Cybergirl With Many Faces

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First, let us start to where it all began. It was during this time that depression and boredom came into my life. To fight this personal crisis I said to myself, Hey I guess everybody could use a hobby and I could definitely use one. I tried to think of a good cheap and expressive means of a hobby and I remembered this Internet site called ###.

It was 10 years after my I first login in ###. I was unsuccessful in recovering my previous pen name. As the years elapsed I have certainly forgotten my password. Unfortunately the email addressed used to recover the account is already defunct. With this I was forced to create a new one.

Upon creating this new account I began reading and rewriting or improving my previously submitted stories. Afterwards I re-posted them in my newly created account.

Honestly I wanted this website to be a one way street at first. I just wanted to write stories and pouring them out as they go. I usually care nothing of feedbacks as I just needed a means of creative release.

However as consequence of my personally engraved writing I was soon bombarded with various messages and inquiries in the website. I did not like it then as I see it was cumbersome to provide responses to each and every one of them.

But what the heck at least provide courtesy as for their exerted efforts. And little did I realize I was already writing and participating in blogs within this site.

It is then when “Cybergirl” responded to one of my blogs. Her reply was very intriguing as it was very brutal and straight to the point. As I see the shimmer of honesty for this user I tried to check and found that most of her responses were seemingly tactless as well.

Intrigued became curiosity and I decided to send her a Private Message. It took a few days before I got a reply but after sometime she replied to my inquiry. The dreaded ASL, the dinosaur defacto of web chatting.

Surprisingly the intent was actually to fish out some natural reactions of women during role play. Maybe the stars properly aligned that night and we had a pretty good discussion. My first impression of her was quite snobbish. She has this way of chatting of laying out rules, disclaimer, statements and guidelines to continue chatting with her.

I pictured her as the idea of a person who is very elusive and coy. It seems she had a very long experience in web chatting or an expert with online identity. Her words were very calculated and precise. She does not want to be left out on the short end of the string.

For every information I ask comes an equal offering. Or better yet follow the silly mantra “Show me yours and I will show you mine”. Perhaps she had a previous bad experience in previous chats and for that reason she resorted to such safeguards. This is just speculation as I see her as a hardened veteran for online interaction.

There are so many aspects of her that fascinates me dearly. Her demeanor, her wit, her mystery and unknowing premises. Add the fact that we very much have similar tastes in almost anything. Our subject became heated and enticing, ### is an erotic site after all. Unfortunately time does not stand still and we had to abruptly end our first conversation.

It has been a few days since she responded to my last private message inquiry. While I was in the office fixing damn clunky enterprise servers. I received her instruction to install this private messaging app that is very atrocious to use.

Since I need to distress the pressure from work I obliged and installed it anyway. However due number of private messages in my inbox, I have forgotten what was our last discussion about. I scanned our last conversational thread and tried to pick up where we left off. So I started with a heated question and answer remark.

And oh my this time her attitude went from bad to worse. In the first few exchanges alone I was slapped with what she claims to be “statements”. Saying that she is not be degraded and be taken for granted. Well what the hell, that thought did not even crossed my mind. I was gasping in my office seat thinking that this girl is trying to have some hissy fit. As she throws again additional terms and conditions that may apply.

Well to be fair she was very accommodating and repulsive at the same time. With her hospitality and brutal honesty I mustered all the patience left within me during that stressful day. I said to myself at least I should salvage the conversation I decided to comply with all of the bylaws that she laid out.

From hot and enticing, I quenched the fire and tried to start from top and just go into reintroduction. This time the goal was to have a clean sunny sunshine discussion. But I guess she was too liberated and to smart to be confined in such trivial discussion. She was really good and engaging with online interaction.

The factors of make belief came again into play. And this time the desired illusion was intense. She asked me to read all of her stories and blogs and provide her with feedbacks. From there curiosity made a shift to full attention.

After reading her published articles I found that the task being asked on me is quite challenging and daunting. As it so happens, we have a very different approach when it comes to storytelling.

She has this style of hardcore in your face kind of sexual descriptive that encompasses immediate pleasures and gratification. I on the other hand uses the conservative “the story behind the story” approach.

As I was reading her narrations word per word I can’t help but the hair on the back of my neck to stand. Her inner thoughts were wild, vivid and worldly.

Then our fantasy conversation started. I would admit I am a sucker for such conversation as it was my first time to ever participate in one. My attempt was pathetic but she guided me through it at the very least. She immediately corrects me if she does not see it fit. And she would give you the vulgarity and piece of her mind of her likes and dislikes.

By dropping my inhibitions and reservations of such naughty conversation I gave in. The theme was a role play of two strangers desperately horny in a crowded elevator as the danger of being caught would heighten our senses. I followed her lead:

As other elevator riders are oblivious to our intent.
I grabbed her from behind, pressing my body in the curves of her butt cheeks.

I sensed that she was a little bit ticklish. Grab each other’s mound to feel its shape and firmness. I then ran my fingers through her skirt searching for the zipper. She whispered that others might realize that something is going on.

I immediately dismissed the notion and assured her of our movements. Let them watch as I blow a faint of air into her nape.

I unzipped her skirt from the back and touched her undies.
I fell deep into the mood upon knowing that she is wearing a black bikini panty.

I slid my fingers in front of her from behind and began rubbing her clit. Her shaven pussy enticed me to go deeper and faster in finger fucking her. She then said it is only only a few seconds left till we reach the top floor.

I deceptively placed my left hand in her waist drawing circles.
Then moved it in her spine, pressing her forward into my fingers.
With this I was able to finger her pussy deeper and deeper.
She then moved her hand and grabbed my throbbing cock.
Singlehandedly she dropped my zipper and was able to pull it out.

