One Journey at a Time Book I Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act IV

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I remained awake for the good part of the next hour.

After that ball- busting, lustful ride; I couldn't sleep. A few minutes after Cherry took her leave, my shaft remained hard and despite the dimness of the room, I could see the white traces of our aborted tryst. Her milky white love juice stayed on the length of my hard shaft, glistened like some sort of neon light.

My shaft remained standing proud outside the confines of my boxer short. Due to the premature end of my session with Cherry, I could still feel both my shaft and balls engorged. I was tempted to jack off that time and let go of the libidinous fluid threatening to spill out from my still hard shaft.

But I did not.

Cherry's words rang in my ears like a bell chime on loop.

". . . Preserved it. For me."

That's what Cherry said.

With that in mind, I took some deep breaths and calmed myself. Gradually, my hard shaft reverted to its snake form. I then re-inserted it inside my boxer short and went back to sleep.

I knew it would be a Saturday that day. Two days ago, I planned to go out of town, by my lonesome seeking adventure. I recalled, on my plan timetable, that the better first half of the day would be dedicated to the mandatory chores. Arrange, set and drop the weekload laundry at my favorite cleaners. General housecleaning. Despite being a freeloader, I found in myself to commit on things I could do. Dusting, brooming, swiping, mopping and spraying the house clean is simple enough for me. Tiring, yes, as my methods of housecleaning is separated into sections and I learned to stick with it, step by every step.

Then, come noon, I have to be all set and packed up for the "Journey to the West". Ah, don't ask me why I called it so. It had been a habit of mine to put names and titles to anything and everything I come across with.


"Splat! Pak! Tak! Pak! Splat!"

On and on, the sounds of our colliding bodies droned on as I tirelessly pumped in and out of Cherry's delicious, hot and wet cunt while she was on all fours.

"OHH! Oh, ah, don't stop! More! Fuck me, fuck me! OHH!"

Cherry's all gone. She was drowning at sea of lust we both waded in, dating back from the first time our tryst begun.

I was at the peak of my individuality. I cared less about society's standards and moral conundrums. That time, being single and free of the restraints I was confined to from the time I was still in the castle of The Empress Dowager, I pour forth all my soul into things I would love to experience over and over.

"You like this, Cherry? You want to be fucked by your junior in your own house, on your and your husband's bed?!"

The pleasure circulating through our bodies flowed endlessly. It was like a cycle. I gained lust-induced bravado from the previous sexual encounters we have. Up to this day, I still couldn't believe I could had uttered those words. Goodness! The way I talked to Cherry that time bordered to plain disrespect.

Thank goodness, Cherry cared none at all. To her, as she told me so some time after, it was all an exercise of desire. The law of supply and demand. The natural course of attraction.

"OHH! Yes, I like it! Don't you dare stop! Ah, oh, oh, deeper!"

Cherry answered and I like what I heard.

She continued moaning as there was no
tomorrow. I continued the steady pace of fucking, swift and strong, like rapid jabs that quickly sapped the energy of our bodies and yet; due to the heightened libido that pushed us on this position in the first place, each thrust I made and countered by her own pelvis gave us renewed vigor that, in turn, fueled our sex all the more. On the verge of my own climax, my third, I groped for her swaying breasts and took hold of it like I would milk a cow.

"UGGHHH! Careful, I don't want you to mark my body. My husband might sniff out what the marks came from and that would be the end of our fun."

Cherry still was thinking soundly despite the roars of lust ringing in our ears. I got her point and admittedly, I knew in myself that I was beginning to lose control that time. To her, it seemed I like fucking her out of a pure libidinous desire. For her, she was equally sating the heat that was enveloping her. A pure act of sexual tension release. In my mind, I was starting to think that I like her. Something in myself just clicked at that moment and to sway away from the dangerous territory that I would yet stepped on, I looked away from Cherry for a moment and saw it was already a quarter before ten in the morning.

Before the third salvo of my bountiful cum, the events of the last two hours flashed back on me.

The high and mighty sun was already hurting my eyes with its solar rays. I took hold of one of the pillows strewn around the vicinity of my sleeping quarters and tried to blot it out. It worked. The artificial darkness created by the pillow that blocked the brightness that was the sun worked enough to maintain my sleeping mode. I was still trying to stay in the dream realm and be with my sultry lady of the night before.

Whatever the pillow provided me resulted to nothing as I was jarred awake by two strong hands that undressed me from the waist down!

