SOC - Sex On Class 2

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"Sir, please! What can I do, just to pass your subject?", Chrissie pleaded to her professor.

"What can you do? Are you really serious about that, Miss Flores?", Mr. Antonio asked her beautiful and sexy student. Menacingly grinning!

"Yes, Sir. My Dad will kill me if I fail!", Chrissie innocently replied.

"Meet me at the faculty office after school!"

Chrissie waits 'til all of the teachers left the office before she gathered the courage to push the door open. But there is no one at the office, not even Mr. Antonio.

Then suddenly she received a text message, "Go to room 213".

Chrissie seems to remember the number, but don't know who was it from.

Her feet led her to the said room. She knocked at the door....

"Come in, Chrissie", Mr. Antonio's voice.

She pushed the door open and sees Mr. Antonio sitting at a dark corner. Chrissie walks slowly towards her prof.

"Stop, right there!", her professor told her. She was near the table in front of the class room.

"Are you sure about this, Chrissie? Im not forcing you, you can still decline!", Mr. Antonio said to his student.

Nervous but determined, Chrissie nods. She's not that innocent, she has an idea, what her professor wants.

"Ok, Miss Flores, take your blouse of, slowly.", her professor commanded.

"Sir, its Chrissie.", she replied while unbuttoning her blouse.

Mr. Antonio lustfully smiled.

"Ok, Chrissie, take you blouse off, then your bra. Come near me while massaging you breast."

Chrissie didn't know what hit her. She is just doing what her professor says.

Mr. Antonio stands and meet her at the table. He grabbed Chrissie's boobs and kissed her lips.

She opened her mouth to let her prof's tongue explore her mouth. She can smell his breath, minty, not bad for a forty year old.

"Uuhhmmm, Chrissie your so beautiful. Have someone touched you here lately?!", Mr. Antonio said while nibbling her tits.

"Ohhhhh, Sir not in a long while." Chrissie answered.

Her prof licked her nipples while his hands goes down through her navel, then to her pubic area. Tickling, teasing.

Mr. Antonio guided her to sit on top of the table. Then pulled off her jeans, not leaving any, even her undies. He then buried his face on Chrissie's pussy. Licking like a dog to his favorite bone. He leaves nothing untouched.

He slid one of his fingers in her cunt. Drenched in Chrissie's fluids, he pushed it in and out of her pussy, while sucking her now engorged clitoris.

The aroma coming out of that precious hole is like a blossoming flower ready to be picked.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh!", she moaned in ecstasy as she felt her orgasm.

Mr. Antonio smiled in delight, his face flustered with Chrissie's cum.

"Hey, Chrissie do you know fellatio?", Mr. Antonio asked his student while rubbing his penis.

Chrissie quickly knelled and hold his profs stone hard dick. She smelled the unpleasant scent coming from his manhood, but even that made her sex urge rises.

She kissed the head while rubbing the shaft. Then slowly licking it with her tongue. After that, she put the whole thing in her mouth and start the sucking motion.

"Fuck, Chrissie. Your so good. Shiiiitt! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!", he groans.

Mr. Antonio feel his nearing his climax, so he pulled Chrissie and lay her on the table. Spread her legs and guide his penis to that waiting, hot, and very wet pussy.

"Who's your first, Chrissie? Come on tell me?"

"Don't know, Sir! I was at a bar and to drunk to remember!", she answered.

"What a slut! Then mine's gonna be your next. Ready, Chrissie, here I come! Ummmpppp!", he pushed his penis in. First the head and slowly slid it whole in her tight cunt.

"Oooooohhhhhh, fuck! Sir, your so biigggg!"

Mr. Antonio grins and starts fucking her. Pumping her while sucking her nipples. Kissing and biting her lips down to her neck.

"Uumm, umm, umm!", Mr. Antonio fucks Chrissie hard!

"Aahh, ahh, ahh! Harder, fuck me harder. I want it fast and haaarrdddd!"

Mr. Antonio's dick is throbbing. His testicles are twitching. His going to ejaculate.

"Can I cum inside, Chrissie?", he asked his nympho student.

Chrissie knows she's safe.

"Cum, Sir. Please, I want your cum inside me!!"

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