I inserted it between her legs and her thigh collapsed.
As a consequence my dick touched her pussy while being pressed by her thighs. I gently started pulsating between her legs. My dick was as hard as nails and I began gently biting her ear.

As my middle finger is busy I felt a sudden gush of wetness.
Her juices filled the smell within the elevator. The people in the elevator started to realize but did not utter a word. After all in a crowded elevator nobody can see from the waist down.

As passion became lust I hit the button of the 32nd floor.
As soon as the elevator door opens I grabbed her by the hand. Leaving the the suspecting masses far behind. We used the stairs climbing the last few floors towards the penthouse.

While climbing the steps I continued in ravishing her. Her butt, breast, nipples and clit. I groped them all. I said that she made me really horny.

I am horny as well she replied. As we dashed through the final door and arrived at the top of the building, I Immediately pushed her in the glass panel railings and hugged her and kissed her from behind.

"Please fuck me standing up", she requested.

Both of her hands grabbed the edges as she leaned towards it.
I rolled up her skirt waist up. We were both so horny that we immediately removed her wet panties. I placed it in my pocket for safekeeping.

Afterwards I spread her legs and started rubbing her clit again.
The sight of it so wet was heaven to behold. The exposed butt, the glistening pussy - I engraved in my memory.

"I am cumming" she said.

I continued finger fucking her using two fingers alternately rubbing inside. As I felt her come, I hastily removed my hand and grabbed my cock. I slide it inside her pussy giving her some hard thrusts. I could feel her muscle spasms as I fucked her mindlessly.

Faster and faster I slammed her and her fluid coated my hard cock. As the fluid increased her wetness I continued playing with her clit. As I was playing with her I was pumping harder and harder. I made sure that my balls would touch my finger and her clit.

I fucked her non stop without stopping for a catch of air.
Due to our continued pleasure and ecstasy I see that she is about to cum again. I stopped and pulled out my slimy cock.
I asked her to face me and look at me.

Using my left hand I pinched her nipples. I fondled it like smooth berries on top ice creams. Then using my right hand I raised one of her legs.

Then I immediately slammed my cock inside her pussy.I was fucking her even harder at a better vantage point.At this point I now see my dick vanish within her vagina.

Cleary her boobs wiggled and we made flapping noises.Then she leaned towards me and grabbed my head. She then whispered in my ear, that I was a good fuck. She bit my ear and played her tongue with it.

It made me even hornier and started pumping like a bass drum.
She told me I was the only one who made her feel that way.I told her the reason why I fuck so good is because she is also fucking good.

She screamed telling me not to stop and she cursed at me saying that her pussy was all mine for the taking. I replied that I will wear down her pussy and gave her deep thrusts.

No words can explain my wet cock sliding in her pussy. She said that she now owns me body and soul. She owns my cock and that it should please no other but her. Her tight pussy made sure that my cock was very much pleased.

She asked me if I would search for another fuck and I told her that she is my one and only fuck buddy. Then she blurted that is the way that it should be.

No one else just sex crazed partners duking it out.

She claimed that no other guy can arouse her clit like that.I asked her what love spell did her pussy that enchanted my cock.
It is addicted to her tight hole. She told me upon first meeting that her nipples were already rock hard. So I started sucking her boobs and nipples.

She then mentioned that those nipples are only meant for me.
Fuck those nipples are so damn good and tastes great.
I could see in her eyes looking at me she is about to come again.

I fucked and fucked like there is no tomorrow.She shouted “oh my god, feels so good!"

Before reaching it I pulled my cock and started eating her pussy.
I told her I want to taste her honey. I explained how exquisite she tastes and moved my tongue around her insides.
She grabbed my hair and pulled me upwards. She said she wanted to taste her in me.

I told her this is your fucking sweetness and started to french kiss. Our body fluids mixed with saliva increased our sensation.
She sucked my tongue as I suck hers. She leaned her back in the railings edges and asked me to fuck her again.

I aimed my cock and began fucking her tight pussy, each time I pumped balls deep her feet slightly lifts from the floor. She was staring at me as I give her my cock.

She said, "look at me, see my face, see me pant!"

I held her chin and stared back at her beautiful face while fucking relentlessly. I see her bit her lips in every clash or our love organs.

"Is this what you want? a cock ramming your pussy?" I asked.

"I do not want any other cock just this your cock inside of me." .

Damn her libido matches mine!

"I am this horny because of you, I’m like this only for you", she added.

I told her I can hold it any longer, my thrusts became more violent.

She asked me to cum inside her.

I agreed and told her that it will serve as the seal of our new found relationship.

"Fuck you!", she shouted. "You’re so damn good."

I told her pussy is out of this world and I am about to cum.She used muscle control and her hole tightened. I felt it choking my dick and forcing it release my one month worth of sperm.

There it is shit! As I shivered.

Give it to me, she responded.

Oh shit! shit! shit! Cum please, cum, cum inside. Ahhhhh!

Oh my god you are a fucking goddess, do you feel it inside.

Yes, yes so good and warm inside.

I gave her pelvis a few more hard thrust to ensure that every drop is inside of her. She asked me not to pull out yet.
She asked me to watch her, so I did.

She began rubbing her clit while I was inside.

Oh shit that is good, as I told her.

A few more seconds and she came for the third time. As her spasms rippled my dick. She asked me to watch her cum.

Whoa mother of fuck that was amazing!

I gave her a few gentle thuds and our juices were overflowing.
As some our juices spills to her legs, I told her we made a fucking mess. She asked me to get down and clean some of it.
She spread her legs and gave me a sinister smile.

End of fantasy…

Now here is the dilemma, as you can see I immediately sense the connection and compatibility or bond between us two. On my side I guess that we were meant to do this.

My only worry is that during our ent...

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