Cubao 24/7: Of Vampires, Zombies And Other Dregs Of Humanity

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Dancers, GROs, sex workers, pimps, petty criminals, drug addicts,  street people  comprised  the forsaken denizens of Cubao.  

Till now, I couldn’t explained my morbid interests in these people . How they live,  where they are coming from, as well as  what makes them tick.  

Was it their “poverty porn” appeal.  Perhaps.

Warning: This is not a “Palibog” blog. I intend this  series to be an informative  documentary  targeting  feminine readers.   


Circa:   2004 – 2013

Part I

Dancers and GROs

Fridays then were  my  days, or should I say, my nights off.  Wifey and I had agreed on that even  before we were married. Parang pre-nup.  LOL.  Believe it or not, for the period covered, siguro about five to six Fridays  lang a YEAR that I missed going out  to have a drink. Always  at the  clubs spread around Cubao for the simple reason that I live in a  neighboring city. The other reason was that clubs along the avenues of Timog ang Quezon  were beyond my financial capability, not to   mention their being out of my way home.

Seldom  I was  with my office friends, for  I always wanted to go solo.    It was better that way,  no debates on where to go, when to split..but more importantly, no issues regarding  the girls.  Besides,  I am by nature, a lone wolf.

After  trying out some eight or so  joints in the area., I  settled for three clubs wherein I  felt most comfortable. I alternated my Fridays among these establishments. Being their frequent visitor  afforded me some “privileges”   I got to be familiar with the guards., the floor managers, and some of the dancers.

I said “some” because dancers and GROs  come and go...some lasted only a week some for  months, or longer, but  rarely lasting for two or three years.  They were like butterflies ..always opting for a place where flowers abound-- meaning better terms,   better working atmosphere, whatever.

The guards exempted me from being frisked,  and  depositing my cellphone  for safekeeping.  CP with camera is not allowed inside the club for obvious reason. On the other hand, floor managers never harassed me with girls to “table”.   Otherwise, they will pester you with dancers, GROs to “table”.. ..approaching you  from time to time , making kulit with their old line, ” Pakilala lang” 

But  once the girl is seated beside you, you will have a hard time getting rid of her. What with their emotional black mail spiel of “kuya, sige na isa lang. Pang buena mano.  Wala pa akong drinks eh”  with matching  contact of their boobs on your arm...others, particularly the   “old timers” will go further, bolder. 

The floor manager and I  had  a tacit agreement: I would call her if I wanted a certain girl to “table” otherwise,  no “Pakilala”.   In fairness yun kasi ang job nila, ang mang harass.    And for this reason, they were being monitored by an OIC.

But said “previleges” did not come free.   Twenty to thirty pesos “tip”for the guard before entry or upon  leaving, 50 to 100 pesos for the floor manager. The tip to the dancer or GRO is often  based  not  on the total bill but on their “performance/ accommodation.”  As for the waitresses, 25 to 50 bucks  is enough to put a smile on their haggard faces.

Mind you, tipping was optional, pakisama lang. But if you knew how much these people  were earning..maaawa ka talaga.

The waitresses then were paid 100 pesos a night. Plus a measly commission upon reaching the required number of beer served based on the tables assigned to them.  From this earning, you deduct  expenses for meals and transportation.  Ano pa ang matitira?   Kaya nga malaking bagay ang “Tip” sa kanila.

Same with  the floor managers. P100 to 150  a night. No free meals. Plus  tip (voluntary) from girls they successfully “table”. Also tip from customers who were satisfied with their “tables”.

The Dancers?   The last I knew was  that an average dancer’s  pay  in Cubao   ranged from  400-500 depende sa  itsura, sexiness,  appeal  and performance (ang star ng show ay todo bukaka at pasirko sirko sa stage). Two dance numbers a night.  Stark naked.

But, the big BUT,  a dancer is paid the full amount ONLY if she reached  her assigned  quota  on Ladies’ drinks (LDs). If  the quota was five LDs  and she  managed to get less,  a certain amount  would be deducted from her pay. But she would keep  her commission from the ladies beer she got.

 By the time I stopped going to these joints, the cost of ladies beer was already 280.  Around 90 to 100 pesos per bottle ang commission.  Siguro mga 300 na ngayon or more ang LDs dun.

If the dancer is “bokya” for the night,  meaning walang ka ”table”, she is paid half of her dance fee .

A 100-peso fine is deducted for coming in late. Official time is 7.00 PM.  The  club usually opens  at 9:00 PM and closes at  around 2:00 AM depending on the number of the remaining customers.


I was off at 6 PM so I still had a little less than  3 hours to kill before the club opened. So I spent  the time talking to people  along the sidewalks of Aurora Blvd. and EDSA.  From  vendors to pimps, policemen,     MMDA personnel, pimps and POKPOKS, the hustlers, the addicts, the ex-cons .  Some of these people were among the street dwellers.

Of course hindi naman sabay, sabay. But I got to know this kind of people  through the years. Surely, it was not free. Often ,  I had to shell out a little amount  for meal money, cigarette, snacks..fare money,  etc. Minsan nga, wala pa silang lunch.  It would break your heart to see  children, some were just toddlers,  grimy and hungry roamin...

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