Most Unforgettable Erotic Experience

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This is an unscientific survey of the most unforgettable intimate erotic experiences among the FSS community of writers, readers, members,visitors and observers based on appreciative inquiry. The aim is to unearth and share ur most memorable intimate erotic experiences. We can learn from them. They can inspire and spark great erotic stories and obviate the nerve-tugging discussions on plagiarism and outlandish stories  and allowsomebodyuused2know 2 do her mentoring mission. I applaud u madam. kiss

Please answer the following questions. What is your most unforgettable intimate erotic experience so far ? At what age did it happen ? With whom did you experience it with ? What made it extremely special and truly exceptional ? How long did it last ? Did it result  in peak orgasm that took ur breath away and forev...

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