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I always wonder why you have to lie

When you know in the end you would make someone cry

Can't you hear your heart pounding?

Or you're palm sweating?

Can't you hear that little voice giving you warning?

Oh we always thought that words won't kill

But the cause it will make is so hard for us to heal

The truth shall set you free they always say

But there you go pretending to be okay

I wish you know that I can see the lies in your eyes

The fears you hide through your disguise

It's not hard for me to accept the reality

It would make me feel better if you would be honest to me....

Journey (2)

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Journey (2)Same message as the first
*bawal kopyahin ng walang basbas. PERIOD*

Malakas ang lagaslas ng tubig sa shower, 
naamoy ko ang baon nyang shampoo at sabon (lavander)
Naghanda talaga sya...
Kumakanta habang naliligo

"Oh michelle ma belle...
Son les mont qui vont tre bien ensemble
tre bien ensemble..." 

Tumingin sya sakin habang kumakanta, naka ngiti,
Ang tubig tumatalsik sa kutis nya, lalo syang...

"I love you, i love, ilove you
thats all i want to say 
until i find a way..."

nagulumihanan ako, napahinto, kinanta ko sa kanya yan nung una kaming magkita
Kapangalan nya ang nasa kanta...
ka tulad ng lyriko ang nararamdaman ko sa kanya...
lumapit ako sa likod nya,
hinawakan ko ang bewang at hinalikan ang batok, shoulder...

"I need to, i need to, i need to..
i need to make you see
oh what you mean to me
until i do im hoping you will 
know what i mean..."

Humarap sya sakin, mabula ang buhok, ang katawan,
hinalikan ko sya,

bigkas nya.
Sinampal ako, nakangiti sya..

"Bad ka deck, kumakanta ako eh.."

" yun lang ang alam ko gawin para matigil ka sa pagkanta..."
Ngiti ko sa kanya.

masakit na kase ang tenga ko, wala sa tono, wala sa ritmo...

"Sabihin mo kase na pangit boses ko deck,"

Sabay dila sakin. 
Kumanta ulit

To FSS Members: Attn Newbies

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To FSS Members
Attn: Newbies

The writers are the backbone of FSS.

This site currently has 57,475 members scattered in around 28 countries of which an estimated 88% are based here.

The writers? My generous estimate is that the writers represent a measly  ¼ of 1 one per cent of the total FSS membership. (If my knowledge in math doesn’t escape me now.)

So writers are most welcome here!



First, read the house rules before posting your work.

Its like reading the instruction first before answering your test paper.

Violation means * even if you got all the answers correct.

Write to express, never to impress.

Compete only with yourself, never mind the others.

To borrow a line from Desiderata,

“For always there will be lesser and greater person (writer) than yourself”

For reference , read the works of some very good writers here, particularly those of Eroticus and Regalia.,Phil_gabriel, fiction_factory, anino and the one and only Jason the Jackal!

For me, their stories are A+, both in style and content.

But develop your own style, for all we know,

yours might be better than ours.


Write in the language you are most comfortable with.

Writing in b...

NorCal Girl

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"Woohhohhh!! Yesssss!!! At last!!".., crowd erupts as the final buzzer sounds. After forty years, the Golden State Warriors wins the NBA championship!

Everybody's giving high fives to friends and even strangers at the jam packed Oracle Arena. Everyone's on a high spirit as they leave the building. Ready to party and celebrate all night long.

Drew, who watched the game alone, hops on his Harley and drove to downtown Oakland. There he met some familiar friends at a club. But he's a loner and healing a broken heart. He just broke up with his girlfriend of three years.

He sat at the bar, drink some whiskey while watching everyone dance.

A petite young lady catches his attention.

The girl is with a partner doing some dirty dancing. She throws her sexy hips like Shakira. Bumping her partner's manly area like they are having sex on the dance floor.

The lady is of Asian descent but that turns him on. His ex is an amerasian. With Drew's 6 foot 2 inches frame, he loves banging small girls with tight pussy.

After the song, the young lady looks at him. Winks at him, then goes to the bar.

"Hey, wanna dance?".., she asked him with a sweet smile on her face.

Drew is a handsome dude, athletic built, looks like Klay Thompson but with a stubble of hair on his face. He hasn't shaved since the break up.

"Love to, but don't know how.".., he said to the lady. Looking at her fr...

Unfaithful 4

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Nung matapos akong magshower ay dali dali akong nagbihis para pumunta sa bahay ni Billy. Sa totoo lang, nanginginig pa ako noon dahil sa sobrang pagkasabik na makantot ulit ng matabang burat ng aking kalaguyo. May halong kaba dahil alam kong andito lang sa bahay ang aking asawa.

