21 Days

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A trivia on Facebook caught my attention. It says,

"No matter how strong or deep your love is, our brain takes only 21 days to forget Love and create New feelings. Even if you think you will die with pain after loosing ANY TYPE of Love but after 21 days, you will get used to new people new routine. NO LOVE IS PERMANENT."

I don't know if it has already proven or has a scientific explanation or a common bluff trying to convince others that it's true. Anyway, just after I read that, I smirked. I know that's impossible, how can we unlove someone who became part of our lives and means a lot to us? How can we forget someone who taught us how to love and trust, again? In just 21 days? I am sure this is just one of the creations of some people out there who tries to express their bitterness or what to the world.

But I'm wrong.

In less than a month, I forgot how I loved you.
Or maybe the attachment or the idea of being in love with you.

I guess it works because in fear of being left and hurt again, I always talk to God. Every day, every night, every moment that I think my feelings are taking me somewhere deep, I always ask His guidance -- that if this man is not yet the one for me, or will bring no good to me, please take him away from me. But if finally, he's the one I meant to be with, please guide us until the end.

And I realized, God really has a plan for all of us. Because whenever I pray, every time I ask His guidance and do His will, I never regret anything. Thank you. For letting me see the reason why things should happen though sometimes in a painful way. 

Thank you for listening. Thank you for wiping my tears every time I re...

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