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What's the point of living if you don't feel alive?
- Electra King -

This phrase has been lingering with me since way back I saw the movie, 007 The World Is not Enough. Since I started visiting this site again, I can't help but notice that most people are having heart problems, and maybe this site has been helping them get things off their minds.

Some people think that they are not enough for their partners, some think they are too lame in bed so they started reading erotic works to get a better picture of the other side. Some think that their partners were just assholes and so to work steam out they read the fuck out of every work in here.

Others come here coz they wan't to have hook ups, some find a person with same interest and hope it could lead from one thing to another.

Well none of these are wrong if that's what makes you feel alive, by all means do it. That is the beauty of anonimosity of the internet. Just do your thing so as long as you dont step on boundaries you shouldn't be stepping on.

But the questions still lingers, what's the purpose of living if you don't fee alive? Or was that the right question?

Living is a wonderful thing, but people don't really appreaciate life's essence. That's why they feel dead when they invested on a person so much and that person still leaves them.

There are a lot of reasons why couples break up and the most common reason is miscommunication or is is it? If we tackle all the reasons why couples break up is that because they don't communicate with one another properly that it ends up with what ever reasons or excuses you can make up. But the truth is you stopped communicating.

So now you start your life in here and you learn more about communication. and by definition, it simply means exchange of information. Fuck!, then if that is communication then we all should be radio commentators or news anchors then! But no, communication is more than that, it should be understood by both partie...

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