Skinned Alive and Flayed

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Skinned Alive and FlayedA wickd.witz nonsense © ™ ®
March 8 2016 | All Rights Reversed !

Thought highly of you .. you are uniquely special
Your opinions.. your perspective.. spatial
Your rational thinking stood out ..never bored
With you and I am humbled .. a trait I seldom afford

I've hurt you by disclosing a secret
A promise I broke yes I agree
Good intentions yes it will always be
My stand, a decision I won't regret

You won't ever lie so won't I
Be obliged to be treated the same
Would you rather me lie and put to shame ?
If being rational is just an option I'd rather die.

I always thought you're the level-headed one
With all the accumulated wisdom and debates won
And with trust treated mistrust and such
Then clearly I endear and thought too damn much.

Done you no harm more like to charm
Bridging a gap not in a way to overlap
You called me petty, I'd call you pretty
You are hurting.. here I am with the same thing.

Betrayed.. that I am portrayed!

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