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Common≠Normal≠CommonSometimes it makes me wonder, what on earth is really normal?
Some say that act is abnormal and that one is normal.
Some say this one is normal and that one is not.
What made them utter such judgments?
Where did they draw their conclusions?

When an old fella (whether male or female) is attracted to a young one they say he's/she's ephebophile.
And ephebophilia they say is a psychological disorder.
When a young fella (whether male or female) is attracted to an older one they say he's/she's either teleiophile, mesophile or gerontophile.
And either teleiophilia, mesophilia or gerontophilia they say is a psychological disease.
When a person is attracted to a person with the same gender they say it's not normal.
What the hell is their basis by saying so?

Did they forget that COMMON DOES NOT MEAN NORMAL?
Did they forget that NORMAL DOES NOT MEAN COMMON?
By judging a thing to be abnormal, why do you think you have a normal mind?

As long as an action does not violate hu...

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