"Good morning! Breakfast in bed!"

With that said; Cherry, without further ado, went down and sucked my cock as if it's the most natural thing to do on a Saturday morning! I still remained motionless from my lying position but eyed what she was doing nonetheless. Though I experienced this with her, like more than a couple of times, Cherry's hands and mouth never failed to enlighten me. My sleeping cock went fast with its transformation. From the squirming one-eyed snake to now, its full rigid shaft form!

Right at the get-go, Cherry's at full throttle. She did deepthroat and massaged my balls with both hands. She was moaning all the time my shaft was inside her mouth. Her serpentine tongue mercilessly swiped at the length of my shaft as it penetrated the insides of her mouth. I let her be and wanted her to do all the work at this point. I wanted to hear from her straight what she got to say about last night.

"Hmm, hmmph! Slurrp, uhm, hmmmm. . ."

Sometimes I wonder why a pretty lady's mouth feels so good like a well-oiled cunt.

Cherry tirelessly toiled with her efforts. Through the combination of her hands, mouth, tongue and lips; she did amazingly well with giving me earthly gratification. It was past half of the eighth hour in the morning and the warm sunlight coupled with the burning work of Cherry in my lap made me sweat while relaxingly lying down in my sleeping mat.

"Hmm, hmmph! Slurrp, uhm, hmmmm. . ."

Like it was before I fell asleep hours earlier, both my balls and shaft were fully engorged again. This time, I knew nothing could impede my release anymore. Cherry knew it too for it was her intention all along. I realized this was what she meant with her words earlier that morning.

"HMMPH! Urkh! URGGH! Hmmmm, Urgh!"

Out of respect, I kept my hands from where they were, by my side supporting my weight as I raised my head and neck down to my shoulders to get a view of how my load filled Cherry. I was at maximum tolerance, wanted to hold her head and pushed it down to my shaft nevertheless, got satisfied with what I saw.

Cherry's left hand squeezed my balls gently while her right hand slid up and down my shaft to ensure every drop of my cum would be released. All that and her mouth fully encased the head of my shaft, swallowed all my pent-up desire in the form of cum, battled her natural reflex of gagging. When I was spent, she released all together my crowned jewels, raised her head up and swallowed. I could see her throat muscles moved as the first of my load emptied in her mouth after a delicious fellatio she serviced me with.

Then, she smiled at me and beckoned for me to stand up and follow her. I need no further prodding. Her method of waking me up is more than enough of an invitation to a banquet. I tailed her and got hold of her in the doorway of their room. I prodded her from behind with my still hard shaft and tried to kiss her in the mouth. She smoothly evaded my advances and told me to wait. She led me by the hand and made me lie down on their bed. Then, she left the room. From somewhere below I heard the sound of an opened faucet. The gush of water followed by a gargling sound. Despite the carnal act she woke me up with, Cherry still find it on herself to keep a semblance of hygiene and demure-like behavior. She wanted to kiss me with a clean mouth.

When she returned, she pounced on me like a wild she-cat and we wrestled a bit on the bed while groping at each other.

The barbaric start all the more made it sexier.

When I finally caught her, I was on top and I straddled her. Cherry's breathing came in excited pants.

"You, naughty you! You just cummed and you still want more?" She giggled like a sixteen-year old.

I made no effort to reply. Instead, I held
both her hands by the wrists and with one swift motion, I penetrated her.

"OHHHH! Ahhhh, damn you! It felt so good, ohhh. . ."

Cherry gasped as she felt the roughness of my insertion. She was used to prolonged foreplay based on our previous encounters so she was taken by surprise with what I just did.

When my cock was firmly settled inside her steaming, wet cunt, I released her hands and scooped her by her armpits. Then, on bended knees between her legs, I started easing my hard shaft in and out of her. Down and in deep, I pumped swiftly. Up and out just by the neck of my shaft's bulbous head, I withdrew slowly. I took my time and felt every inch of her cunt inside. With long, easy strokes I savored the act of sex with Cherry after several weeks of no encounters.

"Ohh, ah, ohh! That's it, you naughty boy! Fill me with your hardness! Ohh, ah , ohhh!"

Whoever said the moans and groans and sighs of a very satisfied pretty lady being fucked good makes the sex more delicious, I totally agree with.

