FSS How To Basics for Newbies and Old-Timers Alike

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How To Upload Picture for Profile and Chatroom

1. Go to Home Page
2. Click My Account located on the upper right part of the page.
3. Click My Profile on the upper left of the Account page.
4. In My Profile page click Choose File button
5. A window will open, locate and select the preferred picture on your computer and click
Open button.
6. Click Save Changes button at the bottom of the My Profile page.


How to Join FSS Chatroom

1. Click link as shown above
2. Read the Rules
3. And click Open "Members Lobby" Chat Room button


How to Post Images in the Chatroom Lobby and in Private (Whisper)

1. Open any imagehosting site (in this case I use postimg.org because it's easy and simple to
use). So open postimg.org sa isang tab or browser.
2. Click Upload and locate the image sa computer and click Open button

3. Copy Direct link
4. Go back to FSS Chatroom

5. Click the icon shown above.
6. Paste the copied link from step 3 between the [img] and [/img] tags
7. Hit Enter key

When sending privately or via whisper feature append /msg username and right after that would be [img]copied link from step 3 above[/img] . the final format would look like this :

/msg username [img]httx://xxxxxx.jpg[/img]

For usage of manual whisper, refer to Method 2 : The Manual Method (Useful for Invisible Chatters) below

* After posting image in chatroom, delete it.


How to Chat with a Chatter in Private / Whisper

There are many ways to chat privately. I will provide the common ones. Up to you to decide
which method works for you.

Method 1: The Chat Interface Open and Close Private Channel Method / Whisper Method

Only Works for Visible and Active Users in the Room (others might be Reading)

1. Locate the Chatter username sa right pane
2. Click the chatters username and you will see expanded options right under the name.
3. Click Open Private Channel. A private channel will be opened for that user
4. Type your message and hit enter. It will be sent as this format right away /msg username
message without typing it directly.

The recipient of this method will see it as a whisper like username (whispers) message.

Your recipient (if he/she choose to reply) can respond by either locating your visible name
in the right pane user list and choosing whisper (na lagi nyang gagawin everytime na mag send
sya ng whisper sayo) OR by locating your name and selecting Open Private Channel (now this
method would be efficient as it will stick and won't be disrupted until you hit Close Private
channel and everytime you type messages and hit Enter.. it will ALWAYS be sent to that
person). So basically, you both have private channels for each other.

So by using this method you can turn on and off the private channel so you can chat in the
lobby (by closing the private channel off) or turning it back on for the chatter you want to
chat with.

Even if a channel is open for a particular chatter. You can send private message to other
chatters by selecting whisper under sa name ng isang chatter. or by using the 2nd Method

Method 2 : The Manual Method (Useful for Invisible Chatters)

Some chatter prefer to hide/lurk/be invisible for some reasons where you can't find their
names in the user list and the options for method 1 above is not available. The method below
will help you on this scenario.

syntax or format is like this : /msg username message (note the spaces between the 3 words)
example usage : /msg perfectlyflawed eto number ko (your number here)

1. Sa chatbox kung saan ka nagta-type ng message type yung ipinaliwanag sa taas.
2. Hit Enter.

Hint : You can also type /msg...

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