Life Is A Circus

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This blog serves as my respite from an  overdose of porn/erotic stories that resulted  only in numbing-- instead of spiking-- my libido.

 Sometimes, I think life is a circus and the world is just a big circus tent where we are all characters/actors playing  roles as varied as  our  personalities.

 Perhaps, life in an office or  in any small community of people,  would be  a perfect  microcosmic example of circus life.  To illustrate:

Comparative  Descriptions  of  Characters

The  Circus Barker

Bback in the old days,  the circus Barker stood just outside the tent  entrance. As  his name suggests, he barked at  people enjoining them to watch the show.  “Come one, come all, see the greatest show on earth”  was his standard line , delivered at the top of  his voice (the megaphone came later) and punctuated with hyperboles.  Always trying hard to get public attention.

In a many ways, the barker is  liken to a con man, a promoter of sham, a false advertiser. Remember those  fake cavemen, mermaids and the likes in the so-called “freak” shows.?

The  Office Barker

In the office, this person’s goal in life is to impress people in the office,  takes  all  opportunities to showcase his  overrated intelligence and capability . He is a talker.  His favorite topic:  himself

This  character is an absolute nuisance, an asshole , during a seminar.  He often butts  in during a lecture, asking  what he thought (at keast to himself) were profound questions.  But actually, these are needless questions,  if   he only cared to  listen  attentively instead of  preoccupying his mind  with thoughts of how to craft  his questions that would  impress  everybody in the room,  especially his Superiors  and the lecturer.   LOL.   

True to form, he  hogs the attention during the open forum,  again with  his needless  unsubstantial  questions and inputs, unmindful of the exasperated , irritated looks from the audience.

Another breed of barker in the office  is the  Resident Gossip. This kind flocks together.


The Circus Knife Thrower

He throws knives with  amazing accuracy. He had to.  One mistake could be fatal  to his target... the lady who stands still with open  arms and legs with her  back pressed to  a board. ...praying, hoping,  breathlessly waiting for the knives to  land safely. 

The Office Knife Thrower

He throws  hurting words that  cut like a knife,  tear  the  soul apart and  destroy  the character  of his target.    He is a  backstabber, an intrigue sower... the worst kind of character assassin.  From his   filthy mouth and maliciously sharp tongue  emerge  foul and deadly  words....stabbing, cutting   his target  into pieces.

He could also be the insensitive  boss or a superior who dishes out  to his subordinates  words that are unfit for human consumption.


The Circus Tightrope Walker

Awesome is this circus  guy who  manages to walk along a thin  rope or wire,  equipped only with a  long pole  while precariously balancing  his movement. He  needs utmost concentration. Every part of his body must be in perfect coordination.  One false move and  it could be fatal, particularly if there is  no harness or safety net.

The Office Tightrope Walker

The office tightrope walkers are a different lot. They are the subordinates of a Boss who is a tyrant, a bully and  above all, unpredictable! and bi-polar too!!... . One moment  an angel,  a devil incarnate in the next.  “Salas sa init, sala sa lamig”  Not even a mind reader could  predict his mood swing.

Like the tightrope walker,  this subordinate  must tread carefully,  must cope with  “ ever changing climate”  in his office and see to it that everything is  always perfectly okay, ..or else ..

His  situation is so stressful  “Daig pa niya ang  naninimbang, tumutulay sa alambre at lumalakad sa mga bubog” sa Boss na mahirap spelengin.


The Circus Fire-Eater

This  person makes a living by “swallowing/eating” fire.  He mesmerizes the audience by  extinguishing a fire inside his mouth. He usually begins his act by juggling  two to four torches with  Swiss-watch precision. There are several variations of this  dangerous  show which  is one of the more popular acts in the circus.

The Office Fire-eater

The fire eaters in the office are also popular,....always  trending in the office grapevine. Hot topic of whispered talks...gossips. Although they don’t actually eat or swallow fire,  they PLAY with fire. In fact  their “Act” is  a lot more  dangerous than their circus counterparts.  Once  discovered, their jobs, and reputations,  not to mention their lives,  could be in danger. 

Marami,  kung hindi man lahat,  ng opisina ay meron ganyan.  Mga “naglalaro” ng apoy.  Sa opis lang namin nuon,  marame..shame and scandal!  LOL


The Circus Sword/Knife Swallower

A  sword ever so slowly sinks inch  by inch  into  his  mouth  and then all the way down his throat,   amidst  gasps, and  OHs and  AHs  from  the shocked audience.  This is the finale of  his  act.  He is the sword/knife swallower.  He courts danger just to make a living.  Pitiful, for he first had  to swallow  a sword  before he could have food to  swallow.

The Office Sword/Knife Swallower

Ther are many of this kind in the office:   the financially-hard up people. For one reason or another, they are perennially in dire need of money. Hind na makaahon.  Dumaan lang sa kamay ang suweldo, kadalasan pa nga  hind na,    dahil nakasanla  na  ang kanilang  mga  ATM.

