Maybe I Am

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The name is Blue. The mood was Blue, and I am also feeling Blue. Blue is just a kid trying to be a man, even so, Blue is just a kid.

February 24, 2015 – I talked to a stranger in omegle. It started with a very nice conversation. Hellos and Hi’s to each other. Telling each other how are you, I’m fine. We started to know each other by telling details about ourselves. That time, I never expected that I would find a true friend, girl friend, and best friend.

In the middle of our conversation, she suddenly mention how a guy like me, so gentle, so deep be in a site where there are too many male jerks, where mostly of the men only seeks for One night stands, FUBU, SOP and SOC. I told her that I also want those kind of things but I can’t search for that until the morning comes. I can’t be horny from midnight until the sunrise comes.

Not too long she also branded me as one of those jerks. I can’t help but laugh and It’s also true anyway. She shared her first experience with me. She told me how down she was when she had her virginity ripped off of her. She compared herself to a rug being thrown away after it is used. Hearing that from a girl is just so painful. Truth hurts. I haven’t done sex with anyone before but still, I am still one of those jerks. We exchanged Facebook accounts after then.

About a week, we became girlfriends and boyfriends. It only lasted two weeks because of my so subtle attitude. I began to ignore her after a week. I am receiving her messages, through text and Facebook. I read them but I don’t manage to message back. A girl can’t possibly move on for a week (maybe some can do). After the first of our breakup we met at SM Manila, I picked her up and went back to where I stay. There we had our very first sex as ex-lovers.

It’s the last day of her monthly menstruation that time. You can hear the sound of the rocking bed as we indulge in a lustful sex. At first it was fine, her pussy is so wet that it’s so easy to thrust back and forth. Maybe 5 minutes or so the blood started to dry which made it harder to put my D back in the hole. I can also see her in pain when I try, so I stopped for a moment, rest for a bit and fixed ourselves. We then went to Luneta Park to take a walk. I felt refreshed. Clean air from the trees can really relieve your stress from the smoky environment of Manila. After that we went back to SM Manila to eat and then I waited for her to ride the bus just beside SM Manila, and then went home.

It didn’t stop there. Many sexual intercourses happened after that. It’s been a year since we met, and we still communicate, talk like friends, go out like lovers, eat together like siblings, and fuck like we’re going to break the bed. I want her to move on but we still manage to find each other back. I want her to move on because I don’t know if I can return the love she has given to me, or maybe I...

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