Best Friends Forever

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Best Friends ForeverMatt and Meghan were best friends. Neighbors since birth, they first started playing together in the playpen while their mothers socialized. As they grew, many of their "firsts" had been together; first words, first steps, first teeth loss, and they started kindegarten and then school together.

As nature is, Meghan started puberty first and they slightly grew apart for a while, as she sometimes found him childish and annoying. But he soon caught up to her, and she appreciated the way he stuck by her and was protective of her as he was becoming a man. They were closer than brother and sister, as they shared all their secrets together along with their hopes and dreams. But still, they never felt attracted to each other sexually, or even if they did, they kept it to themselves. It felt like their relationship was beyond romance, that they didn't need that element in order to be intimate. It was as though being sexual would cheapen their relationship, like being horny would somehow diminish what they shared.

Matt was tall and broad-shouldered, a good looking kid with a toned body. Meghan was petite and pretty, with striking eyes and a cute little figure. They looked great together and the incredible bond they shared was so obvious that they were often mistaken as either siblings or a couple. 

After graduation, the two decided to go on a trip to blow off steam and celebrate. They saved their money and finally decided on a day trip to an island they had heard about. It was a place where they could swim, snorkle, watch nature and just relax while taking in the beautiful tropical scenery. It would be a long day, the trip involved a bus ride and then a boat ride. They decided not to stay out overnight, because they didn't have the money for a room. They did bring bags; a change of clothes and some food. It was their first time away from home. They were trusted by their families not to "fool around", as they had never, ever once showed signs of being attracted to each other 'that way'. After all, they were just friends, best friends.

On the bus, Meghan slept with her head on Matt's shoulder. It wasn't unusual, they sometimes snuggled out of convenience or neccessity. Maybe it was because they were away from home, but somehow this time Matt felt some tension as the bus droned along in the darkness with Meghan's head on his shoulder.

Matt had only recently begun masturbating, within the past year or so. He didn't do it often, but he enjoyed it when he did. At first he felt guilty about it but lately that had lessened quite a bit as he matured. As he stroked himself, he would fantasize about a girl at school, or a woman he knew or had seen. His fantasies weren't particularly kinky, he was so inexperienced with sex. He just loved the feeling of his hard cock as he gripped it and jacked off. He had no idea that Meghan had been doing it too. It was the only thing they had not shared.

Meghan was a late-bloomer, she was already through puberty and developed when she started to discover her sexuality. The first time she became aware of her body was during a romantic movie on TV. As the lead characters finally got together, Meghan noticed she was feeling damp. She excused herself from the room and went to the CR. There, she lowered her shorts and felt inside her panty. Yes, she was wet and it felt good but kind of bad at the same time. She shivered as she touched her pussy and felt it becoming slippery. Later in bed, she rubbed herself without any fantasy of a man, she simply enjoyed her own touch. Like Matt, she didn't do it often but cherished it when she did.

They rode through the night and arrived at the boat just as the sun was coming up. Matt hauled their gear as Meghan bought the tickets. They boarded and the boat set out for the tropical island. The boat was full, there were maybe 25 people on board, give or take. Meghan again put her head on Matt's shoulder and leaned against him. He enjoyed her fragrance and he noticed her perfect breasts as they bounced with the waves. He begun to get hard as the boat dredged on. Meghan was looking down into Matt's lap when she opened her eyes. She noticed the bulge of his half-hard cock. She had never really noticed Matt's cock before, then again, she hadn't ever looked for it. Now she stared at it with no one being able to tell she was looking. She felt moisture seeping into her panty and her body tingled.

They arrived at the dock, and the tour guide had an announcement before they disembarked. He said strictly that there was only one boat that goes to and from the island. It goes back and forth and the last departure from the island to the mainland was at 4:00 PM. There were signs everywhere to that effect, in big capital letters.

They left the boat and followed the group to the designated swimming area on the white-sand beach. Matt spread a blanket from their bag and put their stuff on it, and they went into the crystal clear sparkling water to cool off, splashing around at each other. As was their custom, both were wearing shorts and a tee shirt in the water. Matt went to the stand and checked out some snorkeling equipment for them; mask, snorkel and flippers. Meghan donned hers and felt ridiculous as Matt laughed at her. She didn't know how to snorkel, so Matt stood with her as she floated on her tummy. He placed his hand on her stomach to keep her from sinking as she practiced breathing through the snorkel. Her tummy was firm and felt sexy! Her shirt had floated up and his hand was on her bare skin. He noticed the curve of her ass and wondered what it looked like under those shorts. Once again, Matt was getting a boner and again, Meghan could see it through the mask. She was face down and it hadn't occured to Matt that it was visible to her. So he didn't panic when it became fully erect. Meghan was enjoying the show, she was amazed to see it standing up like that. She wondered what it looked like under his shorts. Tension was building inside both of them.

