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You hide your heart behind a wall,
And now I'm here to make them fall.
Brick by brick I'll make each crumble,
Until your love in the end I stumble.

I can't promise you a forever,
All I can do for you is to be better.
You have now nothing to fear,
For I will always be very near.

I will always say I love you every night,
And hold on unto you with all my might.
I will always be your morning light,
As I cover all your fears out of sight.

When you find yourself alone and afraid,
Don't fret for I'll always be at your aide.
Even if you are on your darkest shade,
I'll be the guide so you wont get strayed.

I will love and go through all your madness,
And make you smile in times of sadness.
I will fill the void and the emptiness,
And treasure moments of happiness.

I have seen your spirit and your every essence,
In our world lacking of hope...

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