The Bad Girl: Chapter 8 Saturday

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The Bad Girl: Chapter 8 SaturdayChapter 8


Reina stretched up lazily with a silly smile on her face. She felt contented and happy but she didn't know why. Her clouded mind barely remembered what happened last night. Everything was in a haze. But Lord! Is she tired! All her muscles ached.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open, and focused at the arm on her waist. She bolted right up and realized she was with a man! She screamed her lungs out, pulled the blanket to cover her body, and ran to the farthest corner of the room.

Sherwin, awakened by her screams, fell off the bed, startled. Still fighting the sleepiness that threatened to overcome him, he stood up and was puzzled to see a very frightened Reina Yang huddled at the corner. It took him a minute to regain his senses and realized the reason for Reina's terror…


"You're not Van!" Reina shouted, her eyes widened in horror and confusion. Still disoriented, she grabbed the nearest thing and flung it to him as he moved towards her.

Fortunately, Sherwin was able to duck and avoid the vase. "Yes, I'm not Van." He explained. "I'm Sherwin Zhu, his cousin." He sighed and sat on the carpeted floor and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Where's Van?" she eyed him suspiciously, still clutching the blanket tightly.

"I was supposed to tell you he wasn't here and explain why. But when I saw you,...

Ulitin Natin ang Minsan

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♪♫ Wish I could be the one
The one who could give you love
The kind of love you really need ♪♫

Habang banayad na humahaplos sa kanyang puso ang boses ni Celine Dion ay binasa nyang muli ang kanyang nai-send na text message sa isang numerong matagal ng hindi nya hinalungkat sa kanyang phonebook.

- Labs, meet me downstairs, sa Pancake House. Sabay na tayong mag-breakfast. That is, if you could spare me a little of your time. -

Labs. Isang katagang matagal na nyang hindi nasambit sa taong hanggang ngayon ay sya pa ring itinitibok ng kanyang puso. Alam nyang nasa itaas ng building na 'yon ang lalaking kanyang hinihintay habang nakaupo sya sa loob ng Pancake House. Nakita nya itong nakigulo sa adult site chatroom kung saan sila unang nagkakilala. At alam nyang kapag ito'y nakigulo sa chatroom na 'yon it only meant one thing, he was at work.

Siya si Christi, kararating lang galing sa ibang bansa kung saan sya nagtrabaho sa loob ng tatlong taon at ang taong kanyang inaabangan ay si Joshua, ang lalaking kanyang minahal sa loob na ng limang buwan.

Yes, five months, and yet pakiramdam nya ay matagal na nya itong minahal at hindi na mabilang ang mga pagkakataong kanya itong iniyakan.

"Tantanan mo na kasi ang lalaking 'yan. Hindi ka naman mahal nyan eh. Kasi kung mahal ka nya hindi ka nya hahayaang masaktan." Parang bazookang...

Taglibog: Ka-threesome ang Aking Vibe

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Finally, nabilhan din ng battery ang vibe ko, after almost a year since binigay sa akin 'to ni Bebeko.

It was last year during the first FSS GEB nung nahawakan ko ang vibe na 'to pero nitong February lang nabilhan ng battery, courtesy of inang.grasya. Nagsawa na kasi sya sa kasasabi kong di ko magamit kasi walang battery. Ang matinding rason ko kung bakit hindi ko nabilhan ng battery was because nahihiya ako. Sa kapal ng mukha kong 'to hindi ko alam paano ipaliwanag sa mga kasamahan ko sa bahay kung anong gagawin ko sa double A na battery.

A few days after I put the battery in place, I had the usual chat conversation with someone. Then umabot sa point na tinamad na akong magtype kaya I asked him to call me na para pwede na akong pumikit habang nag-uusap kami.

"Anong ginagawa mo?" Bungad ko agad sa kanya after I answered his call.

"Eto naghihimas."

The moment I heard his voice, nag-somersault agad ang erotic veins ko. I don't know why but his voice has this intense effect on my carnal senses.

"Shit! Nakakalibog talaga ang boses mo. Pwede bang ako na ang maghihimas dyan?" Sabi ko sa kanya.

Hindi naman malandi ang boses nya pero ewan ko ba everytime na kausap ko sya parang ang sarap lang magpakasawa sa kanyang katawan.

"Make love tayo." Dagdag ko pa, my right hand already rubbing my mound. Tuluyan na a...

The Bad Girl: Chapter 7 Ablaze

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The Bad Girl: Chapter 7 AblazeChapter 7


“VAN AND REINA?!” Sherwin mused. He still hasn’t recovered from his shock.

Van AND Reina.

“Man, that hurts,” he continued to torture himself. He was envious. “They may not have gotten together tonight but there is always a next time…knowing Van,” he thought.

“How would it feel to have Reina touch my face? Run her hands on me?” he closed his eyes and sees images of Reina doing just that.

The pill Van gave him was slowly worming its way into Sherwin’s system. Minutes later, he was starting to get hard just thinking about Reina.

He was so caught up with his visions that he barely heard the knocks at the door. And when he did, he shrugged it off but the insistent pounding pulled him back to reality.

