Ponderings of a 27-day old FSS Member

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Wow. Just wow.

A few weeks have already passed ever since I signed up here.
Gained a lot of opportunities.
Met some amazing people.
Had a few sextmates.
Had a chance to fulfill some of my sexual fantasies here.

It's overwhelming.

For someone as young as me, I probably wouldn't have explored this site. But I'm thankful I did.

For the first time, I was gauged into writing stories. Though I admit the first story, I think it wasn't really that good (I'm thinking if I'll still continue it).

For the first time as well, I had a chance to talk with like-minded people who are open to sex.

Some, I engaged in meaningful conversations with.
Others became sextmates.

It's really amazing for me.

I feel like I'm freed from the usual bindings placed on me.

Here, I can become wild.
Here, I can live my sexual fantasies.
Here, I can fap to all stories I want.
Here, I release all my inhibitions about sex.

This site is, and will always be, a mainstay for me.

Looking forward to meet more amazing members here, have a meaningful conversation with, and who knows what happens? The future is full of possibilities.

Looking forward to meet more amazing me...

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