Those Days

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An ordinary day and here she is on her vitual world
Talking on chat, telling tales about her past no matter how bold and old
Just being herself, singing her nonsense songs and laughing a thousand fold
Though he feels like her actions doesn't match her words
Heaven knows that what she feels inside; it shows

He said he wants to be her territory, but she told him no, and do not worry
Because a woman like herself learnt the hard way not to expect and be sorry
He wants to stay by her side, but she can't let him feel what he must hide
For his desire for her which kept on growing must be cut where it's soon be going
And the friendship that they built is more impotant than the lust he's feeling

A wall separates them from one another, like a reminder not to waver
For it is wrong for him to like her, and he must focus on what is better
It is a promise she told herself, and she must never ever break
That for whatever reason it may be, whatever situation she was in
She will never be responsible for a family man to hurt any of his kin

He knows she is seeing someone, someone who told her not to fall
Because he wants to explore his being, and can't let her tie him for her keeping
Her heart is fragile from all the pain, and struggles she was bearing
But that heart is strong and daring, and can still take another beating
As it may sound old but truth be told, that loving also means...

Totally Fucked Up (Andrei) 1

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* This story may not be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the original author; sexy.witch.

So here I go again, single and available so I started entertaining suitors and admirers which I avoided since I decided to be a loyal girlfriend to my fuckin' A-hole ex-boyfriend. (I know what you're thinking) Oo bitter pa ako ng bahagya, pero yung pride nalang ang nasaktan. Yung ego, and not my heart.

Anyway, a certain guy caught my attention. Noon naman I admit, he doesn't have any effect on me. We were actually chatting because of my G2G or F2F fantasy. Gusto daw manuod. Hahaha! Seriously? Mahiyain ako sa totoo lang. (Hindi lang halata) pro promise insecure ako sa katawan ko. Particularly sa tummy part. Usual na problem ng mga mommies; stretch marks. Kaya parang alangan din ako sa ganung set up.

Ngayon madalas na ulit kami magka chat, but unlike noon na kumustahan lang at konting update about my fantasy, ngayon mahaba na ang convo namin. Hindi na din namin napag uusapan yung fantasy ko. What made him catchy for me is his way of texting. I mean, not the usual na Hi and Hello greeting. It's always, "Hi (my real name), how was your day? or Any plans for today?" Haha I admit I am a sucker for smart men. A guy with a big brain can easily turn me on than a man with a big dick but doesn't know how to use it. Lol

So we chatted for months and according to him, nawawalan na nga daw siya ng pag asa na makikipagkita pa ako sa kanya ka...

TOK TOK TOK Part 16 (Reprise)

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TOK TOK TOK Part 16 (Reprise)
"Babyyyyyy… Ang galing mo talaga… Busog na busog na ang puke ko… Oohhhhh… Pero gustong-gusto ko paaaaahhhhhhh… Ang saraappp sa kiki kooohhhh… Ahhhhhhh… "

Itinulak ni Regine si Allan pahiga at nabatid nito ang gustong gawin ng maalindog na ina…

"Ako naman sa ibabaw, Allan. Para ma-control ko ang pasok ng titi mo sa pekpek ko."

Unti-unti ay tinutok ni Regine ang kepyas niya sa titi ng binata at kitang-kita nito na nilamon ng puke niya ang kabuuan ng burat nito.

"Ahhhhhhh… Ang sarap, moooommmmm… Oohhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Sa kasabikan ay sinikap ipasok ni Regine ang malambot pang pagkalalaki ni Allan. Inalalayan pa niya ng kanyang mga daliri upang maipasok sa kanyang sabik na lagusan. At dahil na rin sa kahabaan ng uten ng binata at dulas ng kanyang kepyas ay nagtagumpay siyang maibaon ito. Nais niyang sa loob ng kanyang sinapupunan magising ang natutulog pang alaga ng binata. Nang ganap nang maipasok sa kiki niya ay nagsimula siya sa pagma-muscle control. Sinabayan pa niya ng padiin na pag-giling ng balakang hanggang sa bahagya na itong magising. Sarap na sarap ang batang ina sa kanyang ginagawa sa ibabaw ng binatilyo.

"Oooooohhhhhh… Babyyyyy… Ang saraaaaappp talaaagaaaaahhh…"

Patuloy lang siya sa pag-giling at pagma-muscle control sa ibabaw ng anak-anakan haban...

Ikaw Na Talaga!

