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Some friends and readers have been wondering why I don't share any of my work, especialy Gapang, here in FSS. There is nothing I would dearly love to do that have my stories posted here, but I'm afraid it will not pass the "no minors" requirement, since Gapang (and my other stories) explicitly involves minors, and editing them to make it acceptable will alter the basic concept of the stories. So for those who have not yet read my stories, you will have to look for them elsewhere.

I do have a story that I started but placed in storage due to katamaran, but which should whet your appetite. I hope that posting it here will give me the impetus to take up writing seriously again. In some ways, this story loosely makes use of characters from Gapang so its readers may feel a sense of continuity. This is not, however, Gapang II, but a different story altogether.

I've only finished the prologue and the 1st chapter, so this is a work in progress. For those who are familiar with the pace with which I write, I again beg your indulgence if weeks/months pass without an update. Having found a new home, rest assured that FSS will have exclusive rights (except for my own blog site) to this resurrected story....

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