Adventures of Myk: Little Sister's Friend

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I grew up in a family of 4 siblilngs: an ate, a kuya, me and a little sister; in that order. My ate, kuya and me were all born 3 years apart, as was planned by our parents. On the other hand, our bunso was born 10 years after me, in complete surprise – the product of an “alone time” our parents had during their 20th year anniversary.

If you’ve read about my previous adventures, you’d know by now that my work often has me travelling abroad. And this story happened during one of those trips abroad, in Singapore.

I usually travel Business Class, which means bigger baggage allowance, which means I often play courier for friends and families in bringing stuff to their relatives living abroad and for anything those relatives might want to send home as well.

One of my regular “clients” is a college friend of my sister who lived in the same village as us. At the time, she was working as a teacher at a daycare center as her pre-master’s internship; or, like a glorified yaya as she would describe it. Bagong graduate palang sila noon as I recall since my sister was also away doing her own internship.

Let’s call this friend, Natalie.

Natalie is a 3rd-gen Chinese and speaks Mandarin fluently which is also the main reason why she got accepted in the Singapore daycare center so quickly. I would categorize her as plain looking. Di kagandahan pero di naman pangit. But her body is definitely to die for: well-toned and curvy, porcelain-skinned as the Chinese usually are and with ample boobs, probably 36 C’s.

I think her mother missed her terribly kasi laging may padalang homemade food everytime they’d hear of me going to Singapore, which was like once a month or once every two months.

Kadalasan hello and goodbye lang pag nagkikita kami, just enough for me to give her mga padala sa kanya and she’d occasionally send something back to her family. Sometimes we won’t even see each other and I’d just leave her stuff at the concierge. This went on for more than a year and I think we only had dinner or lunch maybe twice and may kasama pang ibang tao.

One rainy evening though habang papasok ako ng hotel after a full day of meetings, I bumped into Natalie as she was rushing out of the hotel. Literally bumped kasi nabangga niya ako habang nagmamadali siya lumabas kasi her clothes were wet and she was cold from the hotel’s air conditioning.

I remember her hair was wet and bakat yung outline ng bra niya, and of course the outline of her round perky boobs were visible from her damp red shirt. She was wearing a short denim skirt that was a little damp as well but not as wet as the aforementioned shirt.

Nagulat siya when she saw na ako yung nabangga niya and tried to cover her front by crossing her arms. She quickly explained na iniwan niya daw mga padala sa concierge and she’ll be heading home na on account of the state of her clothes and she’ll just line-up sa taxi queue sa hotel.

I looked at the queue and saw na may kahabaan na yung pila kasi uwian na and umulan pa and I didn’t feel right letting her go as she was, so I forced her to go up to my room to dry up and I’ll quickly buy her a new shirt at the mall that was attached to the hotel. Nagaaalala lang naman ako at the time. No malice, really.

After some prodding and logical reasoning, pumayag siya finally so I gave her one of my key cards and told her my room number so she can go up ahead of me.

Ako naman sumaglit muna sa H&M and quickly bought the first shirt I saw. Took me less than 10 minutes, I think, as I grabbed another red shirt and guessed the size that might fit her. I paid in cash para mabilis and then went straight up to the room.

I heard the shower running as I entered the room and assumed na she probably took a shower to offset the chill from being wet with the rain. I also remember hearing another noise coming inside like a large fan was running, which I assumed was the hair dryer being used to dry off her stuff.

By the way, I would usually get Club Floor Rooms para meron executive table where I can setup a mini office to work at and also access to the Club Lounge so I can have a quieter breakfast venue or afternoon tea/drinks venue which is very convenient when holding meetings and entertaining guests.

So I sat there quietly and fired up my laptop to check on my emails to pass the time as I waited for Natalie to finish showering.

I heard the shower shut off after a while although the noise from the hair dryer was still there. Then I heard the bathroom door open and got the shock of my life when I saw a naked Natalie come out.

Nagulat rin siya when she saw me sitting there staring at her nakedness and nagkatitigan pa kami for a few seconds, dahil na rin siguro sa gulat niya, before she got her senses back and went shrieking back to the bathroom.

Ako naman naiwan dun nakaupo, still shocked but with my dick starting to get hard. Paano naman ako di titigasan, she had a white creamy and curvy body, very light brown na almost skin-tone areolas and a thick bush. Parang typical body ng JAV actress.

She came out again after a bit na naka-tapis na ng tuwalya and was blushing badly tapos sorry ng sorry.