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Ikaw Na Talaga!I'm not sure if this will be interesting to you mrnays but I would like to give it a shot. Ikaw na pong bahala kung maniniwala ka o hindi.

After the break-up with Coleen 7-months ago, ito pa rin ako feeling stucked! Hindi pa rin makapag-move on.

Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit nangyari sa amin iyon ng ex-gf ko.

Biruin mo 6-years kami in our relationship pagkatapos biglang mauuwi sa hiwalayan. At ang nakakatawa ay ang rason na nagmula sa kanya na hindi ko matanggap.

“I need my space Justin. And I know you need it too. This is for the both of us!”, huling pahayag na nagmula kay Coleen bago ito nag-walkout.

Para akong na-LSS dahil paulit ulit itong umaalingawngaw sa tenga ko.

After that, wala na. Wala na ang lahat!

Hindi na niya ako kinausap. Iniwasan na niya ako.

I keep calling her but she barred my number. I keep going to her condo unit but the guard always pushes me away telling me na wala raw siya roon.

Ganoon lang iyon kadali sa kanya? After how many years of happiness suddenly biglang mawawala na lang? I always ask myself ano bang nagawa ko with a follow up question -- “why?”.

Pero kahit anong isip ko, wala eh. Hindi ko talaga siya matanggap dahil hindi malinaw sa akin ang lahat.

This is so fucking frustrating dude. I do not know if you are getting me but this is so fucking ridiculous! I’m so fucked up.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit...

When You Love Someone

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One day, she was so sweet to you,
You thought all those things were maybe untrue,
Two days later she was back the same,
You thought you were the one to blame.

She thought the relationship was getting too serious
And that you had become a little too curious.
By this time you knew it wouldn't last,
All the nice things she said were in the past.

You thought that you would marry her someday,
But this time God wanted to get her way.
You wanted things back how they were before,
But you knew this couldn't happen anymore.

It was a Wednesday morning about 3 o'clock,
You heard the news and it wasn't a shock.
You knew this was going to happen soon,
As you laid there and cried in the pale lit moon.


My ODDyssey: It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)

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My ODDyssey:  It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)Bonne Annee guys and Dahlings, sorry to have kept you waiting...fucking bloody busy as usual

(Save a Prayer playing)

It's not very often that I get this kind of sensual excitement, I'm not your garden variety hypersexual (the archaic term is nymphomaniac) as  I'm mostly into women, I don't get this "attacks" often it but when it does I can't help myself, it's fucking overwhelming, unavoidable, I must and will always give in, it's a very bizarre if not a rare kind of nymphomania.  (you could say I'm a wee bit of xenophiliac or teratophiliac?)

I'm not even a bipolar, and I don't go like "Oh gawd not again" or "fuck! not now please" like someone turning into a werewolf or any monster,  a sexual Jekyl and Ms. Hyde, I have no  feelings of guilt, shame or inadequacy as I've enjoyed every wild sexual encounter very much and sometimes more than the last, getting really turned on being uber daring, wild and crazy, but not stupid and careless as I'm very careful keeping a low profile and covering my tracks.

I'm mostly into other hot females, but an episode during my early teenage years had awoken hidden sensual desires I never thought I had, and now my body would  crave these wild, bizaare orgasmic pleasures from time to time.

The "feeling" I had when I looked up at the moon as I was walking towards the restaurant, the tingling, heart racing, churning, steamy-air-inside and butterflies-in-stomach kind of feeling, as alway...

Hi Jerome! Kaka-Wax Ko Lang!

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Hi Jerome! Kaka-Wax Ko Lang!A/N:
Ang pangalan ng mga tauhan at mga pangyayari sa kwentong ito ay pawang kathang isip lamang ng may akda at hindi hinango sa tunay na buhay o karanasan. Ang anumang pagkakahawig sa pangalan ng mga tauhan buhay man o patay, sa mga lugar at mga pangyayari sa kuwentong ito ay nagkataon lamang.


Geronimo. ‘Yan ang pangalan ko. Jerome na lang in short, para sosyal ang dating. Alam mo naman, kahit lalaki ako, daig ko pa ang ibang babae dyan sa social climbing 101 skills ko. Actually, hindi naman ako ipinanganak na social climber. Nasa middle class naman ang estado ng buhay ko. Pero nakakahawa pala ‘yun. May babae kasi akong naikama na wagas sa pagka social climber. Oh well...

Maayos din ang nakuha kong trabaho, palibhasa nakatapos naman ako sa isang unibersidad na kilala sa pagka kulay dilaw. Architecture ang natapos ko, kaya naman andito ako ngayon sa isa sa mga kilalang real estate giant dito sa Pinas.

