A Modest Plea

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 07:39 AM | Poem | English
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My lungs remember every note of that loud yet calming tune
The bird sang when a quiet ray illuminated your face that afternoon
I stepped forward and you gave me not a promise, but a serene hope
Your lips were covered with doubt but I took its curves as a sacred oath

You wrote me sonnets smeared with fear and questions in every corner
I though it was poetic, my heart even fluttered through every layer
We glided around, went back and forth between trepidations and valor
It was fun until the weary waves finally disgruntled the young sailor

I laughed and danced along as we went through an emotional spin
But your uncertainties have become callous thorns against my skin
Your voice flaunted the hesitation in your every word
Enshrining your tongue like a protective sword

But you cannot forever keep me in this murky box of confusion
I have ripped enough veins trying to guess your intentions
I will unclench my fist and let you come home to your thoughts
Do untwine the tangled chains, do read the lines beetween every fold

If you finally realize that there is somewhere else you belong
Untie the old rose ribbon and sing me one last song
With gratitude and pain, I will take my final place
Anywhere is better than a bar filled with smoky haze

But if you ever find that delicate seed of belief in the idea of us
Summon th...

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