A Million Miles

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Just so you guys know... This is my first time doing something like this (sharing a story online) but I hope you guys like it.
No, it's not for anyone, so don't ask xD and this is COPYRIGHTED. Lol

We found each other in the most unsual circumstances.
Trying to find something, taking all of our chances.
Till we both fell in love, with no doubt that it's all true.
But obviously I fell first, luckily ended up catching you.

Billions of people, living their lives, just liike you & me.
With that in mind, I'm amazed that we are meant to be.
In a world of chaos, and never ending mess,
I'll make sure that our love will always be timeless.

I know I'm a wreck, but to you, I will be just, I will be fair.
Attempt every single way to show you that I care.
My insecurities, my negativities, I no longer give a damn.
Step aside my pride, wishing you'd accept all I am.

Excited at the fullest, and with burning desire.
To feel your touch, your kiss that could ignite a fire.
But I'll be patient, as much as I can and with all my might.
Temptations, every tests, and the lonely nights, I'll fight.

Connected only with chords, love and the red string of fate.
It is hard and dire, that we're in...

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