Natawa nalang ako and also said sorry and told her to calm down. Akala niya daw kasi wala pa ako because she hadn’t heard anyone come in and she wanted to get one of the bath robes from the cabinet that was right infront of the bathroom para may maisuot while waiting for me and while she waited for her clothes to dry up. Apparently even her undies were wet and she was drying them with the hair dryer.

To change the topic a bit, tinuro ko sa kaniya yung paper bag ng H&M that was on top of the bed. Sabi ko it was hers and that I hope that it fits. Lalo pa siya nag blush then again said sorry for all the hassle and that she’d pay me back. I told her not to be absurd and it was nothing.

She excused herself while she got one of the robes inside the cabinet and went inside the bathroom again to change. I admit I was a bit disappointed kasi I was enjoying the view of her bare shoulders.

Just then, I suddenly felt hungry then realized na past 7 na rin pala. Labo kasi ng araw sa Singapore yung 7pm nila maliwanag pa parang 5pm lang dito sa Pilipinas.

So I asked Natalie if she wanted some food while we waited for her clothes to dry up and as expected, siyempre umayaw ulit siya kasi nahihiya na talaga siya but I assured here walang problema kasi I was on an expense account and my meals were otherwise free. This seemed to convince her kaya nag order na rin siya ng food with me.

We chatted as we waited for the food and I finally got to catch up with her. She sat on the bed and faced me while I remained on the chair behind the table. The way she sat was kinda cute kasi her legs did not quite reach the floor so medyo naka-dangle ng konti as the bed was quite high.

Nakailang balik na rin ako sa Singapore pero that was the only time that I really got to chat with her alone and ng matagalan. I asked her about her work and that’s where she started telling me about how she felt like a glorified yaya as Singaporeans could not afford yaya’s at home so they paid for schools like the one she was working at - not so much as to have the children learn something but more of so that the parents can have somewhere safe to park their children while they worked during the day.

I also asked her how she was and if she was otherwise okay in Singapore. And by this time dumating na pagkain namin so we now both sat at the coffee table nung room which had two chairs. She told me na masaya naman daw dun and she was enjoying finally having some sort of freedom kasi sobrang strict ng parents niya. Then I joked na baka naman nagpapaka-party girl na siya dun, to which she replied na hindi naman daw kasi bukod sa mahal lumabas dun, she just very recently broke up with her boyfriend na sobrang strict kasi seloso.

That story got me interested, so I probed deeper.

Turns out, the guy was her first boyfriend and they’ve been together since high school. Naging long-distance relationship nga lang sila when she moved to Singapore kasi the guy was the template Chinese who had a family business and had to stay behind and join the family business. The guy was the reason why she never had a social life in Singapore kasi sobrang seloso nung guy and pinagbawalan siya na lumabas labas. But even then, sobrang seloso pa rin daw and lagi siyang inaaway and laging gusto alam kung nasaan siya and ano ginagawa niya. Tapos, as it turns out, the guy pala was the one playing around. She caught him sa Facebook profile ng isang common friend nila where they guy was cozying up to another girl in a party. And when she confronted the guy about it, the guy actually had the gall to tell her na it was all her fault for moving away and he only did it kasi he was very lonely.

I noticed at that point na she was starting to tear up so I told her na we can talk about something else. She said it was fine and it was nice to be able to finally open up her feelings to someone. Sabi ko naman I’ll be more than happy to listen to her but I joked na kailangan na namin ng alak sa mga ganitong usapan. Natawa naman siya, which was good kasi I cracked the joke to lighten the mood a bit. Then to my surprise, sabi niya hindi siya malakas uminom but she’ll take a beer. So I got two cans of beer from the mini-bar and we chatted some more. Sapporo beer lang meron and they came in these huge 650ml cans.

We got to talking some more about her life in Singapore and she began to relax and open up the more she drank. It was easy to tell that she was getting drunker kasi papula ng papula yung cheeks and ears niya. I was also enjoying the show kasi glass yung table namin so I can see her legs whenever she would shift in her seat and the robe would open up a bit to reveal some of her creamy legs and thighs. Panakaw lang of course mga silip ko para hindi halata.

At one point, I told her na ingat siya kasi maraming foreigners sa Singapore na iba ang upbringing than Filipinos and she might find herself heartbroken again. Natawa lang siya kasi she didn’t think naman daw na maganda siya enough para pagka-interesan ng mga foreigner.

