Taksil 9

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Makalipas ang ilang minuto ay nag aya nang magshower si Nimfa. Lagkit na lagkit kasi sila pareho dahil sa pinaghalong pawis at mga tamod nila ni Leo. Agad naman itong sinang ayunan ng isa. Pagkilos ni Nimfa ay bumukal ang napakaraming tamod mula sa puki nya. Mga katas na bunga ng pagpapaligaya nila ng kalaguyo. Nakita ito ni Leo. Agad namang sinundot ni Leo ng dalawa nyang daliri ang butas ng kipay ni Nimfa para ilabas ang naipong katas sa loob ng puki ng babae. Nanluwang ang butas ng puki ni Nimfa. Warat na warat at pulang pula. Tatawa tawa ang dalawa habang ginagawa nila ito. "Babe ang dami oh... ang lapot..." sabi ni Leo. Kumalat sa bedsheet ang mga tamod na 'yun. Tumindig na sila patungo ng CR. "Doon na tayo mag shower sa banyo ng kwarto namin ni Ella" pag aaya ni Leo. "Siguradong tulog na tulog pa naman 'yun" Agad inakay ni Leo papuntang banyo si Nimfa. Nakita nilang nakabulagta si Ella sa kama. Tumba ito sa pampatulog na nainom nya knina. Nakakaawa ang hitsura ni Ella. Talunang talunan. Tatawa tawa na lang ang magkalaguyong Leo at Nimfa.

Sa banyo ay nagsabunan ng katawan ang dalawa. Sinabon ni Leo ng mabuti ang kipay ni Nimfa. "Babe ang ganda ng puki mo... ang sarap hindutin... mula ngayon sa akin lang ito." wika ni Leo. Nakikiliti naman si Nimfa sa ginagawang pagsabon at kalikot ni Leo sa puki nya. "Oo iyong iyo na yan... dahan dahan lang medyo mahapdi pa ng konti ang kiki ko... sa laki ba naman nyang alaga mo. Pakiramdam ko na divirginized ulit...

Sexy Love Part III

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Kathy was leaning on the trunk of my '98 Lancer. Cigarette in hand, she was just staring into space. I can just imagine the thoughts running through her brain.

"Oh my God, what a complete perv. I mean, come on! We're cousins! Eew! Fuck Mike! Fuck this country and fuck everybody!"

I took a deep breath and approached her. I leaned on the space beside her and lit a cigarette. I mean, what do men do in these situations? Really? Should i say sorry? Should i just jump in the car and drive off? Should I...

"Let's go." she said, as if she could read my mind. "Don't ditch your stick, I want to smoke in the car."

"Okay." Yup, that's me, master conversationalist. Mr. Smooth at your service.

"Where can I drop you off?" I asked as i turned the key.

"If it's ok with you, I want to hang at your place. I want to completely sober up first before going home."

"No problem."

What followed was probably the longest 28 minutes if my life. 28 minutes. Yes, I checked. Looking at my stereo's clock gave me something to do to amuse myself. Kathy was quiet the whole time.

At my unit, I opened the lights and the aircon and asked if she wanted some water. She nodded and sat herself on the couch and brought out her phone. I poured her a glass and sat on the couch beside her. I was about to go on one of my famous "silent waters run deep" moments when a sound came from her phone. She adjusted the volume unt...


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Isang ulirang asawa si Candz, sa edad na 28 ay di mo iisiping ganun siya ka hardworking mom at napakabait na asawa. Dagdag pa nito ang angkin niyang ganda at kaseksihan. Halos mabaliw-baliw ang mga kalalakihan pag masilayan ang kanyang seksing katawan na naging lalong katakamtakam dahil sa kanyang lahing Chinese – maputi at makinis na kutis. Parang nanalo sa lotto ang asawa niyang si Brian.

Halos tatlong taon na nanligaw si Brian kay Candz. Seryoso si Candz sa pag-aaral kaya di siya nagmamadali na magka-bf kahit na ang dami niyang manliligaw. Napili niyang sagutin si Brian dahil sa bait nito at tiyaga nitong mag-antay ng ilang taon. Conservative si Candz kaya inabot ng dalawang taon bago niya pinahintulutang makahalik si Brian sa labi niya. Pero dampi lang ito at walang torrid kiss, mild kiss lang at walang haguran ng dila. Tanggap na rin ito ni Brian dahil mataas ang tingin niya kay Candz. At baka magalit ito at hiwalayan pa siya. Napaka formal ng kanilang relasyon at pinaplano ang lahat. Hanggang sa nakatapos sila sa kolehiyo at nagkaroon ng sariling trabaho. Dumating din ang araw na nagdesisyon silang magpakasal.

