Adventures of Myk: The Conference Organizer

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The Conference Organizer

Just last year, I had a nice tryst with this cute 28-year-old Brit conference organizer. Tall (maybe around 5'8" based on our height difference) creamy skin, nice shapely butt, big boobs (them hooters were at least 38D's!). Basically the usual Brit physique which is big boned and not skinny but also very tall and shapely.

It was her company’s first time organizing a conference in the Philippines and they were having a bit of a hard time with local contacts. I happily obliged to assist when they approached me. I even agreed to head one of their sessions - which earned me a nice per diem and free stay at the same 5-star hotel where the conference was being held.

I assisted them with the conference agenda and getting them in touch with key people in the industry so they can make an interesting conference and get some end-user traction.

We had gotten quite close by the time the conference ended and, during the conference's closing night, she invited me to grab celebratory drinks. I of course, accepted.

The bar was quite full and the only place to sit was by the bar where the only seats were high stools that were quite close together. This made us bump into each other quite often and as the night progressed and the alcohol in our system increased, I noticed that her foot seemed to bump into mine more and more. But then I notice that there was also a rhythm and method to the bumping - like she was playing footsie. So I looked down and saw that she was deliberately sliding the tip of her high-heeled shoe on my calf. I looked back at her and she gave me a knowing smirk.

I took it as a cue and immediately got our bill. We went out hand in hand and were already kissing torridly by the time we got into the elevator. She then half-dragged me out of the elevator and into her room as we got to her floor and I kissed her neck while she desperately tried to open the door of her room.

Once we got inside, it was like the movies where we continued kissing while we hurriedly tried to undress ourselves and each other. I unzipped her dress and pulled it down while she pulled down my coat and unbuckled my pants. We were down to our undies by the time we got to the bed with the rest of our clothes strewn between the door and the foot of the bed.

She laid herself down on the bed and I followed suit behind, crawling in between her legs. She then propped herself up by her elbows to raise her back a bit to make it easier for me to unfasten her bra and got the sight of her 38D's. She had almost skintone but very ample areolas and very soft nipples. I helped myself to her breasts while I slid down my hands inside her panties where I found her wet shaven pussy.

After I got satisfied with her boobs, I moved down and slid off her panties and dove down to her pussy. She moaned hard and squeezed my head between her thighs as I ate her out. I actually thought I would pass out at one point by the force of thighs, right before I felt her entire body tighten and tremble then relax - signifying that she had already cum.

She then pulled me down onto the bed and got on top of me. She locked her gaze on to mine as she held on to my shaft and aimed it at her slit. I first felt the wetness of her pussy lips on the head of my dick right before I felt her warm wetness envelope my entire shaft as she slid herself down to the hilt. I was so hot and horny that I did not even mind that we were about to do it live.

She held on to her boobs and played with her nipples as she rocked back and forth on top of me, massaging her clit on my crotch. It felt good as my dick also went in and out deep inside her. It made me even hotter watching her cute face as she moaned and pleasured herself as she was basically the one doing the fucking at this point.

I felt her rocking grow harder and faster and her moans got louder - so much so that I thought I'd sprain my back, before her body again flexed and relax into an orgasm.

It was my turn after that and I got her down on her knees on doggie position. I entered her from behind and began thrusting back and forth as I held on to her waist. Our skin made slapping sounds as my crotch hit her ample butt which caused it to jiggle along with her big boobs.

She kept moaning "oh yes, oh yes" as I went in and out of her, working myself up to an orgasm.

Finally, as I reached my orgasm and moaned to her that I was about to cum, I got surprised that she turned around and took my dick into her mouth. The innocent but sultry look in her eyes when she locked her gaze onto mine as she sucked me just added to my horniness and got me cumming hard inside her mouth. She let out muffled moans as I shot my load and giggled as she kept on sucking even after I asked her to stop.

We had another round that night before she asked me to go back and sleep in my own room as apparently, it was one thing that we fucked each other's brains out and quite another for her to allow me to stay the night at her room.

She had earlier arranged some free days after the conference before going back to the UK so I got to be with her a few more days. The next few days, I was able to accompany her to shop at Greenhills and to a quick swimming trip at Subic where I enjoyed her wearing a skimpy 2-piece suit where her bikini top made a heroic effort to hold back her boobs.

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