Remembering cathy57 and her "Sex with Strangers" stories

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(I posted this on another site, but I have to share it here.)
Biglang pumasok sa isipan ko isang sex stroy blogger: cathy57. 

I first read her stories sa isang sex forum (Varaccs yata yun, if I remember it right), and trust me, her sexual experiences really turned me on. 

cathy57, whose real name must be Cathy Tolentino (as per one of her stories) is an office girl married to Derrick who is abroad. They are a very open couple when it comes to sex, that is why our lady protagonist got to experience some wild sexual escapades.

Her "Sex with Strangers" series had three parts: Part 1 was her gangbang experience with some of his husband's friends. If I remembered it correctly, 4 guys banged the hell out of her.

Part 2 was  about an encounter with one of her avid chatter who happened to be a minor. She and that guy was in the heat of their foreplay in the car (which happened to be owned by the guy's dad) when a security guard saw them. Sasali pa sana sa "party" si guard nang umawat na si Cathy. In short, Bitin ni Junjun. 

Part 3 was my favorite part. It was about a deal that her company must get, pero my kapalit: She got into a porn set and fucked 4 guys, not just ordinary guys, but 4 African-American men. She was fucked good by these black studs, even engaging in a DP (banged both her pussy and ass at once). This was her first  experience with black guys. 

But after all of these, her husband still loved her. In fact, these experiences only made the relationship even stronger. 

After reading these stories, I never heard about her anymore. Then, nawala na yung Varaccs. But I still got a copy of Part 3 which I read whenever libido starts pumping into my system. 

I wonder where cathy57 is now, kung ano na lagay ng sexlife niya, at kung anu-ano na ang mga bagong experiences na nangyari sa kanya. I just hope na nandito rin siya sa FSS or in any other sites, hindi niyo lang alam kung gano karaming likido ang lumabas sa akin upon reading her stories. 

Cathy57, if you happen to read this, I just want to thank...

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