Balot ng magarang wedding gown ang seksing katawan ni Candz. Litaw na litaw ang kurba ng kanyang katawan. Takam na takam si Brian na sa wakas ay maangkin na niya nang lubusan ang kanyang minamahal. Di pa nahawakan ni Brian ang mga maseselang parte ng katawan ni Candz. Natapos din ang mahabang araw ng kasalan at nagsisiuwian na ang mga wed...


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NumbHeya! I made this poem back in college, a time when I was enjoying the doldrums of life. Too much drama, too much heartache. My former bandmates and I were planning to put music into it but shit happened so I left it as it is. C'est la vie! I also posted this in my old blogger account using a different handle. Here you go:

Everything’s dark and I feel so empty
I’ve got nothing left and no one else to blame
My heart was so cold, so unease so heavy
Untold words, unstoppable cries, nobody hears, nobody came, nobody cares.

I no longer have the shield that keeps me out of harm,
I even lost the very best I ever had
Asking for comfort but nobody dares to stretch an arm
Still nobody see that I’ve been hurting so bad.

In a crowded place I stand alone
Nobody knows that something is wrong
They thought I’d be fine if I’d live all alone
They don’t know that I’m not that strong

Undefined misery, confusion and loneliness without end
Looking through many faces, I have nobody to ask for help
But what can I do? I might as well pretend
That darkness is my home and I want to be there by myself

The darkness I feel and emptiness alongside
Irrevocable sufferings and tears behind my eyes
Wishes and fantasies that I can’t help but hide
Emotions unexpressed, all filled with stupid lies

Call me selfish, call me numb or even call me crazy

Sexy Love Part II

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Kathy was in her element. I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back. You can't go wrong with RnB nights. I was on my 3rd glass of vodka 7 while she already had four glasses of rum coke. I watched as she glided across the dance floor, her rhythm impeccable and her body commanding attention. She'd raise her hands while nodding her head in time with the beat. I watched how guys would try to strike up conversations with her and how she'd refuse with a short shake of her head and her sweet smile.

She looked hot. There, I said it. I found my cousin hot.

I shifted in my seat to give my erection breathing room. I look up and see Kathy looking at me with a fake confused look on her face. I raise my glass at her and give her a wink. She stuck her tongue out playfully in reply before pointing to the rest room. I nodded and took a sip. Okay, she's not only hot but cute as hell, as well. 

A few minutes later, she slid on the sofa and sat beside me.  

"Kuyaaaa, let's dance! Don't be such a wallflower! Hahahaha!" she said as she hugged my right arm, once again letting me feel her boobs. 

"No way!" I replied as I raised my glass, "maybe after a dozen of these. Maybe!" 

As if on cue, a waiter appeared and placed four shots of tequila on the table. I looked at her and laughed.

She played innocent and said, "Don't look at me! Hahahaha! But since it's here, might as well, right? On three. One, two, three!"


Sexy Love Part I

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Hey there! I previously posted this story on another site under another username. Hope you guys like it. :)


"She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up."

My phone was ringing. It was my mom.

"Hi, Ma, what's up?"

"Mike, are you busy tonight?" mom asked.

"Um, not really, just planning to go online and play some basketball."

"You know, you've been spending too much time on your PS3. James says your Meralco bill is up from last month."

"That's because James opens the aircon at 6:00 PM and closes it at 7:30 AM. Plus, he spends most of his time here in front of the PC." I answered.

"We gave you and your brother that condo so you can learn to be responsible and since you're older, you should lay down the ground rules. Besides, James needs the computer for his studies."

Mom was right. I have been too lax with James. Mental note: Talk to James.

"Ok, I'll have a chat with him. Anyway, what's happening tonight?"

"Katkat, as you know, has been in Manila for a week now but hasn't gone out to enjoy herself. I'd ask James but he has a retreat in Antipolo. If you remember, your Tita baby was the one who drove us around when we were in San Diego last year. We should return the favor and take her daughter out while she's here."

Hmm... Online NBA 2K13 or a few drinks with the cousin I last saw w...

Fubu Na Lang

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I commend BigBadBoy for coming up with Kabit blog (link below) at gusto kong dugtungan ng mga bagay na dapat tandaan o ikilos ng mga lalake sa isyu na ganito, pambalanse na rin.

The 'extra marital affair' takes two to tango at mas mabigat ang responsibilidad ng mga guys. Gusto kong linawin na iba ang FUBU (fuck buddy) sa kalaguyo. Malaki ang kaibahan niyan pero sa KALAGUYO tayo magfocus para maikonek natin sa blog.

Mga 'tol, sa simula pa lang ay dapat alam mo ang kaya ng dibdib mo kung "kalaguyo" nga ba ang hanap mo at nababagay sayo o hindi. Kung hindi kaya ay huwag pasukin ito dahil hindi tama at nakakasira ng ulo.

Sa ibaba ay ilang dagdag na puntos na dapat tandaan kapag napasok sa ganitong sitwasyon. 

