Nakipag SOP Ako Kasi Boring

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Whenever I'm so horny i always makes my pussy super wet before i play with it. So palagi akong nagbabasa ng mga story dito. Until one day I decided to join the chat forum here idk if that's the term but anyway yes I joined that chat room and someone send a whisper to me ... I still don't know how to respond to it so I decided to ask the whole group chat how to send a whisper to someone suddenly u received 6+ whisper nag panik ako I don't know how to respond to all of them all i want is to have someone i can talk dirty with so yeah i just choose one of them. He is 38 years old and i am 18 years old i really want to be fucked ng mas matanda sakin idk why but mas nakakalibog pag older yung guy you know "daddy" or "sir" feeling lol. Anyway yeah he asked my phone number sa totoo lang ayoko sana kasi personal na yun masyado but since i want him to hear my moans while playing with my pussy i decided to give him.

Then after a minute my phone rings sobrang kinakabahan ako but sinagot ko naman. The first thing I notice to his voice is that sobrang lamig ng boses niya parang hindi 38 years old kinakabahan ako syempre baka mamaya kakilala ko or what but when he asked if i am naked ohmygosh i swear halos umagos na ata pag ka basa ng pepe ko 😒 So I answered him a soft moan pabebe ako punyeta. Tapos tinanong niya kung basa na ba daw ako at kung ano ang ginagawa ko, i said yes i'm naked and my pussy is so wet. He seriously laugh at me and seriously i feel offended but he says sorry though and said my voice is cute hindi daw niya akalain. There's a moment of silence at first then he suddenly says "i'm his daugher" and I reply "yes daddy" and yeah we have our 45 minutes phone sex and i cum 4 times that night. He even asked me to insert my hair brush to my pussy and I actually obey him like i'm so scared to my daddy and I don't want to get punished kaya sinunod ko siya. Imust say he is damn good and i love his voice when he is moaning while I'...

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