War of the Genitals

Submitted by on Saturday, 9 April 2016, 04:46 PM | Poem | English
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You told me you're a virgin,
You said, "Be patient, I will soon be ready."
Waiting for that time to finally remedy
I was excited, you can't even imagine
My aching dick, wanting to splurge in
Basking you with cum, and treat you for a hefty
Behold! When my shaft to your pussy merge in 
T'was wide and used and deflowered already!

What nonsense you told?
Me, a virgin? I never project!
I am used, so what? But I am still tight!
Do you think that's gonna hold?
That penis that's more like a finger, a peninger, I reject!
All would, even if you prayed with all your might.

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