Defining Sexy

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I'm feeling light and jolly tonight and was glad for nothing and everything, so my mind keeps jumping up and down here and there.

Just a while back, someone told me that he's interested in letting me watch him and his partner. But alas! The partner declined because apparently, she's not confident about her body)  

Well, I totally understand her because I feel the same way to a point.

I didn't know what comes at me that prompt me to say this...

... that the shape of our body do not define how sexy we are but the size of our libido...

... that there is no one sexier than an individual whose horny because of us.

In plain terms - wala ng si-sexy pa sa taong nakikita nating libog na libog dahil sa atin.

As soon as I hit the save button, I said to myself, "Come to think of it..."

What is sexy anyway - a coca cola body, abs and muscled physique?

What's the use if we can't even have those?

Aan'hin ko ang macho kung di naman ako gusto? Eh, di dun na ako sa m...

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