Tahimik ang buhay ko, masaya akong namumuhay lalo na Single pa ako. Gimmick dito, inom doon. Road trip dito, travel doon. Sa totoo lang, may kaya naman talaga ang pamilya namin. Maayos din ang sweldo ko na sa pagkaka-alam ko, above market rate pa nga. Kaya wala na akong mahihiling pa.

Hindi ko akalain na sa alwan ng buhay ko at sa dami ng activities ko, mabo-bore din pala ako sa ganoong lifestyle. Kaya naman nakita ko na lang ang sarili ko na nag-google ng sites na pwedeng mapuntahan, “pampalipas oras”. ...

These Days

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his is a bright sunny sunday,
her night is just on the way.
his chores he's about to keep,
her angels are just past asleep.

it's only thirty-six hours when they met,
but here they are again on the internet.
he gave her a hi and asked how she's doing,
she hi'd back and said not much happening.

only minutes passed and it seems forever,
how they could hold being together.
he wants to see her, she wants to see him,
they took the video chat without a whim.

you could see his smile with her acceptance,
the twinkle on her eyes in a close distance.
he sat on the floor with the phone on the bed,
she lays flat with the pillow under her head.

they exchanged jokes and told some stories,
even for a little time to make some memories.
he's enchanted by her even way before,
Idolizing her works and somehow adore.

he knows where she stand, she knows it too,
she told him his policy which is pure and true.
thou stubborn as he is and went what he feel,
she make him realized that he needs to be real.

everytime he tries something stupid and funny,
she reminds him it wont work and youre just lonely.
he cant help to think her action betray her words,
but shes just being herself like strumming a guitar chords.

it makes him ecstatic everytime they converse,
talking about family sometimes the universe.
he could go...

Ginalingan ang Pagpapanggap

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Ang kwentong ito ay base sa totoong pangyayari pero walang skin to skin contact.

Tawagin nyo na lang ako sa pangalang Alex(hindi totoong pangalan) 27yrs old, may asawa at isang anak, isa ako sa mga lalaking may tinatagong kapilyuhan kahit na masaya ang pagsasama naming mag asawa.

Nag umpisa ang pangyayaring ito noong November 2016, matagal na kong miyembro ng isang
dating site pero di ako gaanong active, naisipan ko lang sumilip ulit doon sa dating site na yun dahil mag isa lang ako sa bahay ng time na yun dahil dayoff ko at sobrang boring ko ng time na yun. Inupdate ko lahat ng info ko at syempre yung picture hindi ko nilagay ang sarili kong mukha.

Habang nag bbrowse ako sa site, nag ppm ako sa mga babae ng mga kalokohan at kabastusan, nagulat ako ng makita ko picture ng asawa ko, syempre di ko sya pinadalhan ng message na nakakabastos, nag pm ako sa kanya at agad naman syang sumagot, ng time na yun nasa office ang asawa ko kaya nagtaka ako, inisip ko baka breaktime nya kaya sya nakakasagot sa message ko, single daw sya at syempre ako din single kunwari.

Ayun nga habang lumalalim na ang usapan namin, nagpalitan kami ng number, di alam ng asawa ko meron akong simcard na pang kalokohan kaya ayun ang binigay kong number sa kanya, ang simcard na to ay libre lang dahil sa binili kong bagong smartphone.
Naisahan ko asawa- bulong ko sabi ko sa sarili ko, pero ang binigay nyang number sakin ay iba, kaya nag taka ako bat ibang n...

My Love

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My LoveWe started our relationship with an open string
Although we never cared what will be our future bring
In a mall where fishers are called
Why I fell in love, I don’t know the reason at all.

Your beauty and your heart surpass others from the start.
I wish to stay by your side and never be apart
You know my life was such a mess
With you by my side, I feel bliss.

Maybe it was a love at first sight.
Although I did not believe such notion even if I might.
But the feeling is real and so exhilarating,
Just like the first time I rode a roller coaster or gone skydiving.

The thrill and excitement
Like the feelings of a child in amazement.
A feeling I will never forget
To the woman I shared my life with whom I revered.

Truly my love for you will never end.
I hope you’ve felt what I meant.
The Beauty and madness that I will surely miss…
Forever and eternity is not enough to spend my life with you, miss…

I wished our time was right…
I missed my chance by more than 5…
I wish I could turn back the hands of time…
To be with you my love and forever be mine…...

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