My Bestfriend's Mom Part 4

Here you go :D The last part, if you haven't seen the first three then go ahead, or better yet start all over again from part 1 eh?. Sorry it took so long, ang dami kasing nangyayari eh. Life caught up I guess xD Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

We kissed again, long, passionate. Wala na akong pakielam if she still had some of my cum in her mouth. After a few minutes of making out, my d*ck was rock hard again. Sabi niya, "Ang bilis Mark ah... buti naman" with a sexy grin. She tried to grab my d*ck but I stopped her. "It's my turn tita, hands up" as I was sitting. I reached for my shirt, and said "Tita diba sabi ko hands up?" She did what I wanted to do, I used my shirt to tie both of her hands to the head board. Hindi pa ako nag sisimula, napamura na siya, "Shit. Kunin mo yung towel bago ka mag simula." I then remembered that she can squirt. "Wag na tita, I want to savor your juice" I replied.

Now with both her hands tied, I took a moment to examine every inch of her. Not a single scar, uneven skin tone, or even just a hair maliban sa ulo at mukha niya. "You're even more beautiful and sexier up close tita... Mababaliw ako sayo" she didn't say a thing. Maybe a bit shocked about my revelation na parang winoworhsip ko yung katawan niyang may edad na but still flawless and sexy any part. First, I played with her t*ts, while my tongue started from her neck... then to her shoulders... to her arms. Sucking and leaving kiss marks as I go. Syempre sisipsipin at lalaruin ko yung d*de at ut*ng niya ng pasalit salit.
Tuwing sinisipsip ko yung balat ni tita, nararamdaman ko bawat pag nginig ng katawan niya na parang giniginaw. I made my way back up to her shoulders and down to her cleavage, all without my tounge leaving her body. She seemed to like it when I licked her tummy. Nahalata ko na nakikiliti siya. She was giggling. Even at her age with two kids, she's incredibly cute. When I made my tongue go around her belly button, tumatawa na siya. "Maaaark, stop na yaan" she said while trying to hold her laugh.

As my tounge stayed on her tummy, I pulled her panties down, she automatically moves her hips and legs to help me do so. When I started to move again, my eyes stared straight to hers. Nang naka dating ako sa puson ni tita, I stopped and told her to spread her legs. At first she might've been a bit shy, kasi konti lang ginawa niya, I whispered to her ears, "wider tita" but still it wasn't enough, her thighs are opened but I whispered again, "wider" She then spread her thighs and made a letter M with her body. As a reward, I kissed her and said "good girl". "Oh my god..." She blurted out, kahit wala pa akong ginagawa. "Sobrang galing mo na. Marunong ka na din mag foreplay. Ako ang mababaliw sayo Mark" she said with her sexy voice. "Nagugustuhan mo ba tita?" I asked. "Sobra...  Keep going. Alam kong ma-aadik ako sayo" She replied habang nangingintab mga mata niya. "Of course baby" I answered with relief and sincerity, then I pecked her cheecks.

Seconds later, I set my eyes on the center of attraction, with her legs wide open. Naisip ko na baka nangangawit na siya so I told her to relax. Binaba niya lang ng konti yung thighs niya. "Ready?" I asked as my head slowly goes down in the middle of her thighs. "Kung hindi mo lang ako ginapos... I'll pull your face to me instantly". It was my first time hearing tita say something so indecent, and it crazily turned me on. Sinimulan kong dilaan mula gilid ng tuhod, up to her thick thighs. As I go up, palakas na ng palakas yung pag hinga niya... From time to time, sinusupsop ko bawat area na nadadatnan ng dila ko, and I can't get enough of her. As my mouth gets closer to her p*ssy lips, dinilaan ko lang yung pussy lips niya ng iniiwasan yung mismong p*ke niya, just to tease her. I kept doing it hanggang sa marinig ko siya, begging for me to eat her. She was already moaning with her sexy voice ng mejo mahina with heavy brething. "Maaark, don't be mean... please... ngayon na". I was about to eat the p*ssy of my bestfriend's mom. Dito lumabas yung kaybigan ko, but I didn't mind one bit. Halos wala nang pagitan yung mukha ko at p*ke ni tita Lisa. I could smell her throbing, wet p*ssy and I liked it. I wasn't surprised na napakabango ng p*ke niya, sa pagiging maalaga niya sa katawan. Sinimulan kong dilaan paakyat mula sa baba ng p*ke niya, papuntang tinggil niya. Narinig ko nanaman yung masasarap niyang ungol which motivated me to even eat her better as her breath is getting heavier and louder with each stroke. Up and down... Over and over again.

Habang abala ako sa pagkain kay tita, siya naman, hindi alam ang gagawin. She's trying to watch what I was doing pero the pleasure makes her look anywhere else. Kaliwa't kanan yung lingon ni tita, sabayan mo pa ng mura at ungol na sobrang nakaka libog. "Oh my god Mark! Don't ever stop! Please!" she tried to say ng hindi sumisigaw at nag pipigil ng ungol, para lang makabanggit ng salita. "You're p*ssy tastes so good tita." I tried to tell her habang hinihigop ko yung cl*t niya. Hindi ko alam kung naintindihan niya. Hindi ko namalayan na nawala na pala yung pagkakatali ng kamay niya. Suddenly, all she did was pull my head even closer to her gushing p*ssy. Sinasabunutan niya na ako pero hindi ko ramdam yung sakit. I wanted her to savour every sensation that I am giving to her. Alam ko na di magtatagal, lalabasan na si tita, so habang linalamon ko yung p*ke niya, pinasok ng dalawang daliri ko inside her throbing, gushing and wet p*ssy, habang ang hinlalaki ko nasa ibabaw lang ng t*nggil niya. "Don't stop! Oh my fucking god!" she yelled out loud. Clearly wala nang pakielam si tita kahit marinig siya ng mga nak niya, buti naman hindi nga. "Keep going! Lalabasan na ako! Please... sige lang Mark!" habang umuungol niyang sinabi. I stopped eating her and focused on the fingers inside her. Faster, harder.

