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Everyday I look into a mirror
To see how I look
Is it by the book?
Have I worn my armor well?

I check my hair
Not a piece out of place
Just like everyday

I check my smile
But today's bit weird
Something's off
Unlike other days

I took a long look
At the visage in front of me
Looking at me
Looking through me

And I noticed the oddity
It was a crack
A crack on my mask
Just a little bit

Barely noticeable
Yet oddly unsettling
That this mask I've worn for long
Is now slowy crumbling

I haven't noticed
I almost slipped
I removed my mask
And now I see

A face I haven't seen
For a long time now
It changed for a bit
But still the same somehow

I can't bear to look
At my own reflection
For all I see is a man
Falling apart, almost broken

I donĀ a ne...

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