NorCal Girl

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"Woohhohhh!! Yesssss!!! At last!!".., crowd erupts as the final buzzer sounds. After forty years, the Golden State Warriors wins the NBA championship!

Everybody's giving high fives to friends and even strangers at the jam packed Oracle Arena. Everyone's on a high spirit as they leave the building. Ready to party and celebrate all night long.

Drew, who watched the game alone, hops on his Harley and drove to downtown Oakland. There he met some familiar friends at a club. But he's a loner and healing a broken heart. He just broke up with his girlfriend of three years.

He sat at the bar, drink some whiskey while watching everyone dance.

A petite young lady catches his attention.

The girl is with a partner doing some dirty dancing. She throws her sexy hips like Shakira. Bumping her partner's manly area like they are having sex on the dance floor.

The lady is of Asian descent but that turns him on. His ex is an amerasian. With Drew's 6 foot 2 inches frame, he loves banging small girls with tight pussy.

After the song, the young lady looks at him. Winks at him, then goes to the bar.

"Hey, wanna dance?".., she asked him with a sweet smile on her face.

Drew is a handsome dude, athletic built, looks like Klay Thompson but with a stubble of hair on his face. He hasn't shaved since the break up.

"Love to, but don't know how.".., he said to the lady. Looking at her from head to toe..., "this girl is something."..., he whispered to himself.

"I can teach you, if you'll buy me a drink.".., the girl reach up and sat beside him.

"By the way, I'm Siri."

"Nice name, I'm Drew.".., they shake hands and he feels the softness of Siri's palm. The connection was there, like a spark or an electricity or whatever you wanna call it.

"Give us two shots of scotch on the rocks, man!".., he said to the bartender.

They drink the liquor, straight up! Then went on the dance floor and started dancing.

The music is upbeat and everybody's jumpin' and shakin' their booty but Drew and Siri danced like its a sweet music.

Her hands was on his neck while his' was on her waist. He pulled Siri closer, till their body's meet. He felt her hotness, and her sweet smell is arousing him.

"Can we go somewhere else?".., Drew whispered in her ears.

A cute smile was her answer. And kissed him as a sign of approval.

In a matter of minutes they are speeding down 15th street. West of downtown, they parked near Lake Merritt overlooking Lakeside Apartments District, Tribune Tower and downtown Oakland.

They sat on the grass field besides an old oak tree. No words were traded, Drew suddenly kissed Siri.

Hesitant but horny, she kissed back, not minding that she just met this guy.

He laid her down, then grabbed Siri's breasts. He undress her in one swift move.

"What a lovely titties you've got!".., Drew then sucked it, one after the other.

"Oooohhhhhhh!"..., he was rough but Siri loves it.

Drew ripped her undies, then taste her pussy. She's already overflowing.

He sipped her juice then licked her nicely shaved cunt.

He tongue fucked her, while groping her boobs.

"Drew, Im cumming! Aaahhhhh!".., she came and he sucked her sweet cum.

"Hmmm, tasty!".., he smirked at Siri then mounted her. Pulled his pants down, and there was his 8 incher!

Siri got a bit nervous. Can it fit at her tight hole? Never mind the length, but the girth! Are you kidding me! OMG!

He sense what Siri is thinking. He inserted his two fingers in her pussy, making it more wet than before.

"Relax, honey! I'll be very gentle.".., then he kissed her in her mouth. A hot French kiss that turns her on!

He brushed his penis in her slit, then pushed it inside her tight pussy. The head went in and its gripping him tightly.

"Oooohhhh, fuck! Stop, Drew? It hurts!".., Siri didn't expect the pain. She is soaking wet but Drew is too big!

Drew waits till she calms down. Continue kissing her lips then to her ears, to her neck down to her boobs.

"Ooooohhhh!".., Siri moaned again.

That's the signal Drew is waiting. He pushed his dick a little.

Uuhhhhmm!!.., then a little more. Till he filled her pussy with his big cock.

"You're the tightest pussy I've ever fucked!".., Drew groans.

He raised her legs then started fucking her fast and hard!

"Uhhmm, uhmm! Damn your fuckin' tight, Siri!"

"Yes, aaaaahhhh! Fuck me harder! Ooohhhhh!".., too horny to think, Siri accepted his dick inside her. She can't believe she's fucking a stranger under the moonlight.

Drew is gasping for breath, he's nearing his limit.

"Im cumming, Siri! I can't hold it any longer! Aaahhhhhhh!".., he came inside her pussy. Filling her hole with his hot semen.

"Fuck, its so hot! Drewww! Oohhhh!".., her second orgasm was intense! She came numerous times, she stops counting!

But Drew was still hard inside her. He pulled his dick out, turns her around. He wants to fuck Siri, doggy style.

"Can I do you here, Siri?".., asked Drew while he run his fingers through her butt hole!

"Hell, no! Please, Drew fuck me all you want but not my asshole!".., its not that she's not into anal. She just cant endure the pain it will cause. And Drew's size is unimaginable.

"Haha! Then take this! Ummm!".., he pushed his cock inside her again.

"Shit, not so hard! Ooooooohhhhhhh!!"

He slapped Siri's butt while fucking her. Making her moan in pain and pleasure.

He rides her all the way until they both came. Again!


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