1. Magkaroon ng bayag. Kung gagawin ito ay buo dapat ang loob mo. Isa pa, ikaw ang lalake kaya dapat na proteksyunan mo ang other woman at all cost. Shield her. Huwag yung mailusot lang ang sarili sa gusot ay hahayaan na ang kapartner na magdusa. 

2. Huwag na huwag mong sasabihin na mas mahal mo ang other woman. Paasa yung style na yan at magbibigay ng ibang signal sa babae. Sarap nga naman sa pandinig eh lalo na kapag habang nilalabasan hahahaha. I suggest na sabihin na lang na "mahal kita", period (basta totoong nararamdaman). Huwag nang magkumpara.

3. As a gentleman ay huwag kang magkwento ng pangit against your wife na di mo naman magawang iwan in the first place. Huwag magtapang-tapan...

The One & That Someone

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When you thought you finally met the one

The one that gives you smile just a thought of him
The one that gives you shiver just a light touch from him
The one that you have just dreamt of when you were young
The one that promised you that he will always be there for you
The one that said that he will hold your hands when you feel alone
The one that told you that you will face today and tomorrow together
The one that whispers i love you to you everyday

Suddenly left you without a word..

And so 

you realized that he was not the one..
You realized that he was just a passer by
You realized that he was a lesson and a blessing
You realized that you are now facing today and tomorrow alone
You realized that no one will hold your hands
You realized no more i love you everyday

You start to lose hope 


Someone out of nowhere grab your hand

That someone try yo make you smile again
That Someone's touch make you feel alive again
That someone help you realize that dreams do come true
That someone dont make promises but just say "gagawa ako ng paraan" always
That someone make you believe in love again

Then you realized "the one" left you, so "Someone" could come.

That someone is YOU :)

I love you dearie. 


Office Affairs 3

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Office Affairs 3This is a work of FICTION. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This material may not reproduced without the express written permission of the author. Enjoy! 

Pagdating nito sa condo nya, agad itong naligo para matanggal din ang lagkit at init ng katawan dahil sa pagkabitin. 
Pagkatapos maligo ay diretso na sya sa kanyang kama. Ngunit di maalis ng tubig ang init ng kanyang katawan, at kahit saan nya i-divert ang attention ay di pa rin maalis sa isipan nya ang nangyari sa kanila sa loob ng elevator kanina. Talaga namang nakakalibog isipin na nakapag-sex sila sa loob mismo ng isang pampublikong lugar at may pwedeng makakita sa kanila... Ang masakit lang dun ay di sya nakaraos, kaya ngayon ay bitin na bitin sya, masakit ang puson at kailangang mailabas ang nakatagong pagnanasa. 

Di nya namalayan na kusang gumagalaw ang kanyang mga kamay na wari'y may mga sariling isip at ngayon ay hinihimas ang kanyang puson papunta sa kanyang kaselanan. Nang kapain nya ang tapat ng kanyang puke, naramdaman nya na basa na agad ang kanyang panty. Lalo syang nalibugan kaya pinasok na nya ang kanyang kanang kamay at sinimulang himasin ang kanyang munting perlas.

Damang-dama nya ang basa na nyang bukana habang patuloy an...

Taksil 8

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Isang araw bago ang anniversary nina Leo at Ella. Nasa opisina si Ella, naisip nyang itext si Leo. "Hon, 5th wedding anniversary natin bukas. Happy anniversary... Anong plano?"

Sumagot si Leo "Let's celebrate sa bahay. Maghanda tayo ng konti and syempre may konting inuman din... Sa bahay na lang tayo ha... invite natin sina Nimfa at ang boyfriend nyang si Emilio. Ako na ang bahala sa pulutan natin at alak. Bibili ako ng Tequila."

Gusto sana ni Ella na magdinner silang mag asawa sa anniversary nila sa isang sikat na restaurant. Gusto nya sanang sila lang dalawa... yun yung inaasahan nyang gagawin nila bukas pero hindi pala. Sumang ayon na lang sya kay Leo.

Walang malay si Ella na balak pala syang linlangin ng asawa para maisakatuparan nila ni Nimfa ang kanilang matagal na inaasam na kantutan.

Dumaan muna si Ella sa Mall para bumili ng gift sa mister nya... bumili sya ng watch. Sa tingin nya magugustuhan ito ni Leo. Pandagdag sa koleksyon ng kanyang mister kasi mahilig talaga ito sa relo. Si Leo naman ay hindi na nag abala pang bumili ng para kay Ella. Samantalang dati one week pa lang bago ang kanilang anniversay ay nagiisip na sya kung ano ang ibibigay sa asawa. Bukas wala syang gift. Ang nasa isip nya ay ang magiging kangkangan nila ni Nimfa. Super excited ito. Imbis na regalo ang bilhin ay dumiretso ito sa botika at bumili ng pampatulog. Sa isip isip nya hindi na sila mapipigilan ni Ella sa kany...

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