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"Know one part of the name, obsession begins. Know two parts, paranoia sets in. Know three parts, madness descends. Know all, and only the kami know what will become of you."
—Lady Azami 

-Magic: The Gathering- "Card 81: Reach Through Mist - Champions of Kamigawa"

It's been a while since I last logged in, I dont even remember my account and to be honest there were people I wish i would not minggle with again, so I decided to make a new account. So there I am not really new to the site but I'm relativly new to the new culture. A lot has changed since I was last here and honestly I feel like its hard to kinda adapt to the new environment. Well for better or worse the site has changed a lot since I was last here.

There a lot of reasons why people leave the community and a lot of relative reasons why they come back. As for me, I left coz I have been busy with my life, and during that time there were lots of drama in the community and was there in the sidelines watching the drama unfold and later on I feel like its too tedious to stay and watch that drama. So I left.

Now a few years has passed since then and I am not too busy anymore, I feel like checkin in, the people i know are gone except for a few that i remember the names and pictures but I never really had connections with them back then, and of course they wont remember me with the new Handle and even if i PM them and give my old handle they could not remember me coz of course i was a few years out.

So now that I am back a little not sure if I will stay long or not depends on what's gonna happen next with my life and as well as in the community, but I hope that the old values of FSS has not changed so much, coz honestly I feel like a total stranger to the site and all but I guess that's normal, but I remember way back a newbie here is given a heartfelt welcome, but now only the same people are talking to one another the others feels like they are not welcomed coz the same peopl...

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