Sana Maulit Muli

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February 14,  2016, around 10pm, alone in my room. The song Sana Maulit Muli by Gary Valenciano was playing on the radio. Somehow it reminded me of you, deep inside i still want to be with you, i still want to ask for another chance. But don't worry i won't, i have to accept that you will never be mine. Walking away from you is one of the hardest thing i've ever done. I have never wanted anyone so bad the way i wanted you. It's crazy, i haven't even met you, i haven't felt your touch, your kiss, your embrace. But goddammit i am inlove with you.

I hope you're happy, i hope you had a wonderful time with him today, i really do. And i'm sorry if i can't keep my promise, there's only so much that i can endure. I hope you will forgive me someday. I hope someday you'll realize that it's better this way, that it would be easier for us to live our lives apart. I'm really glad that you've been a part of my life, even for a short period of time. I will always cherish the memories, all the sweet words you said to me, every sweet gestures you've made, i will really going to miss you.

Thank you for everything, thank you for reminding me how good it f...

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