One Journey at a Time Book I Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act III

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"Hmmph, hmm, Umph! Hmmph, hmm, Umph!" Came the muffled moans as the lady's head sensuously bobbed up and down my sleeping giant.

We were under the canopy of a huge, ancient, leafy tree. Its dried, fallen leaves served as our makeshift mattress on the smooth, cold earth. Its trunk, wide and heavy effectively blocked us from view on the eastern side. While on the Southernwest, a vast sea of blue stretched as far as the eye could see. One would have to had binoculars just to see us, two entwined souls, beneath the mute, sturdy witness that was the huge, ancient, leafy tree.

My shaft, still on its snake form, couldn't help but hiss as the intimacy it was being rewarded upon was climbing in intensity. The lady shifted gears, as this time, her own serpentine tongue forked out from her luscious mouth and glided ever so slowly on my snake. She licked like a child would lick a chocolate bar or a nicely scooped vanilla ice cream on a cone. Steady, strong licks that would melt either a chocolate bar or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yet, the effect on my snake was the exact opposite! It didn't melt. Rather, solidness slowly but surely filled its very body right down the core.

The snake was now a shaft, hard and lengthy. Its bulbous head red and strong. A milky white substance could be seen dripping from its tip which didn't escaped the watchful eyes of the lady. With a lustful smile, she engulfed my shaft with her right hand down its base. She held it from that point, hard and true. My body arched from the sudden pressure applied on my shaft. The lady's tongue flicked out once more and the milky white substance which had flowed naturally, vanished as the serpentine tongue swiped my shaft's head.

The lady knew what she was doing. She was building pleasure within me but would mercilessly stomped it out as soon as it would reached the crest. With her right hand still clamped on the base of my shaft, her delicious mouth resumed what it was doing when it first invaded me.

"Hmmph, hmm, Umph! Hmmph, hmm, Umph!" Came the muffled moans as the lady's head sensuously bobbed up and down my roaring, rigid shaft.

Minutes passed, I have no way of knowing how long time had passed, truth be told; and the lady rose from her kneeling position. Her lovely breasts, with its firm pinkish crown, swayed in tempo with the tree's own rustling leaves. The whole surrounding became mute; the wind that was slightly gusty, the leaves that would rustle and fall, the lapping waters that slapped to the crags beneath the small protruding land wherein the tree and us were on; as the lady changed her position and lifted the hem of her skirt. She was naked from the head to the waist, her lower body clothed only by a small piece of fabric which was her pristine, white skirt. Beneath that promiscuous clothing her cunt with its small patch of pubic hair was in full view. The lady really had nothing on except that skirt!

With a few adjustments on her position, she entrapped my own body between her legs and ensured * mobility on my part through the weight of her buttocks and hips.

"AHHHH!" She gasped as her hot pussy lips felt the tip of my equally flaming shaft.

The lady positioned her hands on my stomach, its palm and outstretched fingers flat on it. Her hips gyrated and defied the natural force called gravity as it hovered above my pelvis and aimed for my shaft. With one, smooth move; her waiting wet and hot cunt captured the head of my shaft like a venus flytrap would bite on an unsuspecting small bird.

"OHHHH!" We both let out a long, strong moan of satisfaction as the head of my shaft completely entered her flesh through its labia.

The lady took her time and maintained her position like that. Then, with a sudden viciousness brought on by the raging lust that threatened to burn our bodies, she slammed the full weight of her body! Her cunt with its vaginal walls throbbing inside and squeezing my rigid shaft, let out a squirting sound that made our coupling all the more sexy.

The lady then started to ride my shaft and as I was about to close my eyes to savor the pleasure of her tight cunt--

That was when my eyes opened as I woke up.

The sea and the tree were both gone.

My eyes were still adjusting to the darkness as the only illumination came from the dim streetlight a few meters away from the window. The usual sounds of the night flooded my ears as consciousness slowly drifted and took hold of my senses.

The stifled conversations from a retail store, three houses away. The burst of raucous laughter from the barrel-belly drunks sitting in front of the same store. The slight breeze that made the night comfortably cold despite having no electric fan. The hum of night cicadas, those tiny insects that should have sleeping too but chose to stay vigilant. The steady, yet stifled moans of a lady in heat.

The steady, yet stifled moans of a lady in heat.

I'm awake! I just woke up from a very sensuous dream. I knew I'm awake!

As my eyes had adjusted to the night, I let it roam and scan my immediate surroundings. What I should have noticed immediately which I failed to do due to the heady feeling I was still reeling in, was her.


Exactly as the lady was doing in my dream, Cherry was riding my shaft on a steady yet measured pace.

"OHH, uhm, ohh, oh, AH! OHH, uhm, ohh, oh, AH!" I could hear her clearly now. Despite the low level of volume her moans, I could hear her.

I tried to rise from my lying position but she pushed me down. Just like the lady in my dream, her hands were flat on my stomach that gave her leverage and gained an advantage in position. Whenever I tried to sit up, she would simply push me gently and continue what she was doing. I could feel the hardness of my shaft as its head pushed in and out of Cherry's dripping wet cunt. After several failed attempts to rise, I gave up and instead, watched Cherry as she continued fucking herself with my cock.

I took the opportunity to scan the whole area instead as her moans were reaching a higher note.

"AHH, oh, oh, uhm, uhm, AHH!"

The lights were off from their room. The sounds of the night continued its course. Cherry was looking flushed as she kept pumping and I saw her eyes were closed. Right behind her, just above her head, I saw it was two in the morning.

Two in the morning!

A sudden chill swept through the length of my spine and admittedly, the fear that came along with it, only doubled the pleasure I felt through Cherry's ministrations.

I knew I had to stop her but I couldn't. Cherry sensed that I was aware and she swiftly made the decision for me. She lied down on top of me, pinned me beneath her own weight. I felt her hardened nipples brushed on my own chest, felt its aroused state.

"Hmmm, uhmm, oh, uhmm, hmmph. . ."

Came her moans despite she engulfing my mouth with her own on a torrid kiss.

Her hips, gyrated on another tempo and I could feel her almost jerking on top of me.


She moaned long and true.
She finally reached what was due and her long-awaited orgasm racked her body as she quivered on top of me, trying her very best to mute her moans; or, in the very least, made it barely audible so for only the two of us to hear.

A few minutes later, she pulled her head up and I could see her face now. She was still on top of me, my shaft as hard as ever, still embedded inside her. Cherry wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead and lovingly kissed me all over. I felt her lips on my brow, my eyelids, the bridge of my nose. My cheeks, my ears. She just finished kissing my left ear when she shifted a little and started nibbling the lobe of my right ear.

"You are right. My husband's here."

My eyes widened more than the usual as I heard her whisper those statements. Concise and clear. Before I could reply she hushed me with her left index finger and continued her throaty whispers.

"Don't worry, though. He's sound asleep. Dead drunk."

Come to think of it, I did remember right from the very moment I woke up that there was a steady snoring somewhere. So that must be Cherry's husband.

Cherry cradled my head and kissed me tenderly on the lips. She parted my mouth with her tongue and we had a tongue duel for a minute. Then, ever so gently, she pulled herself away and out came my shaft...

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