Cherry's moans served like fuel to my sex drive. Her groans enticed me to fuck her more. Her sighs sounded like music in tune to the harmony of our clashing bodies.

She was now riding the rhythm of our sex. Her hips would arched when I pulled out from her. It would grind when I pumped inside her.

Cherry encircled her arms around my neck, wrapped me with a loving embrace. She pulled my head closer to her and we were now face-to-face. We both saw the lust dancing in our eyes. She caught my lips and succeeded at inviting my tongue in a sensual duel.

She was sucking my tongue now within her mouth as our lips were interlocked. Her own legs, just like her arms did, wrapped around my lower body and scissored itself at the small of my back. I was completely trapped by her. All I could do is to fuck. And fuck her, I did. With she, entrapping me with her body, I felt the penetration all the more satisfying.

"Hmm! Oohhh, uhm! Hmmm, hmmph. . ."

She still could moan despite our mouths locked with each other.

Gasping, she let go of my mouth and she exclaimed;

"I'm cumming! Don't stop! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

I didn't fail her. I never did since the first time we fell in to our carnal side. Her body arched and I could feel her toes curled as her orgasm wracked through her entire being. Her mouth opened to a silent scream.

I took then the opportunity to release my own. While she's nursing herself from the throes of her orgasm, I speed up my thrusts. She knew what I'm planning to do and she helped me by doing a delicious muscle control. Her vaginal walls tightened and despite her insides being slippery due to her juices, I felt like I was fucking a virgin.

Few more rapid thrusts and I felt my second salvo coming. When I was about to cum, I pulled out from her and aimed my barrel at her twin mounds which were her breasts. My right hand at my hips, I squeezed the base of my shaft with my left hand and my cum exploded!

Thick spurts of my rich cum covered her breasts, trickled down her cleavage. It felt like I was watching porn.

"That was good."

I finally managed to speak after a long period of no words.

"Good?! Oh, don't tell me that crap and say it was good. . ."

Cherry pouted as she smiled at me devilishly. I knew what she meant and I admit what I just said is an understatement. It was not just good.

It was awesome!

She beckoned to me to lie down beside her and so I did. Cherry then draped her right arm and leg on top of me as she faced me sideways. With her fingers she caressed my cheeks.

"You must be wondering how come we are here and fucking each other, huh?"

Of course I did. I didn't say so though as I let her talk.

"My husband came late last night. Drunk. Around 11. He said he came from a company party. That's normal, I guess. The company he works for is big after all. Despite that, I tried to seduce him. I am on heat. I need a release."

She paused at that and looked me in the eyes. In my part, I learned long ago the art of "dead pan". I just looked at her emotionlessly. Whatever she observed in me, I wouldn't know but she continued.

"It was a failure. The alcohol probably is the culprit. His was limp no matter how I suck it. I gave up and decided to sleep. But I couldn't. It felt like I had fever. That's when I thought of you."

This time, I reacted. I caressed her face and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her on her forehead and bade her to continue.

"I threw caution in the winds. All I was thinking last night-- I had to cum. The rest you knew what happened. I didn't let you touch me in any manner because I simply wanted to cum. I didn't plan for a full-blown sex."

That explained it. I cared less. Yes, that's true. Because somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I knew Cherry won't let it end as simple as that. And I was right.

"I knew you, though. Same as I am, you're a creature of sex too. So, here we are. Are you up for more?"

That was a no-brainer question. To avoid insulting her, my benefactor in various ways, I didn't reply. Rather, I replied not through words but by grabbing her left tit with my right hand and by kissing her.

My eyes, misty as I stared at the face of the wall clock, then went back to looking at the smooth bare back of Cherry as I continued pounding her. The short trip down memory lane came to an end and finally brought me to the present.

"Ohh, oh, ah! Don't you feel tired at all? Ah, ohh! You've been pounding me since eight in the morning!? Ahhhh!"

Of course, that was no way true. Yes, our tryst started around eight but it was a two-way affair. I didn't do all the work. In fact, ample time of it was spent with her giving me an unforgettable fellatio. Which, by all means, initiated our latest sexual plunge. It so happened it felt like that way because I was about to reach my third salvo. Despite unloading my seed unto her; 1st) through her mouth and down her throat 2nd) All over her breasts, my cock was still rock steady and unmercilessly find its way in and out her already reddish cunt that glistened with our juices.

"Cherry, it's time. I'm cumming!"

