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I had been standing outside the door for what felt like the longest time. The coward in me wanted to turn back and just leave, but I finally had the courage turned the key and went in.

It was like I never left. The apartment looked exactly the same. I basked in the familiarity of it all. Every nook and cranny reminded me of Him, of Me, of Us, and what used to be. With no warning, the tears that I have been holding for what seemed like forever flowed freely as memories rushed in.


“I want to taste you!” I heard him say. He just got home from work. He held me in an embrace, and I felt his lips on my left shoulder.

“I thought you were hungry. The food’s almost done.” I smiled as I tell him. I love the feel of his arms around me.

“I am, but that can wait… I crave for something else.” I feel his breath on my neck. He is in the mood.

“And what would that be?” I asked him.

“Your pussy juice.” I heard him reply. To make his point clearer, his left hand traveled downwards and I felt him pinch my pussy.

“Oh that can be arranged!” I laughed and took his hand intently leading him out of the kitchen.

“Where are we going?”

“Bedroom. Didn’t you just say…”

“Yes. Yes I did but we can do that here.” He gave me that mischievous boyish grin of his. The kind


FSS Name Origin

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FSS Name OriginCurious ako sa mga ID or FSS names ng bawat isa. There are usually reasons on how or why we came up with those names. 

Share with us/me why that is your chosen FSS username or ID.

Sweet.ak47 = my previous pseudonym is angelsweet which is for poems and non-erotic stories. Chosen AK47 since it is one of the deadliest rifles and one of the prettiest ones I've held. Pangit naman kung Angelsweetak47 right? so just making it short, Sweet AK47 came out. :) 

A Diva's Confession: It's A Little Bit Funny

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A Diva's Confession: It's A Little Bit Funny

Wala akong maisip na title ng confession eh. Yan na lang since comedy naman ang dating ng confession ko.

There was this one time I agreed to meet with a guy sa Jollibee Kalentong. I lived in Bacood at that time and he lived in San Juan so meeting in Kalentong was perfect for us. I knew something was already off when I saw him and noted that I was about 2 inches taller than him. My height is average at 5 feet and 2 inches. So that would make him around 5 inches tall give or take. It's a good thing that I don't wear heels.

Anyway, so we walked all the way to his apartment, which was mga 2-3 blocks din from Kalentong. When we reached his place and immediately after locking the door, he immediately grabbed me and kissed me sa leeg.

"Oh my.. Ang bango mo.. Kanina pa ako tinitigasan sa pabango mo," he said.

"Wait.. Wait muna.." I said. I was actually having second thoughts at that time about sleeping with him. I just had this bad feeling that things weren't going to turn out okay. But he paid no heed and just continued kissing me, this time sa lips - sloppy kisses and wet ones. I don't like sloppy kisses. Before I knew it, he pushed me to his bed and pumaibabaw agad sya sakin, still kissing my lips, cheeks, neck, shoulders.  "I am horny for you," sambit nya.

"We're still dressed. Wait lang, let me take my clothes off." Sabi ko sa kanya. "No need. Pwede na to," sagot naman nia sakin.

I was wearing a ski...


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Before Ron and Nathan came into my life, I had boyfriend named Percy. He was 26 and I was 21.

That time, after visiting my folks, I decided to take a boat from Cebu to Manila. While I was a student, gawain ko sa barko ang matulog lang. Sometimes maski may meals, I don’t eat. I just cover myself with blanket from head to toe. Tapos gigising lang ako pagnakarating sa Manila yong boat.
I don’t know the magic of boat. Parang ang sarap magday dream doon ng sex, sex, sex at maraming sex. Sakto lang kasi yong dilim at ilaw.

I placed my backpack beside my bed. I need to get blankets. Then may dumating na isang guy, nilagay din nya yong backpack nya sa bed ko!

“Excuse me, that's my bed. Di ko nga nilagay backpack ko dyan (ang lakas naman ng loob nito... grrr)….”

“Sorry miss.” Di na sya tumingin, he removed his things from my bed and placed them sa taas ng bed ko. Then umalis na rin sya agad.

Napatingin yong bading (magkatapat yong bed namin) at napasunod siya ng tinigin sa umaalis na lalaki. Gwapo yong guy at may itsura, maganda ang katawan at nakashades.