Paglabas ng aming kwarto ay nagulat ako ng makita ko ang aking asawa na gising na gising, kumakain pa ng chips habang nanonood ng tv. Mukha namang hindi sya nalasing dahil wala talagang bakas ng pagkahilo. Bigla itong nagsalita ng makita nya ako.

Jojo - "Oh bakit parang nagmamadali ka? Paalis ka yata?"

Cristina - "Ah eh hindi nagshower lang ako saglit ang init kasi kanina... Kmusta ka na? Nalasing ka ba?"

Jojo - "Ok na ako, hindi na ako lasing... Asan si Billy? Bakit biglang nawala?"

Cristina - "Ah eh umuwi na... nakatulog ka daw kasi kanina kaya umuwi na sya..."

Jojo - "Ah ganun ba..."

Cristina - "Honey, pasok na ako ulit sa kwarto ha... magpapahinga na muna ako..." sabay pasok ko sa kwarto...

Bigla akong kinabahan... naisip ko na baka narinig ng asawa ko ang usapan namin ni Billy kanina... agad akong nagtext kay Billy.

Cristina - "Sorry hindi ako makakapunta dyan sa bahay mo... nagising si Jojo... hinahanap ka nga... sabi ko umuwi ka na... Next time na lang tayo magkantutan."

Billy - "Bad trip naman yang asawa mo! Nakaka inis libog na libog na ako sa 'yo!" Babalik ako dyan... An...

Ako, Si Anna at Sila II.

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Tuluyan ko ng inalis ang panty ng nobya ko at tinaas ko ang isang hita nya para makita ng utol ko na si Miko ang naglalawang puki ni Anna habang kinakain ko. Alam kong libog na libog na din ang taga nood namin sa labas dahil halos buong ulo na nya ang nakikita ko sa may awang ng pintuan kaya sinabihan ko si Anna na mag takip ng unan dahil baka marinig kami sa labas ng kwarto pero ang totoo natatakot din ako na na bigla nyang makita si Miko sa may pintuan kung sakaling mabaling ang ulo nya sa may pintuan. 

Habang kinakain ko si Anna ay inalis ko na ang aking boxer at sabik na sabik na ako at libog na libog nung oras na iyon dahil first time na maranasan sa buong buhay ko na may manonood sa aming pagtatalik. Pagka-hubad ko ng aking boxers sinabihan ko si Anna na ibuka ang bibig nya at isubo muna ang titi ko. Hindi ko sya pinagalaw sa pag kakahiga at ako na ang pumwesto sa may ulo na sabay subo sa titi ko sa naghihintay ng bibig. Binigyan ko ng magandang view si Miko para makita nya kung gaano kagaling sumubo ng titi si Anna. Alam kong kitang-kita nya pano lamunin ng malibog kong nobya ang titi ko. Labas-masok ang titi ko sa bibig nya na animoy isang puki na kinakantot ko habang sya ay nakahiga. Sinilip ko su utol sa may pinto at alam kong nagsasarili na din dahil sa nakita ko ang kakaibang galaw ng kanyang balikat. 

Matapos ang ilang minutong pag chupa sa akin ni Anna ay handa na ko para kantutin sya. pinabukaka ko sya at pinahid an...

Eff. Hue. Sea. Kay teehee

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The contents of this blog are not scientific in nature. I am not a doctor nor anything close to medical world. I am just sharing what I have googled (I understand that some info could be just from "grey papers" since internet isn't that reliable)  these past few years and some of my personal views. I refuse to cite my sources because I am too lazy to do so. Hahalukayin ko pa ang baul ko. LOL

(The blog "Not a virgin anymore"  inspired me to post this)

This is for the couples who are sexually active but do not want to be parents, just yet.

1. A woman should know her body. Dude, this is basic. She should know her cycle; the number of days, whether sh e is regular or not, the symptoms during ovulation so on and so forth. You know what I mean; you are not a newborn baby, doll.

(Please note that menstrual cycle might change sporadically depending on the mode of your, yes sexual life. Based on my personal experience – which I do not intend to actually include here but I was grasping for a reference so-, my menstrual cycle is longer (33 days) when I am sexually dormant LOL what a vagcano (that’s because I love puns). However, when I am active it is average or shorter (28 days or less).

(In addition, A girl might miss her period after she had her first sexual encounter a.k.a deflowered a.ka. virgin, no more. That is why sometimes, there is a pregnancy scare. I suggest, women should not have sex while they are still in t...

