A Kayfabe Story

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Tonight's WWE RAW opens with the usual intro video. We're live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. A huge 'CM Punk' chants break out.

We go right to the ring and out comes Paige to a big pop. We see stills from Paige at Fastlane last night as she makes her way to the ring. Paige takes the mic and fans chant her name.

Paige: I got screwed last night. Alam nyo yan. Nikki Bella uses the rope to pin me. And I will not gonna let this happen tonight. (The fans with a loud 'Yes' chant.)

Paige: So come on Nikki! Come out here in the ring and face me right now! (She's now angry and then screams.)

As she looks on to the big monitor, The Authority's music hits and out comes Triple H w/ Stephanie. A huge boos from the crowd now.They enter the ring as Stephanie looks into Paige now. Fans chant Paige name.

Paige: Why are you here in this ring? Im calling for Nikki Bella. I want a rematch right now for the Divas title. (Paige then scream)

Steph: You know what Paige, forget about that rematch coz that's not gonna happen. (smiles) Crowd with a 'No' chant and more boos.

Paige: But why? She cheated last night. And that's not best for business right Hunter? (she looks to Triple H)

Triple H: Maybe you're right Paige. Cheating is not best for business but we have an idea, right hon?

Steph: Y...

Random Thoughts

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Good day fellow FSS people! I just created this account a couple of months or two, or maybe I can't even remember when. All I really wanted to do at first is to read some stories here that can help me gain more ideas and styles on how to write spg stories. I love to write. To be honest, I already have completed romance-comedy finished stories. Some of them are posted in online website and some of them are just sitting on my folders.

This time around, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and start weighing the possibilities of writing a different genre to test my capability.
Natatakot talaga ako mag sulat ng spg pero sabi ng inner voice ko, subukan ko raw. Para daw malaman ko kung hanggang saan lang talaga ako. Since I have a fear of heights, I also have a fear of trying new things. Kahit naman adventurous akong tao, hindi lahat natatry ko kasi nauunahan ng takot. Anyway, I just really find this site very helpful and informativeinformative so I hope someone can help me. :)

I was really amazed how the stories here goes. Most of the stories are well written and has a moral lesson to take note.

How I wish I can try to write stories like that as well in a spg format.

And I only have two reasons why I am still here in this site. First is to gather friends who can help me or guide me since all of my so called friends on the other site hate me for no particular reason.

And the second one: base on my observation on the comm...

Burn Out

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seated infront of my laptop,tickling the keyboard hoping to put into writtings the thread of ideas in my mind but its been 12 hours yet still to no avail.
There are a lot though like there is love,hatred,lies,paramour but i can not compose any.

tried to enter the chat to have a breather yet i cant find satisfaction.

arghhhh burn out again? :(...

Closet Stories: Kojie (Pre-Owned)

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Habang nag-aaral ako ng kolehiyo ay napasok ako sa mundo ng pelikula sa tulong ng tiyuhin ko na dating stuntman kaya naging stand-up actor at stuntman din ako sa mga pelikula noong 90s. Kadalasan ang papel ko ay tauhan ng isang boss --- a goon, o kung hindi naman ay miyembro ng pulisya. Naging extra ako sa mga pelikula ni Eddie Garcia, Robin Padilla, Ramon Revilla, at Ronnie Ricketts,.

Pinaalala ng tiyo ko na bagamat kaya nang ipakain sa pamilya ang kita sa pag-eextra (binata pa ako noon), ay mabilis naman itong maubos, kung bulagsak ka sa pera lalo na pag small-time actor ka lang--- hindi pangmatagalan, ika nga.

Kaya naging praktikal ako. Habang madalas ang tawag sa akin para mag-extra sa pelikula, inipon ko ang kita ko para sa panggastos ko sa kolehiyo. Nang maging madalang ang action na pelikula, nagng matumal na rin ang demand sa amin. Mabuti na lang at nakatapos ako ng kolehiyo nang mga panahong iyon at nag-abroad nang tatlong taon sa Saudi bilang construction worker. Nang hindi na ni-renew ang kontrata ko, tinulungan ko na lang ang tiyuhin ko na magpatakbo ng kaniyang surplus shop sa Carriedo hanggang sa pumanaw siya at ipamana ang surplus shop sa akin. At dito po nagsisimula ang kwento ko.

