Fantasy For My Wife

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Fantasy For My WifeIt has been my fantasy to watch my wife being satisfied by other man, but the challenge is still there that she doesn't want to do it yet.. I love her so much and even if i tell her that i will not be angry about it (jealous might be a bit), but it is fine on my side as long as she explore her other side which i am excited to see as well. Im always having sex with her atleast 3-4 times per week and I can say that she is always satisfied with my performance and my 7" fatty cock. And let her cum countless times (min 10 times) atleast to max i dont know. But there is this urge in me wanting to see her being satisfied and doing the same thing with other guy it makes me more hornier. One thing is I can cum atleast 3 times whenever we are having sex.

I mean im very open minded when it comes to pleasure and I want...

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