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The Coffee Lover

Sitting by the window, kissing the sun

Messy hair in a bun and a mug in hand

She finds the aroma of the coffee so enticing

The way she loves the smell of the new book she’s reading,

Underneath her white oversize shirt,

She touches herself as it aches to be hurt

Until her juice comes out her cage,

And contentedly turns the last page.


Tik tok … Tik tok …

She’s no longer being governed by clock

That idle hours makes her reminisce

Random moments of anger, fear and bliss,

There’s a tug of war within, guess she’s made at ego factory

But into the empty air she whispers her apology,

Crossing her fingers that her “sorry” will reach him eventually,

As she sighs and closes her eyes melancholy.

Nursery Rhyme

Pain, pain go away,

Leave this heart just for today,

Grant this soul a break, I pray.


“I love you…” He whispered. It’s genuine, I felt it.

With his fingers intertwined with mine and the tears in his eyes,

I can tell it was real.

He pulled me closer to his chest and kissed me on...

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