Siguro, pinaghalong libog and kalasingan, I actually told her na she’s wrong and that she’s really quite a hottie. Natawa naman siya dun and told me na I didn’t need to make her feel better. Sabi ko naman I wasn’t and I was quite serious, kaya ingat siya kasi guys might take advantage of her.

She persisted with her reasoning na hindi talaga siya naniniwala and told me: “ikaw nga ahia eh nakita mo na ako kanina nakahubad pero di ka naman na turn-on di ba?” sabay tawa niya.

Tumawa rin ako and I answered: “sino may sabing hindi?”

The turn of events has really taken me by surprise but it was also getting me turned on and hornier and I was also enjoying it kaya tinuloy ko lang. Mukha naman game rin siya and hindi naiilang so I thought okay lang.

She laughed at my answer and, at the same time, nahuli niya ako na nakasilip sa legs niya which were partly exposed. Again to my surprise, she just smiled at me and did not cover up.

I laughed with her again as I stood up to get two more cans of beer. Tinanggap niya naman yung 2nd beer na inabot ko tapos I told her: “nice… very nice…” while smiling at her legs.

“Di nga?” she asked me again, this time in a more serious tone; and then I answered quickly, “oo nga!” then we both laughed again, after which I added: “mas okay kung mas marami pa makita siyempre!”

Again, surprisingly she answered me, “eh andaya mo naman ahia eh ako halos wala na suot ikaw fully clothed ka pa rin!”

So I asked her, “what, gusto mo rin ako maghubad?”

Nagulat rin siguro siya as she maybe hadn’t really realized the implication of what she had just said. But then she thought for a bit before saying: “hmmmm… ikaw? Si Ryan (her boyfriend) palang nakikita ko na boy na nude eh.”

“Whow… so you mean to tell me you and Ryan did it na?” I asked her almost automatically.

Nagulat na naman ulit siya kasi, again, hindi niya ulit ata naisip yung implication ng sinabi niya and told me: “eh, ahia naman nakakainis ka nanghuhuli ka lang ata eh!”

Natawa lang ako sa sagot niya and I told her I honestly had no intention of doing so plus she hadn’t really answered my question yet.

Sagot niya lang was a shy: “uhhhmmm… um-um…” like the murmur of a yes and confirmed by the nodding action of her head.

“I promised kasi si Ryan na payag ako if kami pa rin by the time I turned 18. And so after nung debut ko, lagi na niya ako kinukulit so pumayag ako finally nung nag Bora kami ng barkada nun summer after my debut…” she added, this time quite somberly and without looking me in the eyes.

Then she took quite a deep breath before returning my gaze and the added: “ayun, after that naman naging madalas na as in every time may opportunity siya.”

I told her buti naman pala hindi siya nabuntis and she said na they were careful naman daw plus she was on pills kasi she needed them to regulate her menstruation.

I stood up again and told her na para patas kahit paano, I’ll change into my usual in-room clothes. Tapos para hindi akward, I kept up the conversation while I undressed and probed her further by asking if she being with someone.

“Okay lang.” was her answer. “What’s there to miss?”

I sat back infront of her after changing into my room clothes na boxer briefs and t-shirt and was smirking a bit as I was incredulous at her answer. I told her jokingly, “well I meant if you missed being in a relationship but I guess you’re still talking about sex?”

“Ay, ooooppps!” was her answer as she tried hiding her face with the can of Sapporo Beer.

I just laughed but continued prodding anyway. “Eh since we’re at the topic, ano naman ibig mo sabihin what’s there to miss?!” half-realizing the answer to my question as I spoke the words. She only had Ryan as a boyfriend nga pala and I surmised that he’s probably lame in bed given his probable lack of experience.

“Eh, basta.” Was again her very succinct answer, blushing.

I prodded further: “have you at least orgasmed?”

“I dunno, I guess?” was the answer, which I thought should not have been surprising given the situation, but was still quite unbelievable when heard first hand.

“Oh wow…” was the only thing I can say.

“Eh ano ba ahia… pinapasama mo lang ata loob ko lalo eh?” was her genuinely sulking reply.

I took the opportunity to push the envelope some more and replied back with: “eh sorry… gusto mo pasarapin ko nalang loob mo?”

She didn’t quite answer that retort but only stared at me a bit longingly over the can of beer she still held with both hands.

I was just so hot at this point that I threw all caution to the wind and stood up and went beside her. She just stared at me as I held her arms and lifter her up. She tensed at first but then quickly relaxed as I took the beer from her hands and with my hand still on her arms, I pulled her close to a kiss.