“Sister, hindi tinatarayan ang mga gwapo!.”
“Hindi naman ako mataray.  I'm Antoinette. I really need to get some sleep."   (I rarely get to sleep for many months since starting work.  Idol yata ng SGV si kuya germs. Walang tulugan and I am just a poor auditor.)  

The bading turned out t be a jolly person at ume-extra-ext...

Possibly Maybe

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Possibly Maybe 
Your flirt finds me out
Teases the crack in me
Smittens me with hope

She plays with his damp hair, and she kisses his chin.

She felt the sweat on his skin merging with hers.

She felt his full weight with him being on top, but she did not mind at all.

Why is he so beautiful?

She cupped his face and pulled him close to hers and kissed him full on the lips.

Something inside her stirred.

A part of him was still embedded within her.

“You still want me, huh?’ He grinned.

“Always.” She replied.

“How do you want it this time?”

“Don’t ask.” She tells him. “I just want to feel your hard inside me again. I want your hands all over my body.”

He shoved a pillow between them and rolled her on top of it.

She was now face down on the bed.

He used his knees to spread her legs.

He put a finger inside her and held her shoulders down as he slid his cock into her wet pussy and fucks her fast and hard.

They both make noise as they cum.

Possibly maybe
Possibly maybe
Possibly maybe

She looked at him as he slept—calmly like a baby.

His hair. Just how erotic a misplaced strand of hair can be?...

A Mistress Life….(with erotic version)

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I wrote this several years back and  this one is included  in my book sold by amazon..... but since it is for general patronage no erotic scenes were included...inspired to write again for FSS....i added an erotic version....a slight one though...

Know what a broken destiny is?
It’s when two people love each other but
For some reasons they can’t be together.
It may be because of it’s a forbidden love..
That’s broken destiny…
…..loving someone who can never be yours..

This was the message sent to her by a friend thru text. She sighed. She wanted to just shrug it off and continue writing, but her thoughts were no longer apt to what she’s doing. Memories she tried to bury came back. It was just last night when they had a heart to heart talk. Now its clearer, her questions finally answered.

Four months ago, somebody played a trick on both of them. Exchanged their numbers and there it all started. He would call each night; they would talk for hours until they both realized it’s already day time. They enjoyed each other’s chit-chat , being from the same place, they met. She’s astonished. He’s the man she’s had a crush on ever since she was young…..

He is older…..married…..she’s younger……alone


white collar job 3

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This is it. Ito na kasi ang araw ng pa-despedida ni Diego bego siya umalis papuntang Amerika. And I decided to go and attend kasi it would be very rude on my part if I don’t, considering that he invited me in the first place.

“Dad, can I ask you a favor?” sabi ko kay hubby after he took a shower.

“Sure hon, what is it?”

“One of my officemates invited me to attend his send-off party tonight. Pwede bang samahan mo ako?”

“I’d love to hon, but you know how stressful the office is in right now. I have to go early tomorrow and deal with the problems as soon as possible.”

“Ano ba yan, hon. Do you really have to go early?”

“Unfortunately hon, I have to. Medyo mabigat ang problema ang hinaharap ng management ngayon. And if we don’t do something about it soon, baka malugi ang kumpanya."

Tumahimik na lang ako. I didn’t pursue the issue anymore. Matamlay akong tumayo at naglakad papunta sa bathroom.

“Hey, don’t worry. Once we resolve this problem today, I am yours. It’s your call kung saan tayo magde-date…” sabay halik niya sa lips ko.

“Sige, that’s a deal. Pero pupunta pa rin ako mamaya sa party. I promised to attend kasi…”


trip lang mga pre...

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tagal ko na gusto makita kinakantot si misis ng ibang lalake pero ayaw nya talaga.. dahil sa ayaw nya ako na lang gagawa ng gusto ko pagawa sa kanya... sino pwede mag turo sa akin dito chumupa... gusto ko lang masubukan at malasahan ang tamod ng ibang titi... 27 chubby makati city... please 2ruan nyo ako......

Super horney right now!!!

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masarap kaya?

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masarap kaya ang manood sa dalawang taong nagtatalik?
ang panoorin ang taong nagpapaligaya sa sarili?
masarap kaya makipagniig sa kapwa babae?
masarap kaya si channing tatum? Hahaha! 
sagutin nyo nga?!! 
ikaw masarap ka ba?...

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