SOC - Sex On Class Finale

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"I love you, Chrissie!”, Mr. Antonio passionately told her then kissed her lips torridly.

She welcomed his kiss with her mouth slightly open. Their tongues meet inside her mouth. When suddenly, someone called!

“Hey, Chrissie you're day dreaming, again? Hihihi!”, Chrissie’s seatmate asked her.

She blushed in humiliation ‘cause it’s true.

Chrissie frowned at her classmate and looked at her professor, Mr. Antonio who’s giving them a lesson. The memories from their sex encounter is still fresh in her mind.

“Ok, class that’s it for today. Review, for we will have a long quiz tomorrow!”, Mr. Antonio told his students as he dismissed his class.

Before leaving the room, Chrissie received a text message.

“Go to the teacher’s women comfort room. Ill meet you there.”

She looked at her prof but he was just sitting in his chair.

Chrissie doesn’t know what to do. She still has subjects to attend to and the place is in the fourth floor of the building. But the urge was so strong that her feet led her to the said meeting place.

She looked if someone might see her before going inside.

It doesn’t take long before Mr. Antonio came. She cant stand his lustful stare, so she turns her back at him.

“I knew you would come.”, Mr. Antonio said to her as he stands behind her.

He then slipped his hand inside her skirt. Noticing that she wasn’t showing any signs of resistance, he quickly copped her butt.

Chrissie kept quiet. Letting her prof have his way with her body. She could even feel him breathing heavily behind her, but all she can do was stand still.

Not satisfied with just feeling her soft buttocks, Mr. Antonio placed his hands onto his student’s supple breast and began fondling her pair of squishy melons.

“Damn, Chrissie! You’re so sexy!”, Mr. Antonio muttered.

Because of the place they were in, Chrissie’s ashamed, scared and sexually aroused at the same time. She had never felt anything like this in her life.

Then she felt something hard and warm touching her ass. She realized it was her prof’s penis. His dick became bigger and stiffer as he rubbed the tip in her butt cheeks.

With his erect cock, he pulled down her panties. And shoved his manhood in between her legs, dry humping her. Chrissie was taken aback by what’s happening. Her body trembled as she slowly loses her will to resist.

“What is he doing? Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!”, she moaned.

A little of her bodily fluids are oozing out from inside her cunt. Her sensitive parts stimulated, it was starting to turn Chrissie on.

“You’re just begging to be fucked, Chrissie!”, Mr. Antonio whispered as he slid her fingers down to Chrissie’s fuck hole.

“Ooohhhhhhhhh!”, Chrissie let out a lewd moan as her pussy was getting stirred up by her professor’s fingers. She again experience the pleasure of having an orgasm.., intense!

“Haahhh, aaaahhhh! You’re sucha dirty slut, can you be my slut, Chrissie?”, despite their age gap, she became his girl ready to be fornicated.

And the scent coming out of her aroused body makes her even more desirable to him.

“Hey, wanna feel good together? I know you’ll love it!”, Chrissie was no longer to think rationally. It was also at this time that she realized that she is becoming her professor’s whore.

Fear, anticipation, anxiety…, Chrissie was confused by the whirlpool of emotion that hit her.

Upon forcing her to enter a cubicle, Mr. Antonio turned into a beast. He pushed Chrissie to the toilet bowl and undressed her. Revealing her bouncy breast.

“Ummpp, ummp, ummpp! Your tits tastes sweet, Chrissie!”, Mr. Antonio was at the peak of his arousal. He sucked away at her boobs.

“Wait, Sir….. Please… No….Aaaahhhhhh!”, with what little sense of shame she has left, she fruitlessly tried to make him stop.

Mr. Antonio stands and aimed his manhood at Chrissie’s mouth.

“Now lick it, you like it, don’t you?”, Chrissie is a little afraid because of the huge penis in front of her. But her body is trembling in horniness, so she stick her tongue out and started licking his dick.

“Ooooohhhhh, yeessss, lick it mooorreeee!!”, he groans as Chrissie starts to lick and suck his manhood.

“Ullkk, uullkk, ulkkk!”, the sucking sound of Chrissie’s mouth.

“Oooooohhhhh, shhiiittt! I’m going to cum in your mouth, aahhhhh!!”, under the soft caress of her mouth, and her tongue stimulating the tip of his dick. It didn’t take long before Mr. Antonio came. Unloading massive amount of cum, staining Chrissie’s face with it.

It shocked Chrissie but still she swallowed enough cum, while his cock still twitched, pouring out even more cum in her mouth.

Mr. Antonio knelled on the floor and spread her legs, exposing his wet cunt. He aimed his penis in her woman slit. Even though he just came, his dick is still erect and stiff as ever.

“No, please, not again”, Chrissie pleaded but to no avail. His professor gently rubbed his cock in her pussy, smiling lustfully.

“Here I go, Chrissie! Uummmm!”, ignoring her plea, he thrust his manhood all the way into her pussy. He plowed away at her, forcing her tight pussy to accept his cock.

“Ummm, uumm, ummm!, You’re such a fucking slut! I cant believe you got turned on by your professor!”, he whispered while pummeling in and out of her cunt.

“Ooooohhhhh! Yes, Sir! I’m your slut!”, Chrissie experienced such heavenly pleasures. Her mind went blank, as she moaned with every pounding she took.

Mr. Antonio was enraged and delighted at the same time by her demeanor and moved his hips even faster.

“Cumm, slut, cummmm! Umm, Ummmmppphh!”, at the same time Chrissie’s body shook and arched backwards like a bow. She was having an orgasm, again!

Eeeiiiii, ooohhhhhhhhh!”, her cum flowed outside her cunt wetting his prof’s cock.

“I’m about to cum, Chrissie! And I’m cumming inside you!”, Mr. Antonio said while running out of breath. And he thrust his manhood in and out of her even more faster.


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