“Oh shit!” he muttered, as he scrambled to open the door, momentarily forgetting his sweet discomfort.

Reina took another deep breath before knocking on the door. She was dressed in a black tied-back halter with a V-cut neckline that almost reached navel, a pleated denim micro mini, and strappy sandals.

Earlier, she had three shots of tequila to wash away her inhibitions. She was not drunk, a little tipsy but NOT DRUNK and… DEFINITELY HORNY!

“This is it, girl. It’s now or never, “she psyched herself up and once again knocked.

Nobody op...

The Bad Girl: Chapter 6 The Unexpected

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The Bad Girl: Chapter 6 The UnexpectedChapter 6

The Unexpected

“Tell me again why we are giving Van Wu the honor of popping my cherry?” Reina asked, playing with the straw of her mocha frappe.

It was Friday afternoon, two weeks after that night of Reina’s I’m-going-to-start-having-sex decision, and the girls were passing time at Starbucks.

Chrissie choked on her cafe latte, “Where the hell did that come from?” she sputtered.

“Popping my cherry?!” Chrissie mimicked. She looked at her friend who was raising an eyebrow at her and went on still bewildered at her friend’s choice of words.

“Reina Girl, since when have you tasherwin fancy on OLD SCHOOL terms? You almost sound like my grandmother!” she giggled.

Reina, starting to get annoyed, glared at her friend and said, “Go ahead! Laugh all you want!”

“Oh, come on, Rain, you know I was just kidding,” Chrissie tried to be apologetic but ruined it when she broke into fits of laughter.

Reina looked down, almost blushing, ALMOST. She looked at her crazed friend and silently implored.

Chrissie immediately sobered when she saw the pleading look in her friend’s eyes. “Look we have talked about this,” she reminded and sincerely added, “If you’re not sure about it, we could call the whole thing off.”

“I can’t back out now!” shot an obviously nervous Reina. “He’s...

Totally Fucked Up (Jeff 2)

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I thought hindi na mauulit yung first sex namin ni Jeff, but then I was wrong. Naulit pa yun ng dalawang beses, dapat nga tatlong beses pa pero hindi ako pumayag kasi 8pm na nun, at 3 hours ang byahe ko pauwi. Anyway, I’ve already mentioned this in my confession before, yung “Feel the vibe”. So this is the story behind that confession. I hope you will like it.

It started on skype as usual, we were talking about different things, different topics and stuff hanggang sa mapag usapan namin ang about sa vibrators. Curious kasi talaga ako kung ano ba ang feeling ng gumamit nun.

Me: Nakagamit ka na ba ng vibe?

Jeff: Hindi pa eh, why?

Me: Parang gusto ko ma try ehh, masarap kaya?

Jeff: Sabi nila.. Gusto mo makakita?

Me: Oo, bakit meron ka?

Jeff: Yup yup

Me: Really? San galing?

Jeff: Binili ko syempre

Me: Wow ang lakas ng loob ahh!. Di ba nakakahiya bumili nun?

Jeff: Sabi ko naman ipangreregalo ko eh, haha .

Me: Haha mautak. Oh siya patingin ako dali!

So kinuha nya nga, then natawa ako nung nakita ko yung vibe nya. Colorful kasi masyado, as in iba ibang kulay, haha!

Me: Nagamit mo na yan?

Jeff: Hindi pa, hehe gusto mo gamitin?

Me: Sure! Kelan ba?

Jeff: Kung kelan ka pwede, may cock ring din ako, try natin.

Me: Cock ring? Anu yun?

Kinuha nya naman yung cock ring , ahaha 1...

Nurse Reliever Part 5 (Last Part)

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Binalik ni Jason ang titi niya sa loob ng puke, at dahan dahan kinantot ang dalaga.

Bumalik sa pagkaka-upo si liza kay Jason habang nagbigay ng ilang kadyot sa binata.

Umikot si Liza patungo sa direksyon ng binata habang nakapasok pa din ang ari ni Jason sa kan'ya.

Nakatitig si Jason sa mukha ng dalaga, kita n'ya ang kalibugan na bumabalot sa mukha nito. Gulo na ang buhok... mapungay ang mga mata... at laway sa paligid ng bibig.

Naka-squat ang dalaga para ipakita maigi sa binata kung paano lamunin ng puke niya and matigas na titi nito.

Balik sa pagtalbog ang katawan ng dalaga... sabay ang dalawang suso na tumatalbog sa kan'ya.

"Fuck you ka!" sambit n'ya habang nakatitig kay Jason na kalahating bukas ang mga mata... "kantot ka!" sambit n'ya uli.

Nangigil si Jason sa nadinig n'ya at dinakma mga suso ng dalaga. Sa sobrang higpit ng pagkakapit niya sa suso ni Liza ay napatulis ang hugis nito. Hinatak n'ya ang babae patungko sa kan'ya. Alang magawa ang dalaga sa lakas ng lalake. Winawagwag ni Jason ang kan'yang dila habang papalapit ang mukha ni Liza sa kan'ya. Hindi nagpatalo ang babae at nagtagpo ang kanilang mga dila.

