To FSS Members: Attn Newbies

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To FSS Members
Attn: Newbies

The writers are the backbone of FSS.

This site currently has 57,475 members scattered in around 28 countries of which an estimated 88% are based here.

The writers? My generous estimate is that the writers represent a measly  ¼ of 1 one per cent of the total FSS membership. (If my knowledge in math doesn’t escape me now.)

So writers are most welcome here!



First, read the house rules before posting your work.

Its like reading the instruction first before answering your test paper.

Violation means * even if you got all the answers correct.

Write to express, never to impress.

Compete only with yourself, never mind the others.

To borrow a line from Desiderata,

“For always there will be lesser and greater person (writer) than yourself”

For reference , read the works of some very good writers here, particularly those of Eroticus and Regalia.,Phil_gabriel, fiction_factory, anino and the one and only Jason the Jackal!

For me, their stories are A+, both in style and content.

But develop your own style, for all we know,

yours might be better than ours.


Write in the language you are most comfortable with.

Writing in broken English is worse than singing out of tune.

Just as irritating as it is in Tagalog Jejemon.

Learn from the works of Danelle, Bebeko, Sam, Antoinette, Bella, Shobe and the other good English writers here.


Commenters are not only welcome here, they are earnestly encouraged. Their feedbacks, positive or otherwise , are just as important as the stories posted. They are central to the production of more stories.

Just like all of us here, you are free to express your opinion.


Read, think carefully before commenting,

eating your words later, is never palatable

no matter how they are deliciously phrased.

Be generous with your praises whenever warranted.

And don’t hold back on your criticism;

as long as it is conveyed within the realm of acceptable manner.

Accept criticism graciously, if you can dish it off , be ready to receive it as well.

Don’t let your breeding –or the lack of it—show.

Engage, if you care, in the FSS’ athletics ,

Speed Reading or Skip Reading

But refrain from ego-bashing and credit-grabbing.


Maintain your equilibrium, in the field of egoists.

The smart alecks, the self-proclaimed Muses’ gift to FSS;

who think the FFS owes them for gracing its miserably intellect-starved site,

who came in swaggering with their delusionary monopoly of intellect.

Or you can be generous and kind

and cater to their unabashed craving for attention.

Fortunately, “They are too few to mention.”

Just be yourself, you could be happy and friendly

outside the circle of a mutual admiration society

with its overindulgent praises and shallow flattery

that serve only to encourage mediocrity.


Swim at your own risk in the sea of pussy and cock hunters.

The schemers will employ everything just to get to your pussy/cock.

Be smart , beware of a reckless EB/SEB.

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