I heard her say “ummmppphh…” as our lips touched, but then her mouth and lips relaxed as well as she started kissing me back. She relaxed even more as I brought my hand down to the small of her back to press her against me as we continued kissing. I also felt her hands start to slide up my back and held on to my shoulders in an embrace.

I silently break the kiss and I then lift her up onto the bed where I gently laid her down. She just laid there waiting for me as I got on top of her on all fours. I resume kissing her while I had my hand start undoing the knot of her bathrobe. I feel her inhale deeply as we kissed, the first time my hand grazed the skin of her flat belly after I was able to undo her robe.

I slowly shifted my kiss from her lips down to her chin and her neck; all the while, I was also sliding my hand towards her side to hold on to her waist before slowly sliding it up toward her breast.

I moved my lips further down to her chest and started licking around her breast towards the center of her areolas and nipples. Her breathing grew deeper and she let out a quiet but high-pitched “eeep!” as I flicked my tongue on her right nipple while I had my hand fondling and working her left.

This went on for a bit before I went back to kiss her on the lips again. She gamely kissed me back while started opening up her robe a bit more and as I slid my hand further down her body and near her crotch. I broke off our kiss to stare into her eyes as I had my hand slide down her crotch through her hairy bush and I touched her pussy for the first time.

She was biting down on her lower lip and had a scrunched-up facial expression as if expecting pain, but all the while she stayed locked on to my gaze as I had my fingers spread open her pussy lips so my index finger can find its way towards her opening.

I was pleased to find that she was suitably wet and I used her own wetness to lubricate around her pussy, especially clit. I was further pleased and turned on as I saw her expression turn from apprehension to pleasure as she closed her eyes and began moaning in pleasure as I continued to massage her clit.

Wanting to have her experience even more pleasure, I then moved myself down between her legs. This took her by surprise and she clamped my head down between her thighs when she opened her eyes and realized where I was headed.

“What are you doing?!” she asked me as she tried to push my head away from her muff.

“Shhhh… Relax ka lang…” I said, trying to make my voice as even and as bedroom-y as possible. And then I moved my head down before she protest any futher.

“Ahhh!!! Ahiaa… Ssshhhhhit… Ah sarap…” were the next words out of her mouth as I started working my tongue around her clit. This encouraged me further so I kept going, adding my hands to the fray by fondling both her boobs with each hand as my mouth got busy with her pussy.

Her hands were grabbing the back of my head by the hairs as she continued moaning: “ohhhhh… sarappp….. ohhhhhh… shhhittt ahia… ohhhhh…” while her pelvis seemed magnetized to my mouth as she tried to move it around to get the best contact with my tongue at every turn.

After just a few minutes, her breathing started becoming heavier and I could feel her abs and body contracting as she moaned in burst of “ohhhhh…. Ohhhhh… ohhhhh…. Ohhhhh…. Ohhhhh…” so I kept the same pace to meet her orgasm.

I feel her entire body convulse several times as she continued holding onto my hair, before finally plopping back down all relaxed but panting.

I wiped my lips and laid down beside her on the bed and asked her with a smirk: “kumusta ka?”

She sheepishly smiled back at me and bit her lower lip before giving me a quick peck on the lips and then giggling.

I moved back on top of her, this time kneeling between her legs and started taking off my clothes. She just stared back at me as I took of my shirt and my boxers and I heard her gasp a bit when she saw my hard-on as it sprung up after I pulled down my boxers.

I leaned back down, supporting my weight with my left arm, and started kissing her on the lips while I had my right hand guiding my hard-on towards her opening. She kissed me back hard and wrapped her arms around my neck as I rubbed the head of my dick along her slit and I continued kissing her as my dick lodged onto her tight opening and I slowly pushed myself into her very tight pussy.

I heard her go “umppphhh…” and even blew back some air into my mouth as our lips were still locked, as I plunged deeper into her. I broke the kiss and stopped my motion to ask her, “masakit?” “Medyo masakit na masarap, ahia…” she answered, almost in a whisper.

I resumed kissing her and also wrapped my arms around her to hold her close as I pushed the last of the length of my pole deep into her pussy. I then started moving my hips up and down, not so much to plunge in and out of her, but more to massage her clit with my crotch as I let her privates get used to the new visitor.

After a few minutes of this and as I noticed that she was again moaning in pleasure, I started movements to go in and out of her. I propped m...

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