Halos lahat sa shop ko na binebenta ay segunda mano pero imported --- appliances, laruan, libro, vcd tapes, electronic gadgets, house decorations --- mga bagay na pinaglumaan na. Kadalasan binibili ko ang mga ito sa Port Area Manila para ibenta per...


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I’ve been thinking over what to write the past days. Valentine’s day was a busy day at work like always and I ended up in bed after. It was like the best thing to do that day. Anyway, this isn’t about Vday anymore, this is about me sharing my thoughts with whoever would bother reading this post 

By now, I think you all know am single and not committed to anyone except sa sarili ko. If I am happy?Seriously,believe it or not, I am. For the last couple of years I’ve never been into a serious relationship after the last failed one. I think it takes a lot of courage to be comfortable to the kind of life that I am into right now. My friends in my ‘real world’ are all happily married, they have kids and a good job, and I don’t get to see them often like before but I don’t mind. I used to be bothered by it when I was younger, like nag asawa lang,wala ng time sa akin.But then it made me think that they are leading a different life now, we are not in the same path,they will not understand if I tell them am in an endless search of a ‘krass’ or prolly me being in this site. I’ve learned to let go of them graciously and hoping one day I will be in the same path as theirs but no pressure now in my part.

The most difficult part actually is when loneliness creeps in. You know the feeling na asan na ba yung lalaki for me? I am not pangit naman, di nga lang sexy,am not bobo naman ata..that sort of thinking...

What a night: The beginning.

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Hello Peeps.. Im back.

Ive been seeing Jill for about 6 months already.  I met her in an event when we picked her agency to do some promotions for us.  Isa syang promo girl.  She's 24 yrs old, maganda, maputi, long hair, long legged, around 5'4" and medyo skinny (pang model talaga).  If you know me, youll know that she really is not my type of girl.  Mas gusto ko yung malaman (medyo chubby) and mey pagka boobsie.  

It was a 3 day event so everyday, ako yung naghahatid sa kanila pauwi.  Si Jill was the last person na hinahatid ko.  On the last day of the event, my boss and some of my colleague wanted to celebrate and invited the girls to join us from some drinks.  I was not in the mood to go out since earlier in the day, napagalitan ako ng boss ko for something na beyond my control and throughout the day, felt bad.  But since nandun pa yung boss ko, I am obliged and be there.

4 silang mga promo girls to do our promotions, and 2 of my colleagues already had their sights sa 2 girls na magaganda rin.  My boss couldn't do his thing kasi sinama nya yung asawa nya.  Nag enjoy na sila lahat and I noticed Jill was not also in the mood.  I approached her and talked to her, sabi nya nag-away daw sya ng bf nya.  Sobrang seloso daw ng bf nya at pinapa-uwi na daw sya (her bf works sa call center).

It was around 11pm ng dumating yung manager ng agency nila at kina-usap ako.  Binastos daw ng mga kasama ko yung mga girls nila (I noti...

Looking Back . . .

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Looking Back . . .This evening while I was driving back to work, this song played in my selections and it brought me back to where I was 9 months ago. The time, where I had to let go of a man I thought I would end up with ..
And the song I mentioned in the first part is entitled BREAKEVEN and is from the band, The Script ... I swear the first 6 months after that break up, I played the song LITERALLY every day.. over and over until it sank to me to forgive, forget, move on and get a life ..

But that journey?? It was one of the most painful realization I went through .. And if not for the time and compassion of my friends, support of my family  - - I could say, I would still probably be caught in that moment ...

Know that everyone goes through a stage where their loved one hurts them.. A stage where your dreams, your hopes go down the drain as if they were nothing..

And if you are in this stage as I write this, know that it is a - - "stage" ..
You have to go through the pain, the denial part, the ifs, the buts, the why and how.
Take it ... Cry if you have to ... Shout if you have to .. Be bitter if you have to ...
Hate the world if you have to.

But do not stay in that stage for long ... You have to rise to the occasion .


Bittersweet Revenge: Wanna Play With Me?

