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smile is scarce and words are lies
a world i see and hope to flee

transcendence is rare and so is your mind
but shallow talks and braindead acts

absolutely intolerable, yet i wait,
scream thy passion and wails await

commend thy stregnth for thou is great
but atrocities is shallow bestowed

enchanted time has gone,
like the crimson fire embers die

yummy is thinking of low men alike,
but thine yearning shall come to pass

shallow thy words and emtpty souls
for the time has gone

mages of old and new
undin cries if fate reforged

shadows beneath the cells
in remand of truth or dare

as foretold gifts ungiven
think twice for telling time

ghoulcallers bell and howling mine
swan songs and bushwacker's time

cryptic commands rewind anew
force of will shall q...

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