She was actually taken by surprise with what I said. She slightly slowed down the pace and looked at my direction while brushing her hair to one side. She looked even prettier, if that was at all possible, as I saw her mesmerized face with its half open mouth; the parted lips giving way to luxurious moans.

"AHH, ahh, oh, ah, OH! Give it to me! Fill me in with your cum!"

I knew no other course than to oblige. Cherry asked and I heed her call. I clamped my left hand by her waist and squeezed her left breast with my right hand as I would a fresh orange then I rallied the last push. I pounded her down to the hilt of my shaft, my balls slapped the smooth flesh between her reddishly wet, drilled cunt and her butt hole.

"UGHH! That's it, you're hitting my womb! Oh, oh, AHH, oh-- AHHHH!"

Cherry had a last minute orgasm of her own mere seconds before mine.

The sudden gush of her own love juice only heightened my own.

"Cherry! Carry my child!"

Delirious with libido-fueled haze, I screamed those words.

"Oh, yes! Make me pregnant! Empty your cock! Oh, ah, OHHHH!"

Cherry answered in kind. She truly never failed to satisfy my sexual urges. She knew how to deal with my youthful exuberance; before, during and after our sex.

I stayed in place, hard-pressed behind Cherry's all-fours form. My cock, gradually softened after unloading the third load of my cum inside Cherry's cunt. It filled her from the inside and some of it dripped viscously from her gaping cunt lips down her legs. When my cock naturally withdrew, I pulled Cherry to me and made her lie down in a more relax position on bed. She obliged and cuddled her head on my chest and I draped my left arm to her, while her left hand reached for my right hand and enclasped it, fingers interlocked.

We looked like newly-weds fresh from our first tryst in our honeymoon night.

"What if you really impregnated me with your seed? What will you do?"

Her words rang like thunderclap that broke the serenity of the scene! She was looking intently at me, waiting for my answer. My throat suddenly felt parched upon hearing her impromptu question. I was about to reply when she intercepted me with a kiss and her hands begun caressing my nakedness once again.

She was moaning as she worked on my cock to harden it once more. Within minutes she succeeded. I was rock steady with my renewed hard-on and she wasted no time right after. Cherry straddled me and in came my hard shaft inside her flushing, wet cunt.

"Ohh, ah, ah, ohh! I don't want you to talk. I changed my mind. I want to find the answer after all, this way. Ohhhh!"

Judging by the look of pleasure her face was that time, I knew she meant it. Now I understand what she really meant by her words earlier that day. She was really hungry for sex and I was there to fill her in. I met my match in terms of libido and sexual urges. Thank goodness my springtime of youth just begun for me that time. Otherwise, one or two rounds would be my max.

"Ohh, ah, ohh, Ahh!"

On and on, she rode like a champion cowgirl on a prized colt, on top of me. My hardened shaft nearly never saw the outside world for it simply slid in and deep her cum-thirsty cunt. Every move she made on top of me was guaranteed to illicit another salvo of my rich, thick cum from my hardened shaft.

"Do me! Ravage me! I want you to satisfy yourself with my cunt! Ohhhh!"

Cherry's becoming a sex-crazed vixen for every added minute on our prolonged session. With strength unknown before; she pulled me up, rolled us on bed and positioned me on top of her, gave me the driver's seat on our wild sexual drive.

"Fuck me!"

With just two words, my vigor was renewed and my stamina tested. I held her tight, let her bore my whole weight. I lied down on top of her that would allow me maximum penetration with minimum effort.

"Cherry. . . Uhm, Cherry! Cherry! Cherry!"

I couldn't help myself. Fucking her alone seemed insufficient anymore. I was looking for something I could do that time that would release me from the trance of sex enslaving my consciousness. Saying out loud her name while I penetrated her over and over seemed to be the perfect thing. Like a side of fries would best partner up with a cheeseburger. Or, a scoopful of vanilla ice cream on an ice cold soda.

Cherry had this irresistible charm that would attract a moth to an open flame. I was burning with the flames of urges on the sea of lust and yet, I kept on wading through it; aiming to dive to the very bottom of it.

"OHHHHH. . . Here I go again! Oh, ahh, Ohhhhh. . .AHH!"

I lost count on how many times Cherry reached her orgasm. All I could remember that time was my shaft was still rocksteady hard and her cunt needed it. Her body convulsed beneath me as I tried to keep her in place by pumping into her in rapi...

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