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Oh my love ‘till I found it to be true
Authentic love is fool, ‘till I met you
Utter myself through this love poesy              
With the charity of plume, merrily

As ‘lil lad Cupid pierced my heartiest loathes
And fair Minerva took my ancient thoughts
Phantom of love, How fierce and fresh art thou
As now you have touched me, naught remain but so

I love thee as a sensation of flame
Thy burning desire of my fancy care
Truly slave of thy solemn rapture’s dare
Could sacrifice my soul in a death’s lair

Thy eyes like lodestar in starry sky
Enlighten my days, even in doom of life
Thy voice, Apollo’s music of melody
Boost roses bloom, in time of June’s frenzy

Nobody can seize me away from thee
Even heralds of Paris and Adonis
For soul of Ars Amandi, I prithee
Kill what I love – a savage jealousy

I shall name this as love-in-idleness
Mad of kind embraces, tempting kisses
Uplift soul to heaven of seraphim
Like love between Xanthippe and Socrates

I will be thy savor of our love’s nest
And this is true not just frivolous jest
For I have thy love which I knew is best
Could not obstruct by just any vex

I will sing hymns just for the ardor of thee
For everlasting bond of fellowship
Oh my love, I plead you! Make love to me
To fascinate our love’s sensual kinship

I will let thee to manipulate me
Yet with the trade of great intimacy
Cherish me forever as may be
Treasure our love, I shall do eternally

At last, as I borrowed Ovid wit
And filched the throne from Queen Semiramis
I made a fancy poem out of desire
With fertile tears, thunder love, sighs of f...

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