Meghan decided she would not get the hang of the snorkeling thing, and suggested they go for a walk instead. They left the group and went to the other side of the island, which was actually a pretty good distance. The beauty and solitiude of this place was amazing! It was like they had their own paradise. There were hills, trees, vegetation, flowers, birds and small animals, along with the incredible shoreline. The two felt intoxicated with all of it. They came to a clearing and descended onto the beach. Matt asked Meghan if she ever felt like wearing a swimsuit. No way, Meghan responded. Matt asked if it was because she was shy, and she said no, its because she didn't want to get darker than she was. Matt said he didn't care about being dark, so Meghan told him to take his shirt off. Matt didn't want to be proven wrong, so he took it off and tossed it on the beach. Then he dared Meghan to remove her shirt. To his surprise, she pulled it over her head and threw her shirt on top of his. She was standing there in a light pink bra and she looked amazing!  She admired Matt's bare chest, it was well defined. She noticed a small, thin patch of soft hair between his pectorals. She felt her pussy come alive. Matt was trying not to stare at her firm, sexy breasts, the size and shape were readily apparent in her cute pink bra.

They played in the water for hours and were feeling so free and relaxed. Every now and then Matt dared her to take off her shorts, and she laughingly refused.  You take yours off, she would say. Eventually the sun and water got to them as it does, and they lay on the beach side by side in the sand, looking up. They were watching the billowing clouds and making shapes out of them. Soon, they were fast asleep.

Matt was startled out of his sleep when he heard Meghan yell SHIT! He popped up to see her standing next to him looking at her phone.  It's almost 3:30!  He jumped up and grabbed her hand and they began running back the way they came. Matt had scooped up their shirts as they left the beach and ran through the jungle. At one point, Meghan tripped and fell flat on her face, skinning her knee in the process. Matt helped her up and they resumed running. Matt lost the way at another point and when he realized it, they had to turn around. Hearts pumping wildly, they finally reached the swimming area.... just in time to see the boat on the horizon pulling away. It was too far to yell. They missed it and there was nothing they could do. The island would be their home for the night. They would have to wait for the next day and catch the first boat in the morning. Damn!

They sat and caught their breath. Really, though, this is no disaster, they reasoned. They had food and some dry clothes. Their stuff was still right there where they left it. There was no one here to bother them, nothing to be afraid of. Once rested and comforted, they looked around to make sure no one was on the island.

It was cooling off now, and Matt noticed Meghan's nipples poking through her bra. She had forgotten she didn't have a top on! She looked at Matt's bare chest and thought mmmm... ang sarap naman. She was surprised she felt this way. They walked to the water and went in to their knees. The water was now slightly warmer than the air. OK Meghan, take your shorts off, Matt said. To his surprise, she dropped her shorts to the water and stepped out of them. Shy, she hurried further into the water until she was in up to her waist. Now yours, she said. Matt dropped his as well, and threw both pairs up to the sand. He joined her in the deeper water. Meghan practiced floating again and Matt put his hand under her tummy like before. But this time when her butt surfaced, there were no shorts to block his view. The wetness of the material even allowed him to see a darker outline where her butt crack was. Matt had a raging boner in his underwear. Meghan could see it even without the mask. She couldn't breathe, so she rolled over to catch some air. Floating on her back now, Matt could clearly see her pussy mound with the panty clinging to it. The exact shape was revealed to him. He held her up under her back as she floated, partially resting on his hand. It gave him a chance to get a really good view, and he loved what he was seeing. He couldn't believe they were doing this!

Meghan tired of floating and stood up, Matt embraced her in his arms. For the first time, the two beautiful teens kissed. It was wonderful. Matt's tongue entered Meghan's mouth and she accepted it eagerly. They kissed for a long minute then finally broke apart, looking into each other's eyes. At the exact same time, they both said I LOVE YOU. Awkwardly, they both then said I LOVE YOU TOO! simultaneously. They laughed, finally silencing each other with another kiss.

Meghan felt Matt's boner poking her tummy. Matt grasped her butt in both hands and lifted her in the water until her pussy was resting on his dick, and they stayed like this and continued to kiss. He could feel his dickhead in the cleft between her pussy lips, the only thing seperating them was the thin cloth of their undies. Matt struggled to unhook her bra as they kissed. After an awkward moment, Meghan let go of his neck and reached behind and unsnapped it. Matt pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall between them. It stuck between their stomachs, trapped there as Meghan enjoyed the feeling of her nipples poking his skin. They resumed kissing as Meghan slowly bounced with the water on Matt's cock. It was indeed like being in paradise!

