From Heavens To Oblivion

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 09:57 PM | Poem | English
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Along the epoch of thy acquaintance
Triggered a ripple on my continuum
a weight beyond infinite balance
Whisper you at may
Sending chills to thy momentum

Yet beyond the passage
your naked body echoed my sight
Yearning for more
beyond thy grasp of air
Eagerly awaiting my heavens delight

Just as I was about to give up
You opened with a moan
tremors reverberate my ear
After a frenzy of ecstasies
Echoed along my shaft to thy moon

But each heaven
seemed harder to grasp
Count be the days
Of yonder flight
Teasing eager flowers like a wasp

And now as I look at my back
Pains the skies, offered thy rant
Agonized as it slowly fades to black
Counting my fingers
Either at you, but I cant

Slowly aching
I bid my pa...

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