I Dreamt of You

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Last night I dreamt of you

It's kinda weird but like what u've said before, what we have is a bittersweet kind of thing.

It was in a school, a military one actually. It's like a graduation or some sort, since everyone's in frenzy. I was wearing a military uniform and then everything stopped. I saw you walking, with that familiar smile. I walk towards you, run actually. But you were gone. I couldn't find you anywhere. I just sat there and gave up. Then i saw you again standing right in front of me, with that smile again, wearing your favorite dress and books on your hands. Before I said something, you vanished and then I woke up.
With tears flowing thru my eyes and that familiar sense of longing and emptiness came upon me.

It's been three months since the last time that i heard from you. What was it then? My dreams? Are you saying.goodbye? Is it your way...

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