Eksena sa FX Part 1 (Repost)

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Mula noong lumipat si Stella sa bandang Makati, araw-araw na siyang sumasakay ng FX papunta sa kanyang trabaho sa Quezon City. It takes her less than an hour to travel from that part of Makati to that part of Quezon City. So she tries to wake up early to prepare for work and report for work as early as possible.

Thursday, she woke up late. Nagmamadali siyang naligo at nagbihis. On her early 30s, Stella is plain looking and on the heavy side. Mula noong naghiwalay sila ng BF niya for 2 years, hindi na siya nakipagrelasyon pa. She always thought that no guys will take a big girl like her seriously. She's a typical type of a girl na simple looking yet mysterious inside. Kung baga, crispy outside, but chewy inside.

She started to wear her black T-back, her 40c black bra, then her skirt. When she started to wear her blouse, "Naku! Nawala pala ang butones ng blouse nitong uniform ko. Hindi ko pa pala naaayos. Lagyan ko na lang ng pin pagdating ko sa opis."

Pagkabihis, dali-dali siyang naglakad sa may kanto kung saan makakasakay ng jeep papunta sa terminal ng FX. May isa pa lang na pasahero ang jeep. Sumakay na siya at naupo sa tapat nito. Ilang saglit pa at wala namang sumasakay ng pasahero, umandar na rin ang jeep. Nagbayad siya ng kanyang pamasahe. Pilit na inabot sa drayber at bumalik sa dati niyang puwesto. Ilang saglit pa, napatingin siya sa lalaki sa harap niya. Napansin niyang kanina pa tingin nang tingin ang lalaki sa tapat niya. Katamtaman...

Shared Wife LDR - The End

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Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi. Kahit na ano pa ang gawin ko ay hindi na maibabalik pa ang nakaraan. 

Tama talaga ang isang kasabihan na malalaman mo ang halaga ng isang tao kapag nawala na siya sa buhay mo. Noong iwanan ako ng asawa ko ay doon ko naramdaman kung gaano ko siya kamahal,

...doon ko din na-realize kung gaano ako kagago.

Hindi ko alam kung paano ako naging sobrang bobo para i-share ang asawa ko sa ibang lalake!

Isa na lang ang magagawa ko.

Hahanapin ko sila. 

Hihingi ako ng tawad sa lahat ng nagawa ko.

Hihilingin ko kay Sophia na magsimula ulit kami ng bagong buhay.

Kung hindi niya ako tatanggapin ay ayos lang sa akin, walang problema. Basta ang mahalaga ay makausap ko siya'ng muli. Sabihin niya sa akin ng harapan na hindi na n'ya ako mahal. 

I'll let her go. I'll let her be happy.

...dahil mahal na mahal ko siya.


Isang taon ang inubos ko para lang mahanap si Sophia at Caloy. Pero sa loob ng isang taon na iyon ay konti lang ang impormasyong nakuha ko.

Ang sabi ng malapit na kamag-anak ni Sophia ay sa gawing Batanggas o Laguna na nakatira ang asawa ko at kinakasama nito. Dahil sa nalaman ko ay naisipan ko na sa Laguna na tumira at magtrabaho. 

Baka isang araw ay mag krus ang landas namin.

Noong dumating ako sa Laguna ay nag-apply ako sa isang marketing company bilang isang ahente. Pero...

Journey (1)

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Journey (1)this is a copyright no one is allowed to duplicate, pirate, copy, this story without my express agreement* 
Basta bawal ito kopyahin ng wala kong basbas PERIOD.

Year: 2000
Start of the century
Subject: Male , chubby, upbeat, highscooler. 
Code: Szadeck
location: motel room sa probinsya 

Ahhh...ahhhh...sige pa! Deck! Bilis pa! Harder! Giling pa!

i was pumping this girl hard as i could i can hear my balls slap between her ass and pussy

*plak, plak, plak, plak*

She was screaming, sweaty and hot...
her skin glisttened with our sweat and ice that melted...
she squirmed, adjusting herself and taking my manhood

She grabbed my ass, urging me to pump harder, faster
i complied.


She took her free hand and grabbed the back of my neck, pushing me down.
and kissed me,


Our saliva and tounges mixed and danced, i was sucking her sweet tounge, 
her moans became muffled.. she pushed me off and she sucked her breath..
And moaned, a long deep, moaned...


she shivered.
she convulsed. 
I felt her pussy juices enveloping my hard dick inside her.
i was going to pull it out, pump her again...

She cried...

"Wag!!! Wag ka gumalaw!!"
She moan...

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