umalis now”
Jeff: “Kahit sogo? Lolss”
Me: “Hahaha sogo agad? pakainin mu muna ko, lols”
Jeff: “Pwede nman kumain sa sogo ah.. hahaha”
Me: “Haha seryoso ka? wag mu ko binibiro, in heat ako ngaun”
Jeff: “Hahaha.. kailan ako nag biro? Lolss”
Me: “Hmm, sige go.”

So yun na, pinag usapan na namin saan kami mag mimeet, napagkasunduan naming mag meet somewhere in between para hindi isa lang ang malayo byahe. Kaso parang hindi naman half way hahahha ! Kalahati lang kasi ng byahe nya yung byahe ko. Anyway, dahil nga malayo ang byahe nya, nauna ako sa kanya dumating sa Mall na pinag usapan namin. Pagdating dun, gumala gala muna ako para magpatay ng oras. Natawa ako nung naglalakad ako sa hallway ng mall, may nakasalubong akong lalaki, tapos ngumiti ba naman sakin! As in matamis na ngiti na akala mo close kami , hahahaha! Sa isip isip ko tuloy, baliw ba yun o nagka crush bigla sakin? Hehe, anyway ayun lakad lakad ako until makarating ako sa National Bookstore, bumili muna ako ng panregalo sa bestfriend kong malapit na birthday. Bumili ako ng sangkaterbang bookmarks, sangkaterba din kasi yung libro...

Hi Sexy Ladies and Girls

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Add me in skype necor22 or in fb Ivy Necor ;p...


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This is a fictional story ha. Any events or names na nandito ay kathang isip lamang, ano mang pagkahahalin tulad sa tunay na buhay ay pawang nagkataon lamang.

Ako nga pala si Eric, isang bagong kasal sa pinaka mamahal kong si Ayah. naging kami ng 3 years bago ko sya inayang magpakasal. ayun nga ay nag pakasal kami at ngayong ay aming honeymoon.

Matapos ang masayang pamamasyal naming bagong kasal ay na tagpuan ko ang aking sarili kasama ang aking mahal na asawa, di ko mawari at maintindhan kung ano ba talaga ginawa at pinuntahan naming. Bsta ang alam ko ay papunta kami sa paborito naming restaurant para mag kumaen. Suot ko ngayon ay isang polo na kanyang pinili, pants at black shoes. Sya naman ay naka yellow dress at flat shoes.

Masaya kaming nag dinner at kukwentuhan. Umorder kami ng white wine at nag kwentuhan ulit, about us, sa trabaho, our bosses, fraustration sa work na ginawa lang naming nakaka tawa. It was our best time together pag ganun kami. As we poured our last drink, nag propose ako ng toast, out of the blue lang.

Ako: for us, a happy life and a happy marriage, cheers

Ayah: for us, cheers

On our way back to the hotel kung saan kami nag stay, may nadaanan kami flower shop, bumili ako ng flowers for a bouquet of Yellow Tulips, then star gaizer at Daisy. I remember that’s her favorite color and flowers.

On the elevator nasa likod nya ako so naka isip ako ng kapilyohan. Everybody on the elevator was just standing there and minding their own business, ako on the other hand slightly took her out of the way para makita ko ang kanyang batok, then I gently give her a kiss on the back of her neck. When I done that she held my hand tight. When everybody came out except for us, humarap sya sakin.

Ayah: I loved that.

Ako: loved what?

Ayah: what you did.

Ako:Ooh this?

Nilapit ko ang mukha ko sa knya at binigyan sya ng halik sakanyang labi, gumanti naman sya at kamiy nag halik dun mismo sa elevator habang ang kamay naming ay hinahaplos yung likod ng bawat isa. Nasa kainitan kami ng aming paghahalikan ng biglang bumukas ang elevator door. Nandun nag hihintay ang mag asawang foreigner. Kapwa kami nagulat at lumabas na lang ng elevator.

Ako: Excuse us.

Foreigner: Don’t mind us. At agad syang kinurot ng kanyang asawa.

Asawa ng Foreigner: Excuse my husband, habang naka smile.

Ngumiti na lang ako sa kanila at hinila na ako ni Ayah palayo sa elevator. Pag pasok namin sa room ay nag halikan agad kami ni misis, lumalaban na sya ng halikan, habang ang mga kamay nya ina unbutton ang aking polo. Hanggang sa mahubo ko ito ay halikan parin kami, ako naman ay inabot ko ang zipper ng kanyang dress sa likod nya at hinila ko ito pababa, matapos nun ay hinuban na nya ang kanyang damit. Ngayon ay nka bra at panty na lang sya at ako naman ay pantalon pa. Naghalikan kami ulit, then she wrap her hands on my neck. Kaya ginawa ko binuhat ko sya.

Ayah: Ay!! Hihihi

Ako: Let’s go the bed shall we?

Binuhat ko na sya papunta sa kama, dahan dahan at maingat ko syang inihiga dun. At hinalikan ang kanyang mga labi, then sa may cheeks, papunta sa may earlobes, sa may likod ng tenga dinilaan ko dun.

Ayah: Uhhmmmm hoonn mmm..