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"In moments of pain, we seek revenge.."
- Ami Ayalon

Autosaved: “Nice story. Keep it up”
DareYouToMove:“Hi! Asl please”
SexAddict: “Here’s my number if you’re lonely and gusto mo ng makakausap”
Aaliyah19: “Ang ganda ng story ate. Sana may kasunod pa.”
Treasurebox: “Pwedeng makipagfriend sayo?”
EverReady: “Can I fuck you?”

Ito ang mga bumungad sa inbox ko pagbukas ko sa Sexcapade.com. Ilang weeks na rin akong miyembro dito. Katulad din ito ng ilang adult sites where you can post erotic and non-erotic stories, other works and chat with the other members. 

Napangiti ako sa nabasa kong mga pm. Nakita kong naka-online pa sila pero si EverReady ang pirming nakakuha ng atensyon ko. So I decided to chat and flirt with him in private to get to know him a little bit more.

Kickass_girl: Hi EverReady.
EverReady: Hi Kickass_girl. So can I fuck you?
Kickass_girl: Fuck agad? Hindi ba pwedeng kilalanin muna natin ang isa’t isa? 
EverReady: Ah okay. So anong vital stats mo?
Kickass_girl: 34-24-34
EverReady: Wow! Sexy mo naman.
Kickass_girl: Di naman.. Nasl mo p...

Don't Read This

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.  Sabi nga ng third law of motion ni Newton, "for every sction there is an equal and opposite reaction" . Sa buhay naten ganyan din, hindi mag rereact ang isang tao lalo na magbabago kung wala kang ginagawa sa kanya. Yung tipong isang payapang tubig ja bigla mong binulabog, ganoon un.... At ganyan ang patuloy na nangyayare saken, as of now I have no idea why I'm writing this blog, my hart is full of hatred and pain from a person na hindi naman deserving pagkatiwalaan ng lahat lahat. Sabi ko sa sarili ko hindi ako magsusulat dito sa fss but here I am composing a blog.

Hindi ako snob na tao moody lang lalo na kapag in pain or something, ang hirap kaseng magmahal ng todo and then parang kawawa ka lng na itatapon. Yung pinaglaruan ka lng, para kang manikang pinaluma pagkatapos itinapon at pinapaasang pupulutin uli. I must admit, I'm so dumd kase patuloy kong hinahayaan ang sarili kong mapaglaruan at gaguhin, ang hirap ng ganitong sitwasyon. I'm on the prime of my life pwedeng makuha ang anu mang gusto ko at umibig sa isang taong para talaga sakin but here I am torturing myself. Sa sobrang sakit wala nang luhang lumalabas sa mga mata ko, lunok na lang ng lunok, wala nang pakialam sa reputasyong pinaghirapang buuin mata ng lahat. Bakit kasi ako nagmahal sa maling tao, sa isang DIMONYO.

For closure, sabi nga sa first line ng first paragraph ko... HINDI AKO MAGIGING GANITO KUNG HINDI MO KO PINAASA AT PINANIWALA SA MGA KASINUNGALINGAN MO! I know I sound so bitt...

You Own Me 5

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“Is that my son calling? Hmp! How convenient…” inis na sagot ng matanda. “Turn the volume of your phone to speaker so I can hear him too,” bulong ng matanda kay Lovelee.

At this point Lovelee seems to recover from her trance-like lust at tila natauhan nang makita ang pangalan ni Nick sa phone kaya biglang tinabig niya ang nakapulupot na braso at hita ng don sabay upo nito, mildly surprising the don.

“H-Hello…Nick?” sabay tingin sa relo sa bedside table niya. It was 7 am already.

“Hi babe…how are you? I am sorry I wasn’t able to skype you this morning. The laptop conked out, so I had to bring it to a technician. So for now we will have to do with the cellphones…”

“Where are you now?”

“Am about to go to school. Just showered. How about you?”

‘Um…kagigising ko lang. Am about to work too.”

“How’s dad? How is he doing?”

Biglang inabot ni Demetrious ang kamay nito sa hiwa ni Lovelee at sinimulang himasin ito. Kahit anong tabig ang gawin ng babae ay hindi nagpaawat ang matanda lalo na nang ipasok ng don ang makapal na mga daliri niya sa namamasang umbok nito.



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