Sunod sunod na "Oh god" "Fuck!"ang lumalabas sa bunganga niya. Louder and louder, sexier and sexier. When I heard her sweet voice say "SHIT! I'm.... I'm gonna cum... oh shit... yes..." I knew na lalabasan na siya at that very moment. Suddenly, she squirted, and she squirted a lot. Habang sumisirit yung katas niya, it was almost like she's having a seizure. Tuloy tuloy na panginginig ng katawan and I was loving every second of it. Habang linalabasan si tita, tuloy din ang pag sabi niya ng "Shit" or "Yes". Kahit na nawawalan na siya ng hininga, yun parin ang sinasabi niya. The sweetness and gentle sound of her voice drove me nuts, specially when she started screaming and moaning with pleasures. Minutes later, humupa na yung orgasm ni tita, naka bawi na ng hininga, she said "Grabe, Mark... Ang sarap nun." "Ako na ulit taya...humiga ka" she whispered.

I knew what was about to happen. I watched every single move she made as she climbed on top of me and started grinding our genitals. Hindi pa niya pinapasok nun pero just watching her do it is so f*cking hot. Her thighs, resting on each of my sides... yung dalawang kamay niya naka patong sa tiyan ko para masuportahan niya yung movement niya... her hips moving forward and backward, again and again. All while moaning sexily with her lovely voice. "Play with them" she said to me as she caught me watching her b*obs shake as she grinds. Habang sinisimulan ko nang laruin yung magkabila niyang d*de, she then lift her self up a little bit, held my d*ck straight and slowly insterted it to her p*ssy.

Slowly until her butt rested on the base of my d*ck. She paused for a while and looked up and eyes closed and biting her lower lip, as if she just tasted something delicous. "Mmmmm... fffff... shit wow..." It didn't make sense but I liked it. Me, I started cursing like it was nobody's business. She then proceeded to move forward and backward, like riding on horseback. "So this is why they call this the cowgirl" I told her. I knew she was enjoying every bit of it, but I made use of my hands and touched, caress, everywhere my arms could reach. As I feel her warmth on my hands, pinisil pisil ko na din lahat. I feel everything I do, but nothing beats the sensation I'm feeling on my d*ck. Me, sliding in and out on her tight,wet p*ssy.

"This feels so good... I want this Mark... I want you." She said outloud. "Oh god... f*ck me right now please Mark" with even louder voice. I placed my hands on each side of her waist, lift her up high enough for me to pump her. I then proceed on f*cking her brains out upwards as she screams with pleasure. "OH MY FUCKING GOD! SHIT..SHIT..SHIT MARK!!" she was now yelling. "OH YES... OH GOD!" she never stopped moaning. "Wag na wag mong babagalan Mark, ayan na ako... Cum inside me please... cum inside tita." she said with almost out of breath but still yelling and moaning the same time. The sensation, her moans, her voice, her body... it was all magnificent. Hindi ko na mapigilan and I felt that I am also about to reach my limit. "Tita... I'm about to..." I tried telling her, "Inside me Mark... Inside my p*ssy" she replied. Now I'm pumping upwards faster than I probably could while tita was moving up and down to increase the pressure even more and the sound our bodies made was fucking phenomenal. "Ang sarap Mark, grabe... keep going please" she continued. Seconds later, she starts to spasm and suddenly... released a lot of her right above me. "MARK!!!... SHIT SHIT SHIT MARK!! OH GOD! SHHHHH... Ohhh... AHHHHH" she yelled very loudly. "OH FUCK TITA...SHIT ANG SARAP! AYAN NA! We were perfectly syncronized. Our cum is all inside her... dripping, flowing. Some parts of my thighs and everything in between was wet all over, from the squirting she had done and probably some of my cum. She rested on my chest after our intense activity, she was still breathing heavily at puro pawis na din. Ramdam ko ang init ng buong katawan niya at alam ko na siya naman, sa akin. "Akin ka na Mark ha?... Sayo na ako." she whispered. "Opo tita.... Oo, sakin ka, sayo ako."
I said right before I kissed her.

After a bit of resting and canoodling, I told her, "tita, suck me again" and so she did. With her amazing mouth and tounge work, it takes less than a minute, my d*ck is ready for another round. It was always like that right after I cum. Rest for a bit then go again. We did all what we knew we could do, and we did a lot. Reverse missionary, doggy while tita's torso was resting on the head board, the classic missionary, missionay while I held both of her legs up on my shoulders, doggy on the door, standing with her back against the wall, standing while I carry her from her thighs with her arms around my neck... and those are just what I could describe. I never stopped f*cking her until she cums or I do. Sometimes I start slow and gradually go faster and faster, sometimes I just start fast and not slow down, sometimes I tease her and suddenly stop f*cking her hard. We loved every bit of it. I fucked my bestfriend's mom on every corner of her room.

Unfortunately, morning always comes and the night ends. We decided it would be best if I leave before her kids wake up. We both knew that it can't end there. From time to time, I go to their house at night when her kids are fast asleep so we could enjoy each others company again, even just for a little while. Sometimes we go out and have a date, but we always find a way to have sex, even if we have to do it in stalls in public CRs, movie theatres......

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