Patuloy lang ako sa pag halik sa kanyang leeg, minsan ay dinidilaan ko rin sya sa leeg papunta sa may baba then sa kabilang parte ng leeg naman.

Ayah: Aahh uhmmmm hoonn..

Ang kamay ko naman ay nilalamas ang boobs nya sa knyang bra ng dahan dahan. Tapos pinagapang ko ang aking haplos papuntang likuran nya para ang abutin at tanggalin sa pag kaka hook ang kanyang bra. Nang matanggal na aking bra, ay bumaba na ang aking labi, mula sa kanyang kanang bahagi ng leeg, papaunta sa may dibdib, papapunta sa right boob nya. Dinilaan ko ang kanyang nipple at marahang sinip sip then kinagat kagat. Ma...

Duchess of Faith

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I'm simple. I don't like fancy things. I'm into sports, online games, reading books. Completely a NERD, and hopeless romantic.

I read about this group chat and said that girls have a tendency to be strict. Yeah, I believe. But, at some point you'll realize that would you rather have a girl like that who checks up on you, or someone who's cold and does'nt even bothered on where you are or what you do.

We may be clingy, needy or even strict. And if you will just talk to her and be open, you'll have a win-win situation.

There was this couple, Haley and Marco. They work on the same company. They met, became friends and eventually, got married. All is well. But after 30+ years, they split up. It's just like that. Haley became depressed when Marco just went away. They have kids. They are grown up. At first they have no idea of the separation. And when they found out about it, it really broke their heart. The effect on it specially on Cess, the youngest child was drastic. Seeing her mom depressed and the thought of happy endings just fall apart. She has no one to turn to. She broke up with her boyfriend for 4 years because the thinks that all marriages will just end. Just what happened to her parents.

I may be idealistic but, breaking up should atleast never an option. There are couples who made it through the long distance relatonship, there are ones that they got cheated by their partner but never gave up.

If they just talked about it. There might be no broken families. No women who looks for love in different places nor people. If they've been honest about it.

I don't blame my parents on what happened. I know its hard but the experiences mold me to be a better person. I know we will make it through....

mamasan ng quiapo

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hello guys share ko lang ang story ko it happens nitong friday lang mahal na arawapril 18

ay napag pag pasyahan namin pumasan at dahil sa 12 ng gabi ilalabas ang senior ay 11;00 palang ay nadun nakami para mag abang sa pag labas ng mahal na poong nazareno to make my storry short

ng lumabas ang senior saktong 12  ay agad na pumasan ang lahat at tanging ako at kapatid ko lang ang nag antay at habang nag hahanap kami ng lugar na pwede namin tambayan at hintayan sa mga kasama namin ay binaybay namin ang daraanan ng posisyon ng sa gayon ay madali kaming makikita ng mga kasama namin...

cheska; ate dito na lang tayo mag hintay ( 7eleven malapit sa nazarene school ) my mga naka pwesto nakc sa iba

ano kaba ang panghi dito dahil daming umiihi na lalaki sa tapat 
cheska; ok na yan teh dito na lang kakapagod mag lakad ii  
o cia sige 

makalipas ang ilang oras ay wala paddin ang mga kasama namin na mamamsan at iniwan ko ang iba ng sa gayon ay hanapin ko muna ang iba namin kasama ewan ko ba at sa puyat at antok ay napagod din ako kahit d pa ako pumapasan ay nakaramdam nako ng pagod kaya nag pasya ako na umupo sa tulay ng quiapo sa ilalim ng quinta market sa inupuan ko para makita ko ang mga dumadaan at mapansin ko ang mga kasama ko ay dko napansin na ung tabi ng in uupuan ko ay ihian ng mga lalaki ilang minuto ang lumipas ay umihi na isang bgrupo ng kalalakihan dahil sa dilim ako nakaupo ay dnila ako napansin kitang kita ko kung pano ilabas ng mga lalaki nila ang kanilang ari tingin ko ay edad 16 hanggang 23 ang edad ng mga lalaki ang umihi at ilang minuto pa ay my isang grupo padin ang umihi sa gilid na un at gaya ng nagyari ay tanaw ko ang ari nila ewan ko ba ay napaptitig ako sa kanila habang umiihi ako hindi ko napansin ay nakatingin na ang ilan sakin sabay sambit na 

oi tol si ate nakatingin sa ari natin oh sabay tawanan sa kahiyaan ko ay namula ako at hindi naka imik para akong napako sa kinauupuan ko wla ako nasabi ng oras na un.. at sabay sambit na oy ate masama yan tumitingin ka sa titi namin wlang pakundanggan na pag sasalitya ng isang mamasan at napa ngiti na lang ako ewan ko nung oras na un ay himbis na hiya ay init ang aking naramdaman nakita ko sa damit nila na TANON MALABON CHAPTER. AT ISA ISA SILANG LUMAPIT. miss beutiful asan ang kasamam mo 