After exhausting all  loan avenues available to them,   SSS or GSIS, PAG-IBIG, Provident Fund, Credit Cooperative,   etc,  they have no choice but to go to the loan sharks..... the “5 or 10 percenters” and worst, the 5/6 usurer.

Sa sobrang gipit  hindi lang  sila “Kapit sa patalim” .  Nilulunok  pa  nila  ang patalim  katulad ng performer sa circus.  Buti pa sa circus, sandal  lang ang palabas.  Sa office hindi nila alam kung kailan matatapos ang kanilang   performance. Unli-sword swallowing!

----------------------- .  

The Circus Magician/Illusionist

Now see it, now you don’t.. they make  people and objects—big or small-- appear  or disappear, change  forms , tele-transport  a person,  with just the sleight of hands or optical illusion. They are the  Magcians/Illusionists,  one  of  the star performers at the Circus.  

The Office Magician/Illusionists

Maraming klase ng magician/ illusionist sa opis.   Maski yung  naglalaro ng apoy  ay maituturing ding Magician-  mahusay rin kasi silang gumawa ng “Milagro”.

Yung mga “Now you see them, now you don’t” yung bang sa araw araw na ginawa  ng Maykapal,  kung hindi “Late” ay “ Absent”.   Ang tawag  ko sa mga ganyan diyan sa opis namin ay “Hallow Man” bigla kasing nawawala...karaniwan yan sa government offices.

Mero din yung “mina-Magic” ang trabaho. Mga kurap na na minamagic  mga  financial report, bidding  documents..etc,. May   mga reports din  na  kung hindi  copy-paste ay rehashed...para lang tulad ng iba     sa FSS no?. LOL

Pero mas marami ang mga illusionada at illusionado sa opisina sa maraming bagay at dahilan. Huwag na kaya tayong lumayo...meron din kaya niyan dito sa FSS.     


The  Circus Horse Rider

Sa Circus, sila yung mga nakatayo sa ibabaw ng kabayo habang tumatakbo ito ng paikot-ikot. Mahirap kaya magbalanse.  Minsan nakataas pa ang isang paa, parang ballerina, napaka graceful  pagmasdan. Me angas.

The Office Horse Rider

 Karaniwan ng sila ay mga assistant /secretary ng  isang importanteng  executive or influential na tao sa opis.. Pero kung umasta  at pumorma ay   “feeling Boss” or daig pa ang kanilang Boss. Sobrang pa-importante! . Parang langaw na nakatungtung lang sa kalabaw ay feeling mas mataas pa  kesa  sa kalabaw. 


The Circus Flying Trapeze

Dubbed one of the  most exciting  circus acts is the flying  trapeze. Every performance ay  Buwis-buhay. Like Tarzan they swing from  one bar to another, from one catcher to another., some doing somersaults in the process. The timing should be precise  if the catch is to be perfect. Minsa nga wala  safety net sa ilalim.   

The Office Flying trapeze

Sa opis sila yung palipat lipat ng departamento, naghahanap kung saan sila may pakinabang ng husto. Hindi naman ito masama.  Pero, sila din yung naghahanap ng dept na “sasalo  or catcher” na aampon sa kanila . Kadalasan kasi  wala ng  may gustong maka-trabaho  sila.

 Kaya nga palipat lipat din sila ng loyalty sa mga kaibigan, sa mga boss,  itatapon nila ito basta mas mapapabuti ang kanilang  kalagayan.  Eka nga,  “they are where their bread is buttered”.


The Circus Clowns

The Circus clowns  provide the laughter and entertainment  with their funny antics.  The circus is not complete without the clowns. The children simply love them.  Even the old ones,  for the clowns bring out the  child in them.

The Office  Clowns

Sa opis,  dalawang klase ang mga clowns. The resident comedian who provides the laughter and the  respite from the daily grind in office confines, with his wit and humor. Everyone  likes him.

The other type of clown are those who hang around the Big boss. Sila yung mga consultants,  appointed officials whose jobs depend upon the whim of  their Big boss.  Mga sipsip, chuchuwa. Gagawin ang lahat ma-please lamang si Bossing.  


The Circus Lion Tamer

Sa circus, makikita ang “Tamer”  sa  loob ng cage  kasama ng ilang mga lions. May hawak itong latigo  para ma-perform ng mga lion ng mga tricks na itinuro ng tamer.  Walang magawa ang mga lion kung hindi  sumunod kahit pa ang lakas ng angil at atungal nila.

The Office Lion Tamer

 Sa opis, sila yung mga Boss na slave driver, workaholic at gustong  lahat ng under sa kanya  ay ganun din.   Perfectionist din ito. Hind pwede ang “pwede na”. Kailangan perpekto. Kung hindi,uulitin at uulitin ng kawawang subordinate ang kanyang trabaho. ...

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