Chatroom, Whiskey, and Her

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Chatroom, Whiskey, and HerStaring at this quarter-filled glass
Of whiskey and an almost emptied bottle
While I coughed out the smoke of cigarettes
That's been choking my lungs for twenty years
And then shifting my gaze at the PC monitor
To read the hearty and sometimes sarcastic
Chitchats of those chat room regulars
Something inside filled me with longing.

She's gone.. I let her go.. Whimsically
Out of sheer stupidity .. jealousy .. or drunkenness
Or all of the three combined.. Who knows
I bet she knew all along for she knows me
More than I can ever understand myself and my actions
She's my long-sought light teaching me the ways
Of life and the value of being a better person I can be
To let go of the demons and get out of the pond.

My light.. My cherished teacher .. My best friend
My confidant.. She's gone .. Out of my life
No amount of tears, of feigned happiness, of depression
Would be enough for the miseries, hurts and heartaches
I caused her to slowly get tired and turned away
Can bring her back to me and restart anew
If only she can read this heartfelt mumbling flowing
She'd know.. She always does, that my tears would then start falling.

Can hearts get pained? Can hearts burst? Or can they be made of stone?
Can hearts be out of pace ? Can hearts be out of place?
She wanted my heart and direction on the right place and path
For she believed I have a good soul with just a messed up disposition
That I am smart but with just fucked up sense of direction
She always believed in my abilities, my skills, my potentials
For a moment I tried, I didn't want to fail her or hurt her
But the demons lurking within resisted and I gave her up.

Can guardian angels just simply leave one who is in need ?
And just leave you with demons feasting on you instead ?
She always said she'd help me explore the world outside the pond.
For a pond is a stale, cold, stagnant place that's too limiting.
The whiskey's drained and I flicked my last cigarette
Here I am again staring at the chat room reading the n...

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