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Today had been purdy rough. We had to go back to basics as our server was down (since Monday); work flow was just so slow. Sloth did not succumb me tho, but almost. Lol I have realized how I have relied too much on the convenience of technology ang just forgot how to do stuff manually.

Boss: Hindi ka kasi sanay.

Lol True! You do not have to rub it on to my face baws. :p

Anyway, good thing however, that I am taking things lightly these days. I am generally happy and calm and at peace in everything so I just shrug the negatives off and just work as usual. Nobody or nothing could ever ruin my mood just like that unlike before. I feel so detached from anything bad for my mind and emotions. Deadma! So far.


In a snap things changed from "I can see myself crumbling down right before my very eyes" to "things are falling into place". Most importantly I stopped dwelling on things that I have no control of which I could just do so much about. I keep on moving on. Splendid! Prayer is so powerful. I still have so much work to do tho but yeahh, great start. Teehee


I watched all the episodes of Th1rteen R3asons Why, Season 2 in one sitting (seating? dude this is tough, educate moi lol). Binged it! Worth it imho tho some might not agree with me but yep. It's one of the very very few series (that and Metantei Conan) that I am hyping for. Great lessons and values about friends, family love and life. Watch it plox!? xx

There is a movie coming up right now, entitled SID & AYA: NOT A LOVE STORY. Pretty interesting right? It reminds me of 500 Days of Summer. Idk why. Sabi ni Dingdong sa trailer, "Hindi naman lahat ng may I love you, ay love story na eh." So is it safe to say na Hindi rin lahat ng walang I love you ay hindi love story? LOL

I just dropped by because I missed writing my super random thoughts. Bawal mag react si Layo age at Calooh, papatayin ko. H...

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