Overly Dramatic

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Maybe it's the fever that's talking but I'm becoming overly dramatic once again. Fvck this. It's funny that I think it's inappropriate to post something non-sexual here but anyway, I'd rather post my kadramahan here than in fb/ig.

It's been almost a year.

I promised myself to never view my ex's ig ever again. But like they say, never say never. Today, I came across our ig messages. I was shocked because I thought I already deleted everything that connects me to him. I got tempted to view his account.

He's happy now.

With the girl he said he's just 'friends with'

"Do you think about me when she fvcks you? Could you be more obscene?"

puntang-ina. Haha.

But looking at the bright side, it wasn't as painful as the first time I saw his ig with sweet photos and caption. Before, I couldn't stare at the photos for more than 3 seconds. And I could feel my breath getting heavier.

right now, it still stings. It still sucks. Because how come the person who betrayed you is out there with the girl he cheated you with? How come the person who murdered your heart is out there living life to the fullest?

and how come i'm still hurting? I've made some progress and all since the last time I begged him to stay.

i know this is going to pass but writing it...

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