Becoming aroused and agitated now, Meghan whispered, let's get out of the water. They walked to the beach hand in hand, Meghan carrying her bra in her other hand. Matt got his first full view of her titties and was astounded. They were PERFECT. His boner had subsided halfway during the walk to their blanket and Meghan stared at it. Every slight curve of his cock and balls was obvious in his wet briefs. She wanted to see it naked. Matt lay on the blanket and Meghan laid on top him, making out and grinding their genitals together.

She kissed her way down; his ear, neck, and shoulder. Then she flicked her tongue on one of his nipples. They both had goose bumps from the cool air and the sheer excitement and pleasure they were experiencing. Meghan was less shy than Matt, she sucked his nipple and then the other. Then she continued down. She felt his sparse chest hair on her face, it was soft and delightful. Then she continued down and stuck her tongue in his navel. It tickled!  Then she followed a trail of very light fuzz from his navel downwards. The trail disappeared at the band of his underwear, so she grasped it and tugged it off. Matt raised his hips to help her. His cock sprang to life as soon as it was free of the obstruction. Meghan got her first view of it. It was amazing! She had nothing in her experience to compare it to, but it seemed pretty damn big. She wondered how it would ever fit into her tiny pussy!

Meghan had never given a blowjob, but syempre she had heard of it. She even watched it online a couple of times. The idea didn't repel her at all, but it didn't turn her on much either. Now having Matt's cock right before her, it was a totally different story! She loved the way it looked; long and smooth, a nice mushroom head, the large sack hanging with the weight of his balls... wow! She couldn't wait to begin. As for Matt, he was already worried about blowing his load and losing it. He felt great, but insecure. He forgot everything as his best friend started blowing him.

She picked it up off his stomach, stuck her tongue out and touched the tip. He flinched a little and she pulled back but then approached again and touched it with her tongue. This time, she kept it there and began to swirl it around the head. She tasted something and looked to see that some fluid had seeped out. She caught it with her tongue and swirled it all over the head, then put the head in her mouth. She did what she had seen in the video, took it in and then moved her head up and down. Matt couldn't help it, the harder he tried not to, the more it came. He held back and back until he couldn't anymore, then he tapped her gently on the side of her head and pulled out.... shooting his load all over his tummy and chest. 

Sorry, he said.

For what? she asked.

She grabbed a towel from the bag and wiped him off. She was amazed by his cum. She liked the texture and the smell. She tasted a little on her finger, and she liked that too. She cleaned him off carefully and lovingly. Matt decided to reciprocate, he pulled her down onto the blanket flat on her back, and mimicked just what she had done to him. He kissed and licked his way down her perfect little body, stopping to pay extra attention at her neck and breasts. He passed her navel and before he could get much further, she was already raising her hips, enabling him to slide her wet panty down her legs. His cock was already hardening again as he opened her legs and spread her pussy with his thumbs. He loved the sight of it! It was cute, hairless and smooth. He couldn't believe he was seeing it, and wondered why they hadn't done this a long time ago.

He lowered his face and licked her, starting low at her pussy and licking up through the vestibule to her clit. He placed a thumb just above her clit and pushed her skin back, the lips popped open and her clit emerged from it's hoodie. He poked his tongue at it and flicked it back and forth. She rewarded him by moaning softly and wiggling her hips... so he kept on. He inserted a finger into her pussy as he licked, not too deeply but definitely inside the entrance. Even though she had masturbated occasionally, Meghan never experienced an orgasm. But now she felt something building up inside her, slowly at first and then increasing until it finally erupted. She came hard and quaked, Matt felt proud that he caused it to happen. He stopped licking her clit, withdrew his fingertip, and licked her wet pussy. It tasted nice, he was hooked. Wow... said Meghan.

Matt climbed up beside her and whispered 'I love you' in her ear. They rested a bit and then Matt got out some of the food they brought and carried it to a nearby picnic table. He also thought to bring a jug of water. They donned clean dry shirts but left their bottoms bare and sat on a towel and dined. It was a very satisfying meal and they were so tired after the long day and excitement. After dinner, Matt shook off the blanket, draped it over the table and Meghan cleaned up underneath and spread some towels in there to lay on. It made a nice shelter. Matt discovered some hot coals buried in the gray ash in the firepit, leftover from someone's picnic. He gathered some paper, sticks and scrap wood and fanned the fire back to life.

It was getting dark as they went into the makeshift hut and lay down. But neither intended on sleeping, not right away anyhow. In no time, they were replicating their earlier activities, taking turns going down on each other and making out and fingering in between. This time, Matt lasted through it.

They became bold, venturing onto eac...

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