ako ay hinhanap ko nga ii sensya na kayo kung nakita ko na umiihi kayo 

lalaki1; ok lang un wla naman mawawal ii gusto mo pakita namin uli 

dahil sa madilim dahil anong oras palang un ay wlang nakapansin at aakalain mo nakasama nila ako na mamasan din kya hindi mo aakalain na hindi ko sila kakilala dahil na din sa mag kasing edad lang kami ewna ko pero ang lakas ng libog ko ng mga oras na un at isa isa silang umupo sa tabi koo at nakipag kilala at kinuha maski number ko para txt daw ng biglang sabi ng isa na ate bakit nakatingin ka samin kanina nung umiihi kami ikaw ahh virgin kapaba sabay tanong 
at sa init ng aking naramdaman ay hindi ako nakapagf salita sa kapilyuhan nila ay ung isa eto teh pakita ko sayo uli gsto mo pang aasar ng isa nilang kasama  sabay lingon nman ako ewan ko ba ay napalingon ako sakanya sya naman pinakita niya lalo sakin saking init at dahil type ko ay inudyok nila na kung gsto ko daw hawakan ay ok lang daw at hindi ako nag dalawang salita pumnta kami sa my sulok kung san ay hindi mo mapapansin dahil sa madilim at kahit my dumadaan ay hindi naman ito makikita ay tumayo ako at isaisa silang lumapit at nag pahawa k ung 2 lang ang bukod tanging ang natikman ko dahil nadin sa init ng naramdaman ko ay hinwakan nila ang ulo ko at pilit na pinayuko para maabot ko ang ari nila nakuha ko nmn ang gsto nila kaya agad akong lumuhod at salitang sinubo habang ang kasama nila ay nag look out at pilit kaming tinakpan ilang minuto lang ay mabilis na nilabasan silang dalawa dahil ba nam...

ANY GIRLS FROM CUBAO or PROJ. 4,PROJ. 3 or PROJ. 2 na Pwede meet later?

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ANY GIRLS FROM CUBAO or PROJ. 4,PROJ. 3 or PROJ. 2 na Pwede meet later? I just want to suck boobs and eat some pussy. No penetration..Just pure ORAL Sex..Ages 27 to 45yrs. old. Please message me so we can meet later at Cubao or Hi-Top. BTW,Im 31 yrs. old..It doesn't matter if if chubby/Slim/Single Mom/Married..Just as long as u want to be eaten and reach the "O" with my tounge..Thanks....

PARA SA IYO. . . .

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Darl . . .

Sabi mo ang “sweet” ko dahil natatandaan ko ang lahat ng nangyari sa atin. . .

Gusto kong malaman mo na ginagawa ko iyon hindi upang maging “sweet” sa iyo. . . . it’s because I treasure every second of every minute that I share with you.

Sabi nila. . . “owsssssssssss sa pelikula lang nanyayari yang sinasabi mong istorya n’yo!”

Ang sabi ko naman ay. . .”eh di mas mabuti. . . kasi may magagawa ako para higit na mapaganda ang storyline ng “movie” natin hehehehehe”.

Sabi din nila na maraming babae dyan na pwedeng bigyan ng pansin . . .

Ang sabi ko naman ay . . .” There are gazzillion of ways na pwede kong gawin yun pero isa lang ang babaeng gusto kong bigyan ng pansin. . .at ito ay walang iba kundi ikaw” .

Finally, naging mahaba ang oras that we were able to spend with each other at inisip ko. . .”destiny ba ito for this to happen on the very first week na naging mutual ang feelings natin sa isa’t isa?”

Gustong gusto ko yung feeling na magkasama tayo. . . yung feeling na everythings’ perfect. . .yung feeling na nothing could ever go wrong.

The way you talk to me makes me happy . . . yung pang aasar mo sa akin makes me happy. . . the way you kiss me or pretend to kiss me makes me happy . . pag nagagalit ka. . . it also makes me happy. . . everything you do seems to be the moments that I live for.

Wala na siguro akong mahihiling pa maliban sa to be with you always.

Darl. . . umpisa pa lamang ito. . .  kasi alam ko marami pang maaring manyari. . . and  THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!! 


wanted Hot mom's OR FUBU Morong Rizal po ako

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Hmmm wala po bang tiga Morong na hot mom dto heheh...

Ka-viber na girl..around 20's..just pm me your viber..

Submitted by on Sunday, 20 April 2014, 02:00 AM | True Story | Tagalog
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Anyone interested to have good conversation.just really bored.anything under the sun could be our topic....

Happy Easter.

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Happy Easter and Happy 420 narin :) Enjoy this day and God Bless to all of FSS members :)...

to cyncas357 :)

Submitted by on Saturday, 19 April 2014, 11:05 PM | True Story | Tagalog
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hi cynthia :) please always take good care of yourself po. have a nice day po :)...

Meron bang taga bacolod rito?

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Meron bang taga bacolod rito? :)...

fantasy ?

Submitted by on Saturday, 19 April 2014, 04:53 PM | True Story | Tagalog
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first post ko sa more than 6months ko na ata dito na pagbabasa at pakikipagusap ng once lng s ibang members,

sana mafulfill ang fantasy ko sa threesome or sex with an older 25 na.madami na ding natry pero yan nlng okay na ko..magsettle na for marriage after :)

thanks fss members!...

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