I Wish I Could Die (Hyperbole of Living)

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I wish I could die and live as an air,
Without feeling hurt i can bump everywhere.
I wish i could die and live as a rose,
Appreciated at its simplicity without making a pose.

I wish i could die and live as a feather,
No matter what object it will be compared to, it will still weigh lighter
I wish i could die and live as an ocean,
Feeling no pain as it crashes the sand.

But no

I am still alive, breathing...
There are instances that i could've died but i continued living.
I cannot die while the world covers its ears,
As well as I want to witness individuals to overcome their fears.

Silently, i sit at the corner watching the sun disappear,
Understanding untold stories as i drink a beer,
Hearing people judge while they wash their hands
As to the tune of pretension they dance.

So no,

I need not to die to witness evolution,
Though i could have upon meeting depression.
Rather than end up defining the line between reality and fantasy,
I looked at the options life can offer; ending the pain and hostility,


I can be an air,
Which anyone can breathe to, without dare.
I can be a rose,
Looking beautiful in a crowd no matter who host.

I can be a feather,
With a heart that can be lighten with a prayer.
I can be an ocean,
That can watch the sun rest as the day is gone....

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