Is It Just Me?

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Is  It Just Me?

I continue to receive PMs for one reason or another. I  always  see to it that not one PM is left unanswered although sometimes, not as promptly as I wanted it to be. .  I know the feeling of being ignored..or neglected...BUT,   most of the time,  my reply could not be sent mainly due to the  SETTING of  the sender’s account.  

It  is irritating   to have made time and effort  replying  to PMS  that could not be sent.

So  guys,  please see  to  it that your setting allows you to receive PMs.  Unless , you are a bully who is brave  enough to send  unsavory PMs but  too coward to read replies.

To the commenters,   who are mainly  readers.

The posted..stories, blogs, confessions, or even poems,  are the pride and joy of the authors. We invested time and, effort racking our brains just  to come up with what we would like to believe as our “Obra” .  To some, it is too personal to them and as such,  take it as a personal affront  when  unjustly bashed by  foul and downright offensive comment/s.

We welcome  comments, in fact ,  most of us writers consider your comments as the only reward  for our  pro-bono works.  We really appreciate  CONSIDERATE  and THOUGHTFUL  airing  of  views.

But make  no mistake, we are open to criticism, constructive or otherwise,  profound or inane,   as long as they are well-meaning  and contributory  to the improvement of the  concerned article.

Lastly,  I have long given up  wishing that our works will  be copyright-protected.  Most, if not all  of our works here  have been reposted  in the various pirate’s   account.....those SHAMELESS profiteers  who make  money out of somebody else’s hardwork. They   create account here and at the other sites  mainly to steal  targeted stories to shore up their loot.     

As for me,   I  write  because  I love to,  I want to....and more importantly ,  .. I need to.  Its  something within me screaming to be expressed.  Chara...

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