I Pissed Outside My Window One Night

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 April 2016, 08:18 PM | Poem | English
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I Pissed Outside My Window One Night
I pissed outside my window one night ... I saw so many cigarette butts cluttered
The night air.. the urge to end my life .. with a single jump
A single jump ..a wicked song in the background .. all it takes
A shot of whiskey? A friend saying don't?
Would burn you and say or think you shouldn't?

You'd die anyway .. with all that burnt out cigarettes cluttered
You saw in that half-opened window.. you never spent time.. outside that same window
In a house .. you never spent a dime making
Then spent all your life making a life and making a living not your own.

Where are you headed at? What are the things you're looking forward to
When all you risked.. Risked?! You didn't even took the chance
To risk a single chance.. To chance on a life
A life that can be ... for a chance.

What is hurt ? Is it something tasted?
Something to be hurt o...

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