Napanganga si Jason at tinuluan siya ng laway na galing sa bibig ng dalaga.

Pumihit si Jason at nirolyo pakanan ang dalaga kahit maliit lang kama ng ospital. Halos mahulog sila pareho sa sahig kung hindi ina...

Nurse Reliever Part 4

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Tumataas ang kan'yang pagtalbog kay Jason... malalakas, at maingay ang kada palakda kapag umaabot ang kan'yang puke sa pinakababa ng titi ng binata. Halos kumawala ang titi kapag umaangat ang dalaga... makakita halos ang burat kapag siya umaangat.

Sarap na sarap ang dalaga sa kan'yang ginagawa.

Inabot ni Jason ang kada kamay ni Liza at kinapitan. tumatalbog pa din ang dalaga... ngunit nagsimula mag-angat baba ang beywang ni Jason... Sinasabayan na si Liza. Nagtatagpo ang kan'yang titi at puke ni Liza sa pagitan ng kan'yang pagtaas ng kan'yan beywang at pagbaba ng beywang ni Liza.

Sa sobrang bilis ng mga tagpong iyun ay tuluyang lumabas ang titi sa puke ni Liza.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" ang reaksyon ni Liza. Malakas ang kan'yang pag-ungol ng aksidenteng lumabas ang titi sa kan'yang puke. "Ahhhhhhh!"... "Ahhhhhh!"... ang ungol n'ya habang hinahabol ng kan'yang puke ang titi ni Jason para ibalik ito. Tinulungan ng binata ang dalaga at tinutuk ang kan'yang titi at ibinalik sa puke ni agad agad nawala. Nanggigigil ang dalaga sa malakas na pagpapalitan nila ni Jason ng tirada.

Napapa-arko ang na leeg ni Liza sa mga sumunod na tagpo. Mas lumalalakas at bumibilis ang pag-kantot ni Jason sa kan'ya, habang siya ay bumabagal na sa sarap na kan'yang dinadama.

Napakapit lalo sya ng mahigpit sa kamay ni Jason... lalong binuka ang kan'yang hita habang dinarama ang pagguhit ng titi ni Jason sa loob ng kan'yang hiyas... "Ahh, ahh...

Nurse Reliever Part 3

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Nurse Reliever Part 3More than six (6) months. Yes. Ganun nga katagal bago madugtungan. Hahaha. Sabi nga nila ako na ang busy.

Sorry po.... I extend my apologies… Enjoy na lang.

Sa mga bago lang makakabasa nito, paki-balikan na lang ang unang dalawa.

More than 3,000 characters kaya hahatiin uli.


Habang naka-upo si Liza sa pagkalalake ni Jason, namangha siya kung gaano kainit ito. Mamasa-masa pa bukod sa katas na galing sa kan'yang pagkababae, ay dahil kagagaling lang din ito sa kan'yang bibig. Napalingon siya kay Jason na nakahiga pa din sa ilailim niya… naka-arko ang ulo ng binata at nakapikit ang mga mata. Dinadama ang init ng puke ni Liza. Sa tagpong iyon ay napakagat labi na naman si Liza. Kagat ng itaas na labi ang babang parte ng bibig. Nakaramdam na naman siya ng ibang kaba. Sunod sunod na din ang kan'yang pagbuntong hininga.

Unti unti nag-simula gumiling ang kan'yang baywang... nakatingin pa din kay Jason. Ilang sandali tinignan niya ang pagitan ng kan'yang hita kung nasa labas pa din ang sandata ng binata sa kan'yang hiyas. Nasa labas pa din at sa pagkakaton iyun ang musyon na giling ng kan'yang beywang ay naging atras abante. Dahan dahan dinadama ang laki ng pagkalalake ni Jason at hanggang ang ulo na lang nito ang maaaninag sa mga sumunod na segundo. Kita, at alam, ni Liza kung g...

The Bad Girl: Chapter 5 The Plan

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The Bad Girl: Chapter 5 The PlanChapter 5

The Plan

The party at Thrills was at full swing. Bodies were turning, whirling on the dance floor. Music was blasting. People were drinking, smoking, dancing, making out, and just downright having a good time.

On the ledge, Reina and Chrissie were gyrating to the beat.

“Lower, girl” Chrissie shouted to which Reina obliged. She went down, almost touching the floor. Slowly she started to rise. Swaying her hips then pushing her buttocks to brush against the crotch of the guy behind her. She then turned to him and smiled coyly as she strutted down the ledge. An invitation.

Chrissie, seeing Reina go down the ledge, a signal, slowly unwrapped her legs from her date’s waist. It’s tequila time!

“What’s his name again? Gio? Mio? The music is too loud. He won’t notice the difference.” She thought.

“Uh… Gio, let’s have some body shots”, she shouted her suggestion at the blaring music.

“Sure!” Gio/Mio agreed, his eyes roaming Chrissie’s body.

They went back to their table where Reina was already licking off the salt from the navel of the random guy on the ledge, another victim. She took a shot of her drink and bit the lemon. Then, she proceeded to light her Capri and puffed.

“Want some?” Reina asked, offering her cigarette case to her friend.

“Thanks, but I brought mine with me,...

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